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Lohan Parties in Her Birthday Suit

7/3/2007 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan pranced around on the beach in a skimpy bikini for her birthday -- what a way to celebrate!

TMZ cameras were on the sand in Malibu for the rehab inhabitant's 21st, where LiLo frolicked around a beach house in nothing more than a bathing suit and some sea foam green stripper shoes as buddy Samantha Ronson spun some music for the party.

Lohan was spotted snapping photos of her friends and family -- who included Nicole Richie's ex DJ AM, Evan Ross, mom Dina and mini-lookalike sister Alli -- she even took pix of paparazzi with her very own telephoto lens.

Linds left the party at around 2:15 AM and was whisked back to Promises, where she'll complete her second stint in rehab.


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I bet Lindsay's mom was right on scene mixing drinks for her daughter...

2616 days ago


Her mom was quoted as saying..."her ass ain't nothing...look at these buns of steel, big boys!" She's a "mother" alright.

2616 days ago

jim tomass    

I'd probably fucck her but only if her mom could watch.

2616 days ago


she had some innocent fun leave her alone she is doing great this girl is still young when i was 21 i was partying and drinking almost every day now im 28 my whole life have changed lay off her .she will grow out of it

2616 days ago

Never inked up!    

Why on Earth would you want your child to ba "star"? So few of these child actors actually go on th be the Leo's of the world. Her mother should be horrified that SHE and her FATHER put their daughter into these shoes. I like rich but forget the famous thing!

Instead of being able to be like any other red-blooded 21 year-old American and have her head in a toilet the next day, she has her head in the toilet for years. Slow down girl and you won't look rode hard and put away wet by the time your 35.

2616 days ago


Saggy Butt!

2616 days ago

mother of 4    

I agree 100%!
Let these girls have some fun! You only live once, enjoy why you can!

P.S. Who wouldn't party in a beach house in their suit? Has anyone ever been to Cabo? Or any other vacation spot in the Summer, Hello?
Oh, and I don't get off watching other people having sex, so I won't check out your offered web sites, JIM. Whom must be some sort of pervert, who can't even handle his woman or his whiskey.

2616 days ago


That's fine that she wanted to celebrate her 21st - it's a milestone birthday, no doubt, but come on, staying away from rehab til after 2am? They probably let her sleep in til noon the next day. I agree with the others who say she's just trying to prolong the inevitable - and what in the WORLD was Samantha Ronson and Calum Best doing there? They both proved they're not friends at all - Samantha selling her out to the paps and Calum saying "Who?" when asked if he had any comment on Linds being in rehab. She's just so sad!

2616 days ago


she shouldn't be in rehab or party she needs to go to jail, coke head. Driving like that snoring coke, drunk future killer. Wearing bikiny with boots in 100 degree weather. Who came up with that fashion? Next thing you know and we have another potential killer on Larry King show lying her ass off. I didn't do drugs, I read bible I have claustrofobia etc. I'm supprised that he didn't tell her to cut it out we didn't fell from the pear tree. Would be nice if TMZ put here celebrities doing something positive. For once please.

2616 days ago

Boy Howdy Cannot Be Silenced!!    

Why Pooter, aren't you clever? Boy Howdy loves to recognize those who come up with an original idea in tmz posts! Kudos. Glad to see that your middle school education wasn't a waste of time! And Dear Robert - you ooze sophistication and good looks! Good luck with your trailer trash girlfriend (will you ever unlock her from her cage in the basement?) - No way would DiLo even let you park her car! And my dear, dear Sunny - what a "sunny" outlook you have on life! Now run along and get one (a life, that is!) and quit congratulating yourself on thinking you are wittier or more perfect that LiLo and DiLo!

Peace and love to all of my brothers and sisters! :-)

2616 days ago

Boy Howdy Cannot Be Silenced!!    

Dear jim - what makes you think that LiLo or DiLo would even let you "f***" their pet let alone entertain the thought of letting you within 250 feet? LiLo - get that restraining order NOW!

2616 days ago

juego de casino    

she looks good!!!!
can't say no.

2616 days ago


Does anyone else see the irony here. LA's hardest partyer doing a "sober" 21st birthday as a rehab out patient? She is probably dying inside. We know Miss Lohan craves witnesses to her excesses. I'm sure in her mind she had envisioned something very different for the big two one celebration. Unfortunately it looks like once left to her own devices, she will be right back at it only harder to "make up for lost time." Look for a mother/daughter feud on the horizon as well. If I didn't know better, I swear these episodes are scripted. Miss Lohan actually has some talent which makes her story a little sadder in my opinion. I will also predict that she will make a Drew Barrymore-like comeback at some point and finally get it together. Between now and then...rehabs, relapses, a dozen or more "just friends" boy toys, maybe jail (I doubt it though), a quickie marriage/divorce, a few bad movies, a few good movies that sparks renewed interest and a comeback (a la Barrymore) followed by a solid Hollywood career. She had too much too fast with little or no parental guidance. She is 21 going on 13 going on 30. Eventually she will learn to appreciate and respect the gifts and opportunities she has been given. All we can do is sit back and watch how it all unfolds.

2615 days ago

Playne Jayne    

I think it would be a funny gift that TMZ has Lindsay read the crap people write about her like Paris... No talented People Should Recieve No Attention.

2615 days ago


Dina looks a bit ticked off that she couldn't imbibe. And Blohan has the body of a 12-yr-old couch potato-boy with fake boobs.

2615 days ago
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