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Isaiah - McDreamy McStarted the Fateful Fight

7/3/2007 8:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Isaiah Washington keeps on talking ... and talking ... and talking ... and last night on "Larry King Live," the loose cannon said that it was co-star Patrick Dempsey's lateness that eventually pushed him over the edge and made him use the F-word that ended up getting him fired from "Grey's Anatomy." Riiiight.

Isaiah says that when he confronted McDreamy about his lateness, his co-star became "unhinged, sprayed spittle in my face ... He just becomes irate." Then, well, Isaiah "said several bad words," something along the lines of, "There's no way you're going treat me like the B-word, the P-word, or the F-word." Ever-unrepentant Washington still tried to cover his tracks, saying that "fa**ot" wasn't meant to be a slur, but just "somebody who is being weak." Way to clear that up, Isaiah.

Loose-lipped Lily – LiLo's Going to Jail

Also in the Department of Verbal Diarrhea-ists this morning we find Lily Allen, the Brit popster who got popped last week for allegedly socking a lensman in the schnozz. She tells New York magazine that Paris's fate will soon befall Lindsay Lohan, and herself to boot. "I could be Paris Hilton soon enough," said Lily, shortly before returning to England to be arrested on assault charges. "Oh, my God, her life is so f**king insane ... I can't wait until Lindsay Lohan goes to jail ... Does that mean [she'll] stop showing me [her] p***y now?"

Party Favors: Nicky Glazed Over at Frittelli's ... Wrestling Legend DiBiase Defends Benoit ... Alyssa Milano's Wants You to TOUCH 'Em All ... Man Pleads Guilty to Posting 4 Hours of 24

While Paris was getting lei'd in Hawaii this weekend, lil' sis Nicky was spotted with a guy pal at the Governator's fave Beverly Hills donut shop, Frittelli's, having an iced latte and a glazed donut. Sweet! ... Ted DiBiase, wrestling's legendary "Million Dollar Man," tells the Post Chronicle that fellow grappler Chris Benoit was an "unselfish, soft-spoken" type who made considerable sacrifices to be with his family, which he is suspected of murdering before committing suicide last week. ... Ever the big sports fan, Alyssa Milano is teaming up with Major League Baseball to create a line of "fan-fashion" jewelry for her TOUCH line, just so you look perfectly glam while sucking down brats and beer at the ballpark. ... A Chicago man pleaded guilty yesterday to a felony charge for posting the first four episodes of this season's "24" on the Internet before they appeared on TV.


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Isaiah Washington was the ONLY TALENT on Grey's Anatomy. The writing and most of the cast members are second rate actors at best. Patrick Dempsey's voice influction is weak and whiny..Ellen Pompeo should go back to waiting tables in Everett,.MA ,and take her boyfriend with her!! Isaiah is an exceptional actor, I have seen a lot of his work. Rember,no matter what he said or did Talent wins out!! Cant' say the same for the rest of the cast.

2605 days ago


Why the HELL is Bruce Willis defending Isaiah Washington? Willis doesn't understand why Washington was fired and felt that words are just words. 1) Why does Willis even have to comment on this? 2) NO words aren't just words. Ask any woman, any minority, anyone who is disabled.... etc... 3) Wouldn't Willis realize that Washington is a loon? An obvious homophobe, Washington freaked out everyone on the set of Grey's Anatomy with his agro ways. Why wouldn't Willis consider this before opening his stupid mouth.

Willis is a first-class ego-maniac jerk, and he and his circus-like new family (what the hell!? doesn't anyone else find it creepy that Willis, Moore, and Kutcher all hang out with the kids as though that is NORMAL? Sorry, even in 2007, some things are just friggen' inappropriate). Bruce sucks. His poliitics suck. And by the by, I am NOT going to see his crappy new movie... yippeee kay yay you small-minded man.

2605 days ago


I can only speak for what I know of the African American community and in the African American community the F word has a different connotation than an anti-gay slur. African Americans, especially African American males, often use the F word to denote a person who is weak. It was in THAT context that Isaiah Washington used the word. Secondly, according to what Isaiah said on the Larry King Live interview, he did not use the word against T.R. Knight at all. He was referring to himself. Remember Isaiah spoke about a private conversation he had with T.R. during which T.R. shared he felt bullied by Dempsey. When the disagreement arose between Isaiah and Dempsey, Dempsey jumped into Isaiah's face. It was then Isaiah stated (and I'm paraphrasing), "I'm not a f--, you can't punk me like you do T.R." In my opinion, a job is no big deal; Isaiah will work again in Hollywood. What he must do, however, is clear his name. The Larry King Live interview was his first opportunity to speak publicly since he was no longer bound by the gag order. I think he needs to sue T.R. Knight for slander, for going on the Ellen Show stating Isaiah uttered an anti-gay slur and if the Enquirer was the first rag to print the erroneous story, they should also be sued for libel. Telling the truth of what happened is not enough.

2601 days ago
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