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Was Benoit's Son Really Sick?

7/2/2007 5:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BenoutAmid reports that WWE wrestler Chris Benoit allegedly injected his son with hormones because of a health condition, Scott Ballard, District Attorney of Fayette County, Ga., just released this statement:

"There are additional reports that contradict the earlier information that suggested that Daniel Benoit may have suffered from Dwarf Syndrome or Fragile X Syndrome. Daniel's family denies that he suffered from either condition. As a result of the family's concerns, the Fayette County Sheriff's investigators and the District Attorney's Office have inquired into this matter. A source having access to certain of Daniel's medical reports reviewed those reports, and they do not mention any pre-existing mental or physical impairment. Reports from Daniel's educators likewise contradict the claims that Daniel was physically undersized. The educators report that Daniel graduated kindergarten and was prepared to enter the first grade on par with the other students."


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I always thought alot about Benoit. I thought he was one of the guys who got it honest, and I'll be the first to admit I was wrong. He's got to answer to a higher power for what he's done. Personally, I wouldn't pee on him if he was on fire; I'd grab another beer and toast him!

2633 days ago


Ohio RN - I was 7 when I entered the 3rd grade. If people are starting their kids in Kindergarten at 6, that makes things pretty unbalanced, don't you think? Growth hormone does make children with stunted growth grow faster. so don't try telling us it's not for that. And people do often take it to look bigger, as in more muscular. Don't try to tell us you are some expert. Like other so-called "medical professionals" you are a pawn for the drug companies.

2633 days ago

Fan of chris and nancy    

I have fallowed every storyie I personaly do not think it was chris. Think of it this way.
Chris was out on friday means Nancy home on friday were was the kid on friday. Nancy could have let some one in. That The family new. The killer could have killed Nancy late friday night after she talked to chris he was on his way to wrestling. chris did say he had to go bck home. Chris went home found His Wife dead. Lets Say killer leaves house with a set of keys. Killer can get in any time with keys. His kid Still alive on sat. okay let see Chris did not go to police he was scared he gets blame kid go to childrens aid chris go to jail. chris trys to think of a way out so chris puts kid to bed. Chris go and prays to god for help. he places a bible while talking to god. Go out of Room Check on his son his son is sleeping. Chris goes down stairs falls a sleep Killer come back in and kills his son. Chris wakes up goes and make breckfast goes get son .Chris finds his son dead he gets a bible and then prays to god for help. Mean while killer is hideing in the Chris has to think harder now chris goes to the safe is part of the house grabing 2 cell phones his and nancy sending out tex messages to friends asking for help. If killer is still in house and hear talking killer could kill him faster. tex you do not hear. they can come out with 911 why can they not come out with tex as well. most people do not kill there own family's then ask for help then kill them selfs. Beside real Candian People belive in getting divorice. Chris wife is still alive did he kill her or his fist kids no then stop blaming chris and look at all real evdance and go over stuff you may have mised out on facts and hard edvance. Look for Keys Cell phone bills and foot prints also finger prints. Dirty dishes prints. prints off of wait machine rope killer could have killed him and raped it around chris neck making it look like that ... How many doors did he have in total to get in and out of house are all keys on both rings did they have a spare key out side hiding in case of emgerancy. there is a lot more there that meets the eye. if killer was hing in house did he leave hand prints on door hadles in clost area. There has to be a killer. Not Chris I say all 3 was murderd.

2633 days ago

Defending Daniel Benoit    

That seems odd. My daughter just turned 6 and she is entering Grade one. She just completed Kindergarten. If he was 7, he should have been entering Grade 2.

Posted at 11:16PM on Jul 3rd 2007 by Mary-Helen

Daniel's age is not odd whatsoeverl. Many parents choose to wait until their children are six to enter their children in Kindergarden. Schooling is compulsory for all children in the United States, but the age range for which school attendance is required varies from state to state. Most children begin elementary education with kindergarten (usually five to six years old) .

I am surprised you did not know this, being that you are a parent.

I really wish people would stop insinuating that something was wrong with a this little chid, when that is not true.

2633 days ago

I agree    

I have thought that all along; maybe I'm crazy. What about any video surveillance? Don't wealthy people usually protect their homes that way?

2632 days ago


Pressures in life take its tole on the best of us. You never really know what final button will be pressed to snap you. Some can take alot, others, sink into drugs or depression. If his wife and child were sick and throwing up blood, why didn't he call emergency line and not text a friend? Too many questions still unanswered to give judgement.

2632 days ago

known chris since 83    

I have known Chris and Nancy both since 1983 before they were married to each other. Chris would of never done what he is being accused of. I think they should continue looking for the real killer or killers. You can not convince me that Chris hung himself with the 240 pounds on a weight lifting cable when he doesn"t weigh much less than that himself. How could he have tied the cable to hold his weight himself? Also you can not make me believe he tied Nancy's feet and hand together before killing her much less hurting Daniel. They were both the world to him along with megan and david.

2631 days ago
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