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The Return of Paris Hilton

7/3/2007 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's baaaaaaaaaaack!

Paris landed at LAX just a short time ago, abruptly ending her Hawaiian post-pokey getaway. A socialite must have some post-holiday holiday plans!

Seen here sauntering through the airport this morning, she looked relaxed and happy, clinging a mind-expanding Vanity Fair and a notebook, the heiress was traveling alone ... except for her omnipresent paparazzi pals.


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And now they're just screwing with us, posting all our comments complaining about their censorship. Probably ROFLTAO at us...jerks.

2647 days ago


I thought that after her little "house arrest" stint the judge ordered her to do the remainder of the ENTIRE 45 day sentence. 23 in jail and the rest at home under house arrest. Am I just mistaken or has fame and money trumped the law again?

2647 days ago


Stephanie, you're absolutely right about that. She was ordered to complete the full 45 days after she was returned to jail in handcuffs. I also wondered why she was released early after the judge had made such a big deal out of it. I suspect you hit the nail on the head with the fame/$$$ comment.

2647 days ago

Guilty of watching    

Do you think she's wearing underwear? I'm sure we'll get a chance to see for ourselves soon enough. As we know, as a self proclaimed "Social Person", I'm sure we'll get an eye-full once she resumes her life of good old fashioned drinkin' and drivin'. Pathetic.

2647 days ago


Jealous, Jealous

2647 days ago


Best of luck cutie.

2647 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Best of luck pedestrians in her path

2647 days ago



Excellent job on CNN Larry King.
Here's hoping to see more of you in the future.

All the best!

2647 days ago


Paris served 24 days for driving on a suspended license which was suspended due to a .08 DUI, the minimum for a DUI charge. Paris should never work with MADD because they were amongst the commenters insisting that the judge send Paris back to jail after 3 days. .08 folks this is a .08 Most folks that drink alcohol and have a license have driven with a .08 and were not could have been you. Paris served 24 days for this while there are judges in this country sentencing child molesters to house arrest. I would have preferred that Paris serve house arrest and the child molesters, all of them serve jail time.

I don't see any chatting that Lindsy should go to jail and her alcohol level was .16 or twice as high as Paris' .08 plus Lindsy had cocaine in her system. Why arn't the haters after Lindsy in the name of justice?

A 17 year old boy by the name of Wilson has served 28 months of a 10 year sentence for consensual sex with a 15 year old and despite a judge order to release him now...a prosecutor is still fighting to keep him in jail. This was an honor student and good athlete looking toward college. The USA should be screaming to release this boy in the name of justice.

Scooter Libby outed an undercover agent,........committed treason and lied to a grand jury but despite a sentence of 30 months, Libby will not serve a day in jail, thanks to Bush. Justice??

More important than your jealousy of Paris Hilton is the state of the laws in our country. In the USA, injustice for one is injustice for all. We can all start fixing these problems by voicing our opinions about the injustice rather than showing our jealousy through foolish blogs about a girl who did nothing you wouldn't do in the same situation.

2647 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Hey Harvey & TMZ - ever heard of the First Amendment?

(the "Free Exercise Clause"), laws that infringe the freedom of speech - so now you are infringing on our Freedom of Speech on a public website, by not allowing our comments to post butttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt-

(the "Free Exercise Clause"), infringe the freedom of the press - I guess you take full advantage of this clause!

2647 days ago


Welcome back Paris! Hope you had a nice vacation! WE LOVE YOU!

2647 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

23. Do you think she's wearing underwear? I'm sure we'll get a chance to see for ourselves soon enough. As we know, as a self proclaimed "Social Person", I'm sure we'll get an eye-full once she resumes her life of good old fashioned drinkin' and drivin'. Pathetic.

Posted at 2:11PM on Jul 3rd 2007 by My eyes!! eyes!
Yes, she is wearing underwear! They're part of her new clothing line:


2647 days ago


O.k., that was hilarious. TMZ is taking a potshot at "Vanity Fair"???? You guys have probably never opened anything more challenging than an OK or a People magazine. As a matter of fact, "Vanity Fair" runs excellent, intelligent, extremely well-researched, well-written, relevant and timely pieces penned by REAL journalists. You ought to go out and buy one and see if you can learn something about what "mind-expanding" is.

2647 days ago


#8 What a ridiculous comment implying that she hasn't changed. The girl spent 23 days in jail and took a little vacation. Who cares! What about that is so wrong? Everyone deserves a second chance. Ripping apart her every move is not only unfair, it is absolutely ridiculous. And even if she wants to go out with her friends to a bar. Who cares! She's 26 years old. Geez, she has a live just like the rest of you. And the sad thing about all of you is that she is not entitled nor does she care to make any of you happy. That seems like an impossible task anyway.

2647 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Well Jo
A DUI is a DUI and she was sentenced with the paramiters of the law.
Lindsay will get her time in court and we will see about celeb justice
That kid in Georgia should be pardoned but the Gov is too chickens**t to do that
Scooter Libby was not convicted of outing a CIA agent, he was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice. He should be in jail but Bush and Cheney have to save their a***s.
But these last two are not part of what this site is about.

My 2 cents worth. Read the terms of service right below Add Your Comments

2647 days ago
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