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Preggers in Jail

The Nicole Baby Story?

7/3/2007 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Inseminated and emaciated starlet Nicole Richie's legal woes may get even worse. If the micro-sized Richie is sentenced to do time in the clink, there'll be no VIP treatment for the puny reality star.

The birdlike Richie is expecting the stork in just six months. Pregnant inmates are housed in the general population and given a high calorie diet -- oh the horror -- and prenatal vitamins. Eat up, hon! If Nic goes into labor while doing time, she'll be forced to pop the kid at a hospital contracted by her Los Angeles correctional facility -- no VIP suite at Cedars Sinai!

The usual hospital stay for jailbird mommies is three days, with the required Sheriff's deputy standing guard. Then it's back to the pen -- without the newbie! The precious celebuspawn of Nicole and Joel would be given to either the father, or the grandparents! All night long!

Upon release from the hospital -- it's back to Chez Jail!


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Standards are badly needed.    

If Paris can get a special cell for celebrity/security reasons, a pregnant Richie will also, and SHOULD, as she actually HAS a valid medical reason, unlike Hilton. My feeling is that unlike Paris, she would probably manage just fine being put into general population, but it stands to reason that any celebrity is probably not as safe as a private citizen as being high profile can foster resentment in an unstable individual. If you don't think so, just look at some of the personalized responses on here in reaction to this or that celeb article.

2637 days ago

paris rox my sox    

Nicole Richie is not a bad person and she is not the one that should be in jail!!!!! u people are just jealous u cant be pregnant and look like her!!!!!

2637 days ago


If she's in jail while pregnant, she will still be kept in an isolation cell for her own protection. There is no way the jail is going to put her in with the general population. After all, it's not at all hard for jailers to bring her a special high-cal meal and a prenatal vitamin.

2637 days ago


She looks just like her bio aunt, Sheila E. Why should she get sympathy from the judges? She did the crimes, so she should do the time. Women have babies in jail and prison all the time. It'd be Nicole's fault if it happens that way for her. I don't feel bad for people who put themselves in stupid situations and think they are above the law. She deserves to go to jail. if she is pregnant, i feel bad for the child. She needs too grow up herself first.

2637 days ago


I think if nicole wants to be pregnant then good for her. Screw all of the people that think she cannot handle a baby and the pregnancy. She handles Hollywood just fine. I hope that everyone will look at her as a genuine person and I wish her and joel all the best of luck.

2637 days ago

Jonas Hansen    

Paris Hilton wants to do something for jailbirds. Here is an area where she can do a difference.

All experts would testify that the first year of a newborns life is the most important, when it is about establishing close contact with the mother. If that connection between mother and child fails, the child can end up having trouble with building relationships later in life. It is also a fact that some moms - in jail and outside are very poorly prepared to motherhood.

Other countries and private jails (called therapeutic boarding schools) in your country are offering jailtime in a special jail for new moms. Facilities with cells with cradle, nursery and classrooms, so the new moms can concentrate on the most important job they ever can get - being a parent.

We must remember that it is Nicole that has committed the crime, if she is found guilty. It is not the child!

So Paris Hilton: If you want to be taken serious, so help to raise money for a prison for the new moms where they can stay after giving birth to their child until the child is 12 months old.

2637 days ago


she will get fat!...ha haha

2636 days ago


Wow, I actually kinda feel bad for her. I mean I wouldn't normally, but I think it is unfair to be separated from your baby unless given due case, "like child abuse." I think that this in itself is more then enough punishment and unfair for the baby to be without his/her mommy. Christ, if she is going to go to jail, and she should, get it over with now, cause thats just unreal.

2636 days ago


Pregnant innates are NOT housed with the general population in county jail. They have a special dorm all to themselves, as do sick inmates and high risk inmates. Get your facts straight before you publish them, eh?

2636 days ago



She weighs like 85 pds!! Is that possible??

2636 days ago


I think the judge will give her house arrest, I do think it was a planned pregnancy to try to keep her out. Man I wish she would eat something!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe he will sentence her to 3 meals a day.

2635 days ago


I am SHOCKED that she even has a period!!! How can someone that disgustingly and unnaturally skinny even get pregnant? There is no way she even has enough body fat! Does no one else think this is strange? She is going to be a horrible mom. She can't even take care of herself. Ugggggghhhhhh! Poor child!

2634 days ago


Just what the world needs, another screwed up Hollywierd person who admits to using illegal drugs, obviously has an eating disorder (dispite the denials), who would be collecting welfare somewhere if she weren't lucky enough to have a famous, rich daddy is going to give the world another illegitimate child. How pathetic!

2632 days ago

ambie bambie    

I think that she shouldn't go to jail for the baby's sake... she needs to put on weight!!!!!!!!!!! and get some help!! I cant believe she is having a baby with Joel Madden!! Maybe, she should go to jail for like 1 month, but not serve her full sentence... I mean who would want to be pregnant in jail and then have you child be born in there... that would SUCK!!!!!! I would just bribe the judges with money, I mean her dad's a billionaire! And maybe she will change after she has the baby boy. I doubt she will drink or smoke or do anything while she's preggy, and maybe she'll eat healthier. Who knows.

2631 days ago

ambie bambie    

i am sooooooo cool

2631 days ago
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