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Isaiah - McDreamy McStarted the Fateful Fight

7/3/2007 8:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Isaiah Washington keeps on talking ... and talking ... and talking ... and last night on "Larry King Live," the loose cannon said that it was co-star Patrick Dempsey's lateness that eventually pushed him over the edge and made him use the F-word that ended up getting him fired from "Grey's Anatomy." Riiiight.

Isaiah says that when he confronted McDreamy about his lateness, his co-star became "unhinged, sprayed spittle in my face ... He just becomes irate." Then, well, Isaiah "said several bad words," something along the lines of, "There's no way you're going treat me like the B-word, the P-word, or the F-word." Ever-unrepentant Washington still tried to cover his tracks, saying that "fa**ot" wasn't meant to be a slur, but just "somebody who is being weak." Way to clear that up, Isaiah.

Loose-lipped Lily – LiLo's Going to Jail

Also in the Department of Verbal Diarrhea-ists this morning we find Lily Allen, the Brit popster who got popped last week for allegedly socking a lensman in the schnozz. She tells New York magazine that Paris's fate will soon befall Lindsay Lohan, and herself to boot. "I could be Paris Hilton soon enough," said Lily, shortly before returning to England to be arrested on assault charges. "Oh, my God, her life is so f**king insane ... I can't wait until Lindsay Lohan goes to jail ... Does that mean [she'll] stop showing me [her] p***y now?"

Party Favors: Nicky Glazed Over at Frittelli's ... Wrestling Legend DiBiase Defends Benoit ... Alyssa Milano's Wants You to TOUCH 'Em All ... Man Pleads Guilty to Posting 4 Hours of 24

While Paris was getting lei'd in Hawaii this weekend, lil' sis Nicky was spotted with a guy pal at the Governator's fave Beverly Hills donut shop, Frittelli's, having an iced latte and a glazed donut. Sweet! ... Ted DiBiase, wrestling's legendary "Million Dollar Man," tells the Post Chronicle that fellow grappler Chris Benoit was an "unselfish, soft-spoken" type who made considerable sacrifices to be with his family, which he is suspected of murdering before committing suicide last week. ... Ever the big sports fan, Alyssa Milano is teaming up with Major League Baseball to create a line of "fan-fashion" jewelry for her TOUCH line, just so you look perfectly glam while sucking down brats and beer at the ballpark. ... A Chicago man pleaded guilty yesterday to a felony charge for posting the first four episodes of this season's "24" on the Internet before they appeared on TV.


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2636 days ago

Lenn K.    

Isaiah, it's over let it go. You said it and you know Hollyweird it's run by the gays and if someone said the N-word Al Sharpton would be flying in for someone to be fired.

2636 days ago

jProud American Author    

Isiah, You don't get it. No one really cares. Take responsibility for what you said and did without blaming every one else. You screwed up. Take it like a man. People are sick of you and your 15 minutes are almost up. The more you run your mouth, the more people disllike you. Do something good for someone else and shut up.

2636 days ago


lily allen needs to shut up and stop worrying about what Paris and Lindsay are doing and try to avoid going 2 jail herself. If she goes jail hopefully she won't come out looking a mess as she always does.

2636 days ago


Isiah Washington--The biggest loud mouth, good for nothing jerk! Let it go already. You weren't "canned" as you say. The show and ABC chose not to renew your contract with them. Why would they? You are proving over and over and ABC and the show did the RIGHT thing by not renewing your sorry whiny arse!

You were a complete nobody before the show and now feels "entitled" to something. Your 15 minutes of lame are up.

YOU, Sir, are the weakest link--GOODBYE!

2636 days ago


I watched Larry King Live last night as he interviewed Isaiah Washington and in my opinion, he is still in damage control mode. Looks like he has had a heaping helping of humble pie and he is trying to salvage his career and reputation. Too bad he couldn't curtail his ego and temper before he lost his job. I am so glad he left the race issues out of his interview (for the most part) becuase I don't believe it played any role in this. The final straw for me and I think the show was when he made his remarks at the Golden Globe awards. It (in my opinion) showed that he was concerned about himself and himself alone and put his interests before the show and his cast mates. Hopefully for his sake he can settle down and have a wonderful life.

2636 days ago


Bottom line, Grey's is going to suck this year. He was the best actor on the show.

2636 days ago

Ricky Rockhardo    

Wow, he said "F" off camera and he gets fired for it? I haven't touched on this, but I think the whole PC nature of the thing is what subsequently led to it. Just like Don Imus making a joke. I guess it's kinda like saying something like that at your work, you know? There is going to be hell raised for slurs like that, and I don't think they're being tollerated anymore. Sometimes it's best just to keep ya mouth shut!

2636 days ago


Washington publicly has never bashed Knight and always insisted it was between him and Dempsey as witnessed below:

Give the guy a break. He won't get his job back on 'Grey's' but he his name shouldn't be mud forever either. LOT of people doing a LOT worse in Hollywood and on TV sets.

2636 days ago


OK so isaiah first it was T.R who tried to push all the big actors out the door now its Patricks fault? Wow you are really coming out looking like the bigger person here!!!

2636 days ago

Ricky Rockhardo    

Nicky Hilton looks bomb in that picture.

2636 days ago


Isaiah Washington, this has NOTHING to do with anyone else other than YOU. YOU don't know when to keep your friggin mouth shut. You think you were fired because someone had it out for you? Or because people are intimidated by you as a "black man", grow the hell up!!!! It has nothing to do with your race, or your color of has to do with the fact that you fire your mouth off with insults towards other people. You say other people started it, you say other people said things....well we have NO way of knowing whether they did or didn't...because they didn't do it PUBLICLY, you did. So when YOU made YOUR comments the whole world got to hear it....and because you made the satements you did you didn't just insult one person, you insulted an entire group of people. You also did it MORE THAN ONCE...proving to the network that you can't be trusted to control what you say....that you are a loose cannon with your mouth.

Now you say that it wasn't right that you were fired "because I did everything they asked me to do"...that may be true that you did exactly "to the letter" what they asked you to do...but there was NO guarantee that if you did those things you would retain your job. The network has to do damage control because of what YOU DID. You can't expect that you can behave the way you did and people will still want to watch you on a tv's not going to work that way. Did you happen to see ANY of the polls asking viewers if you should stay or go? The PEOPLE said they didn't want you...the network is only smart to listen to the public.


2636 days ago


I watched Larry King last night and believed everything that Isaiah said. I think that Patrick needs to step up and collaborate on what really happened. Also, shame on you T.R. for using their fight to get your 15 minutes of fame. Nobody knew your name before this happened. I think that it is pretty obvious who was responsible for the "leaking" of the fight. They should have been the one to not get their contract renewed. Also, it seems to me that Katherine Heigl was supporting and standing up for the wrong guy.

2636 days ago


Can the man catch a break now? My god if any of u haters were ever accuse of something would'nt u want to be heard? And don't tell me u have never used the f word. Let it go and move on your own damn selves. TR is a spliness little weasel and will never get another job after grey's. No one forced him to out himself. He did that on his on. Lots of actors are accused of being gay so why did TR feel he had to speak up? And just because u use the f word does not mean u hate gays. Stop playing the f card.

2636 days ago


Isaiah Washington was so good on Grey's Anatomy. It's a shame this situation couldn't be worked out. The only ones who really know what happened are the people who were involved. Clearly there were plenty of witnesses and Isaiah has a history of not getting along with co-workers. I wish him well in the future. He's a fine actor, just needs to work on his people skills and control his anger.

2636 days ago
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