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Was Benoit's Son Really Sick?

7/2/2007 5:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BenoutAmid reports that WWE wrestler Chris Benoit allegedly injected his son with hormones because of a health condition, Scott Ballard, District Attorney of Fayette County, Ga., just released this statement:

"There are additional reports that contradict the earlier information that suggested that Daniel Benoit may have suffered from Dwarf Syndrome or Fragile X Syndrome. Daniel's family denies that he suffered from either condition. As a result of the family's concerns, the Fayette County Sheriff's investigators and the District Attorney's Office have inquired into this matter. A source having access to certain of Daniel's medical reports reviewed those reports, and they do not mention any pre-existing mental or physical impairment. Reports from Daniel's educators likewise contradict the claims that Daniel was physically undersized. The educators report that Daniel graduated kindergarten and was prepared to enter the first grade on par with the other students."


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Daniel Benoit was born February, 2000. That means he would have been a little over 7 1/2 years old when he entered First Grade; and 8 years old by the time he finished. That certainly sounds like some type of learning disability was involved to me.

2633 days ago


It's a shame to believe what you read anymore - I certainly hope this is not the case, if so, it is so horrible - I feel bad for his other children - I hope they are coping with this...

2632 days ago


Is there really people out there that think TMZ is THE TRUTH?

Half the time it's all exaggerated or spun to make the celebrity look bad - here, the tabloids, the television, you name it.
No one knows the truth except those who are involved.

Remember that.

2632 days ago


before condemning anyone maybe we all need the entire facts and how the tragedy came about and not just accept everything we read to be accurate, he obviously wasnt his normal self and a prime example why drugs legal or illegal can be harmful when abused

2632 days ago

Ed Knapp    

The man was mentally ill to commit such an act, and we should be showing compassion to his extended family and friends, not judging him. When a person is in the grip of alcohol or drugs, he has lost control, and anything is possible. Let's leave the judgments behind and say a prayer for them.

2632 days ago

truth be told    

I have been reading your comments and this is what i have to say, we as people have a tendency to want to place blame for every thing that happens on someone or something. In reality, why can't we call it as it is? This man,Chris Benoit, was human just as the rest of us. Eventually the truth will be known,whether it will be told or not, we don't know. The fact is no matter what troubles this family had, there was help out there. A lot of times we chose not to seek help because of our pride. This man killed his family because he chose not to get help. That alone is selfish. Regardless of the outcome, one thing will remain the same, there are three people dead. Each one of them had a purpose in life, each one of them had dreams, and a destiny that was taken from them. They each have a family left behind to live with the horror that their child,sister,brother is gone and wondering if there was anything that they could have done to prevent this from happening or how are they going to get beyond this? it is not our place to speculate on what happened or to place blame, but truthly, be praying for their families, that they are able to recover and to get beyond this. Because ,no matter what the findings(whether they were murdered or it was murder-suicide), the one thing that remains is that these families still lost a loved one. I'm not the investigator, so who am I to say what happened? I can pray for them.

2632 days ago


let the family be,think about how your family would one know what went on in the house alot of whats been reported is falling apart the man loved his son and everone who knew him has said that,im not saying that if he did it ,it was right,but no one knows what he was thinking or what really happened,theres alot that we ae not being told out of investigations that are on going so until everything about the situation becomes public just leave it as it is,the more we go on about it the more the familys suffer,move on and thank god everyday for what you have

2632 days ago


sheesh people...key word " allegedly" injected his son. It hasen't been proven that he did. I will remember Chris Benoit for what he did in the ring. Nobody will ever know what made him snap like he did. I do not condone what he did, but I will not be his judge or jury

2632 days ago


I will never understand why someone harms a child. It makes no sense and never will. Nothing anyone says can make it better. I have an eight year old daughter along with three other children and I look at her and think of how helpless she is and I am the one who is protecting her. To think of the horriable thing he did to his son makes me sick. I just pray that god took him fast and that he had no clue it was his father harming him. I dont want his last thought to be was why is my daddy hurting me. Why why did he not send his son off to a friends and kill himself. What is the point in taking a childs life? It makes me sick. I hope the familys can find closure soon.

2632 days ago


NO , matter what
chris beniot is still my hero....
i do feel for his kid n wife but everyone has problem in this damn world . no one is perfect idiots...

2632 days ago


I have been watching the latest developments on the Chris Benoit case. My question is, why is his neighbor in hiding? Maybe someone else killed all 3 of them. Maybe Chris owed some big kingpin a lot of money and was unable to pay on time so they killed his wife and child in front of him, then killed him after letting him suffer long enough? Does anyone agree with me?

2632 days ago


Where did anyone get the information Daniel had Fragile X syndrome?. Fragile X means the chromosomes have an extra x chromosome with a small tail hanging on rather than a full looking X. The signs and symptoms of fragile X are much like most of the mentally retarded men in this world... Large protuberant ears. jutting out chin and jaw, enlarged testes, especially at puberty , inability to speak or understand language.. The trait is usually carried by the female and it is inherited.
Now, if this boy did not have Fragile X syndrome, then why did people say that? Is the family in denial because it is inherited? What about Nancy's family? We only hear about Chris' family in Canada. Rose Young-Stewart

2632 days ago


i think the text messages he was sending with the address over and over was a cry to the people he was calling that something was wrong in that house. we dont know that there wasnt a 4th person there and he was trying to get help there for his family, i think its odd he was fine friday afternoon and then send out all them messages to people who knew where he lived and kept telling them his address over and over, plus i think there is something odd about the page being altered before the deaths was discovered and it just happens to be a freak accident for one, and that the accident just happens in the same city of the people chris worked for and was sending the text messages too we will never know the truth of what happened in that home that weekend, but there is a possibliaty that this man that has always shown the world he was a loving father and family man was crying out for someone to come to his home because there was something wrong there, and there have been cases of murder that has been made to look like suicide before.i think it is sad for everyone.

2632 days ago


With a posting on Wikipedia just hours before the madness occured, one must wonder if it was planned or actually a murder. After all, the Wikipedia posting was from Conneticuit, just miles from the WWE okkices....who would have known??

But, reality is that 3 people are dead....Rest in Peace Benoit family. Only God can judge you.

2632 days ago

Meiyobushi X    

If anyone did their homework on the Benoit alleged "double murder suicide" (boy, isn't that a mouthful for the media to sell), it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this was actually a "triple murder". Benoit cost someone their job in the wrestling industry two times AND got the spoils of war by marrying somebody's wife. Keep throwing the steroids issue up and continue to be deluded. It was a triple murder like the Owen Hart incident. For all you "wrestling buffs", go rent SummerSlam '98 and check out the "Kiss My Ass" Match between Hart and his murderer.

I personally believe that Benoit knew who did in Owen and was about to blow the whistle on EVERYTHING as far as the steroid case. in exchange for a possible pardon, he knew he could vindicate his fallen friend. That's why somebody did Chris Benoit in. This was a well-planned out scheme to sweep the dirt under the carpet. The problem with that was there's so much dirt under the carpet, someone is going to trip over the dirt and realize that it's all there..... right under the carpet!!

Hey Bret, it's all about to come out. The truth can never be silenced. Stay tuned and watch everyone. This was nothing more than a mob-style slaying that a 7 yr old child lost his life in. How sad! In the words of Phil Collins, "This is the world we live in and these are the hands were given. Use them and let's start trying to make it a place worth living in."

2632 days ago
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