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The Return

Of the NickNess Sex Monstah

7/3/2007 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's a pic of Nick and Ness -- with clothes on!

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo returned to L.A. from Mexico last night, looking like they had a case of Montezuma's revenge ... or a sex pic scandal on their hands!

Unfortunately, Nick is wearing a pair of hideous calf-length cutoffs, proving that this look is not good on anyone.


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oh la la Paris is hot    

Nick is hot.. Jessica is very hot!

Vanessa is skanky bitch!!

2667 days ago


it would be funnier if they called them LachNess monster

2667 days ago


i can`t waiy yo see Nicks goodies! bring the pics on!!!

2667 days ago



2667 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

uhh im so sick of hearing about this skanky bitch EVERYONE knows this coniving whore is only with Nick for her own personal fame. I bet she tipped of the photog shes scandilous like that. I cant wait till Nick dumps her. and Jessice well shes a has been since she dumped Nick goes to prove how really stupid she is Nicks a hot piece of ass

2667 days ago


I agree with you #48 Cheryl

I think that she’s making him look bad. Since he has been with her, his reputation has not raised, but it has declined because of her. And no manner the excuses that they give to people, she will always taint him worse by the day, the longer he stays with her. I hate it for him. Poor Nick.

2667 days ago


To: Nick is awesome! #57…

You sound like you might be Vanessa herself OR a friend. I mean come on. We can tell by the way you went about your words with Jessica. I am not a fan and never will be. But here is my response to you.

Nick did downgrade to the lowest level. He has chosen someone that is bring him down slowly but surely. We all just want him to see it coming this time, unlike last time. This Vanessa is not hiding her behavior, she’s bringing him in it, to get attention, that’s no secret now.

AND How has Vanessa supported Nick… You mean by giving him bad headlines that she’s brought into the relationship….Nick Lachey attacking people in airports,

Photos of his women clearly touching another women in a way that she shouldn’t have been (Even if they had been together for a day) And then she is clearly NOT smiling like other drunk people. But she does look not only high, but sexually acting bi-sexual to Lyndsey.

In Nick’s next headline after that, he was seen with her and another woman, and the headline stated that Nick might be enjoying two women that day in another way. OH YEAH NOW THAT’S A TITLE THAT NICK BROUGHT ON HIMSELF….I think not.

There have been so many headlines and now photos of this woman. We pray for Nick to see more than just the light on this one, before his career is completely gone. Then she’ll be gone.

AND No Vanessa didn’t come into the relationship with as much fame as him. THAT”S BECAUSE she wants his, and will use him to get negative press in order to get her own name out there.

AND you call this just dating a famous person and living your life. OH GOD woman, this woman is taking his life and career. Famous people don’t always act in this manner, unless they’re in this type of relationship where one of them is clearly using the other for just the fame.

Vanessa didn’t take the heat of the knife photos because Lindsay was in rehab. Vanessa got negative press because she was acting in that manner and looking drunk and high, and PLUS the fact that she portrays herself as something that she is clearly NOT. Vanessa was in the photos so therefore she got heat for it. Let’s not be elementary about that one…OK.

AND yes it is sickening that you would even post something that hardly anyone would agree with.

Lastly… this girl is bad for him, and this is clear. Once Nick has nothing she will be out of there. It doesn’t manner what excuse is giving to magazines about her behavior. She does these acts and then gets press for them. How can she say she’s ashamed or feels bad, when she’s still smiling at the camera? I’m beginning to believe what a lot of people are saying here and everywhere else for days…..that this may be something that Vanessa planned herself without Nick’s knowledge….Nothing like devil that looks pretty in only one man’s eye.

Sorry Nick. We pray for you to be happy and not get this kind of press again…Good luck.

2667 days ago


To: #59…

I don’t like Jessica or Vanessa. I never have and never will. I think one used him, and the other is using Nick now.

I do agree that some of these post “like that one in #57…is probably her or her friends. That person stayed to much on Jessica and spoke tooodarm perfect about Vanessa. And then the person never called her any names or commented on her past and future bad press. SO it clearly must be Vanessa giving herself a good post, so I do agree.

I also agree that if he stays with her through much more of this, then he will loose more fans.

I have read a few websites where people posts, and they all seem to say the same thing. If he stays with the woman that is ruing him, then he will have NO support OR the fan will NOT buy anything of his, but will still stay a fan.

I think basically no one wants to support her. To give to Nick means giving to Vanessa while she destroys him slowly but surely.

I don’t agree with your name calling in your post. But you were so right about a lot of things that you mentioned.

2667 days ago


To: #63 Daniel…

I’m so glad that you men are now posting too. Too many women may seem like we are just in love with his looks. BUT a lot of us are not. We just do like his image up till now.

In short, I agree that she is bringing Nick down to her level. And I am glad to see so many men posting. Maybe Nick will see that other gentlemen out there want to warn him this time around too.

2667 days ago

chillout music girl    

nick and vanessa are living off jessica's money...
nick is a worthless piece of cow manure... he could of been a man and took only 1.5 million in the divorce. But poor jessica had to pay out big bucks to get rid of him.
He only sat on the sofa and watched football.
Now jessica has to make corny films to recover the money she lost in the divorce.
I feel bad for her.
Vanesse Manillo is nothing but a prostitute..her butt is available to the highest bidder.
I hope nick goes broke he can see how fast she runs out of his life.
He should of treated jessica better and kicked his bum brother to the curb.
I hope jessica finds a guy as hot as halle berry's new man - gabriel aubry..
Jesssica needs a sexy,good looking man with his own money, who doesn't mind a pre-nup.

2667 days ago


To: #65 lj WHAT!!!

You said that you don’t think that Vanessa has done anything to earn such nasty comments!

Oh my goodness. Well hello Vanessa, nice to see you on the post tonight. We are NOT blinded by bi-sexual photos, with two drugged out looking women touching each others private parts. We are NOT blinded to the fact that you step into the limelight every chance that you can get. And we are NOT blinded to the fact that when the press dies down, stunts like this are pulled that Nick may not know anything about. But because he sees a pouting face and a sweet voice he continues to stay.

Nick please!!! A lot of us don’t mean to disrespect, but we are trying to WARN you that we just see things going so wrong here for you. We want the best for you, and this is clearly not it.

We want to gain you more fans by talking good about you. NOT having to express how much we care about you, so that you won’t feel so bad over the other negative comments out here on the web. These are people/fan that are expressing their feeling to you, Nick, the only way that they can…listen to your fans.

We don’t want you to loose anymore fans over her. So many people within the last few days have been lost already because this woman won’t stop putting an innocent man, in bad positions that he’s clearly not use to being in.

Way to keep the relationship quiet like he stated to the world that he wanted the next time around…… Not only are you giving Nick attention, but it is ALL negative and literally bringing this poor innocent man down.

Nick may not be able to come back after so much of this. THANKS VANESSA…What a way to show how much you love your man, by bringing him down and still smiling for photos when and before you got back here.

Nick please listen to the world and don’t be so blinded again. YOU ARE NOT MARRIED to this woman, you owe her nothing, you don’t have to explain leaving her.

I think you throwing the magazines and newspapers down on the table and then walking out the door in pure silence, should tell her the obvious. You can’t take it anymore, and you just have to go….please go Nick, you owe her nothing. You are not obligated to stay with her. Nick, you have NO attachments here or there with her.

Your fans are literally leaving you, and they are trying to tell you the only way they know how…on websites and posts.

2667 days ago


Hey, # 71, you don't know what you're talking about. Jessica refused to sign a pre-nup because she and her Dad thought they could take Nick to the cleaners since he had all the money when they got married. He bought the house himself. In the state of California it is the law to split income in a divorce 50-50. Nick also made his own money. Jesica made around 35 million and he was entitled to half of that about 18 million. It is rumored that he got more than 8 but less than 18 million. Jessica is a spoiled, tallentless slut. She's the one that wanted the divorce because she thought she would be a big star. NOT!

2667 days ago


Hey #72, calm down, get a life. Those photos are a year old and just when Vanessa was starting to date Nick. Those photos surfaced because LL's camera was stolen out of her car at the valet by one of the papparazzii. Another example of what low lifes the paps are .
They have no morals or ethics. Nick is standing by Vanessa and your rants are not going to change anything.

2667 days ago


Nick may have a great singing voice and be a real hottie, but the guy has -0- class when it comes to choosing women. Jessica was a spoiled, talentless brat controlled by her creepy father.

Vanessa is a publicity hound who latched on to Nick to futher her career. She has no talent whatsoever.

Nick needs to get rid of this hot Hollywood babes mentality and settle down with a normal woman who will love him regardless of his looks, wealth or talent. Most famous women are so self-absorbed and shallow - no wonder most Hollywood marriage don't last.

Wise up, Mr. Lachey!!!!

2667 days ago


Hello #73 and 74.

I don’t like the wording in #71 and I don’t agree with them when it comes to Nick. I think he did more than his share in the marriage and put up with a lot.

Now, I think that #71 has every right to his/her own opinion. I’m not putting them down for what I don’t like that they said, but I will state that I don’t agree, and leave it alone like every other mature posts here. You really sound immature yourself calling Jessica names, and telling him that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The person posting typed their own opinion.

And you know, you really shouldn’t speak about other people’s posts while you are acting as if you know these people personally. You get your information from the same sources that we can log on too, or buy at the store. We know California law when it comes to marriage, that she refused a pre-nup, and that he took less than he was originally entitled too. Sooo this is serious old news that doesn’t manner. So why post that.

Ok, you said I should get a life….Ok, then how about you first…because we here on this post are in this lifetime, speaking of what we are seeing at the present dates and times. So it does manner because this is now news that has surfaced. Example…If evidence is found a year after a crime, no law enforcement agency would say, “”oh wait, put that evidence away and lets forget that…I mean that was a year ago already chief””. Come on #73 & 74… when something that has not EVER been shown to the public and it comes to light, then it IS news for today’s times. Because we just found out about it of course.

Now…I don’t care if Nick and Vanessa had been together for a day, she should have not taken photos in that manner touching another woman’s private body parts, and on film. And then saying that she had a thing for Nick before they started dating. Yeah right, so get in all the touchy feely even with other women, before Nick tells you he wants to be more serious with you.

Hey #74 what were we all thinking, now that’s respect for a real man that YOU ARE TRULY TRYING TO TRAP and thinking that he’ll never know your bi-sexual undercover deeds…oh anyway…because you have not talent or spotlight, so therefore you throw a… at him in order to keep him until you’re through ruing his image, and taking out his career and fans. Again…what where we here on the post thinking being so unkind when we see the obvious.

And suuuure, her camera got stolen….where you there…I think not. And of course she is going to say that, along with any other excuse for why they were playing with each others body parts, and doing what they were doing, when she loved Nick sooo much before they even got together.

Yeah right, find another post to try that on, so that the other posting boards can tell you were to place your so-called already known informative news that means nothing, (divorces & pre-nup& name calling)…we’ve gone past that part of his life already, thank you anyway. Now let’s stick with the topic of the recently found, or taken photos and etc…

And ‘’calm down’’ is not the words I would use for my posting just because I said something with !!!! behind it like everyone else. I want to warn him like everyone else. Anyone can describe what they see. Most people on here see Vanessa as a nasty, trashy or other foul names that they know of. And that’s their opinion; they know what they see by now at this age, we’re adults. I won’t call Vanessa anything ever, because evidently he loves her, and I’ll respect that enough to keep the name calling about his ex-wife and previous girlfriend to myself. But I will always say that I believe that Nick could do sooo much better.

We all can’t understand why a talented, very nice-looking, kindhearted man, keeps these women around, that he is possibly assuming that he can change. Nick is too be respected for many things. And he should get far away from this woman, and take time for himself. (#74) You go be with Vanessa, believe me when I say…NO one would care. We are more concerned for Nick, because he is the innocent party here.

2667 days ago
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