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The Return

Of the NickNess Sex Monstah

7/3/2007 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's a pic of Nick and Ness -- with clothes on!

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo returned to L.A. from Mexico last night, looking like they had a case of Montezuma's revenge ... or a sex pic scandal on their hands!

Unfortunately, Nick is wearing a pair of hideous calf-length cutoffs, proving that this look is not good on anyone.


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The article may have been wrong, but I read that one executive stated that "this is the kind of image that cannot endorse, but this probably wasn’t her, and if things got worse then a higher status in the company would then make a proper statement to the media".

Way to go Vanessa, now any thing that he may have lined up for future endorcements, may be jeopardized too.

You know Vanessa, real women are suppose to hold their man's head up and support them, but, honey, this is not it. This is all wrong, just like you are so wrong for Nick. Poor baby just doesn't see the true you yet. Or maybe he does and he has his own plan to get rid of you.

2671 days ago


Remember how he acted on his and Jessica's reality show - he was horrid partner - putting her down - acting all insecure bratt like as if he needed sexual enhancement surgery or something - what female would want to put up with that when there are so many fab men out there.

2670 days ago

John Marinelli    

Nick looks like a younger John Travolta in drag. Definitely some estrogen coursing through his veins.

2670 days ago


Hey #65 Jessica did love Nick very much! She definitely loved him & it didn't work out. Vanessa on the other hand has been using Nick from day 1 ! Now I don't feel sorry for him. They are both livin the high life on Jessica's money. They are both classless!

2670 days ago


this "scandal" in the making is so over rated! as for making love in Mexico, with your mate, in a hot tub, or where ever, i, myself have done the very same thing. as for the what? in my opinion. their privacy was infringed upon. not mine. if the "paps" werent so frantic and the "public" so interested. the pics wouldnt mean a damn thing! if they can share that kind of emtion with each other GREAT! it isnt often that type of "feeling" happens in real life is it? they are young, hot blooded and it is their life, their love and their passions, let them enjoy each other. good grief it doesnt last in most peoples lives anymore. so. lets give them points for making the most of it, and just maybe, they actually might have something worth hanging onto. its not as if simpson was worth all the noise made about her, this time he may actually have an adult relationship lol.instead of a spoiled self centered "daddys girl"

2670 days ago


Nick is getting exactly what he deserves! A classless slut! They deserve each other! Jessica was smart gettin out when she did. Not so dumb after all!!

2670 days ago


I saw them that day at LAX, Vanessa looked pissed that the photogs were there, and Nick seemed like he didn't even care. But she is smokin' in person! Seriously the hottest thing ever!

2670 days ago


This should not even be called a 'SCANDAL". They are dating who cares what they do on their vacation. They are in love and wanted to show eachother some lovin, doing it in the bedroom gets boring!!!

2670 days ago


For those posters that are saying that Nick has stolen Jessica's money, WHAT? Has she ever put out a CD that has made any money? Where did all of this money of HERS come from? He was actually making more money than she was when they met. If their show was any indication of the truth, she really is quite ditzy and selfish.

2670 days ago


Nick got dumped by Jessica. He is doing well. He picked himself back up and has clearly gotten on with his life. So what if he got lucky with an exotic beauty. Jessica is a Texan-virgin wannabe who totally screwed up when she dumped Nick. Noone has the patience to put up with her little temper tantrums nor have anything to do with daddy's little girl. Jessica is too high-maintenance. Nick looks much much happier now and deserved much better than Jessica.

2669 days ago

chillout music girl    

Jessica can buy her own jewels and clothes.
Have you forgotten Vanessa is a user and unemployed gutter RAT.
Jessica made her money with her cool cosmetics line, those lips glosses were cool, Commercials, CDS, special appearances.
She has been performing since she was very young.
Nessa is the diva these days.. ordering people around like she thinks she is J-LO or someone.. She is NOT. J-LO has big bucks.
You wouldn't see her acting like Lochnessa.... J-LO and Jessica has class.
I respect jessica for seeing beyond J. Mayer FUGLY appearance and trying to look for the person he was inside.. TOO BAD - he was ugly inside 2.
Nick and Nessa Deserve each other.....Both users and LOSERS.
Former Nick Fan...
I am not buying one of his sappy love CDS anymore.
PS. Nick /Nessa and their publicist - stop singing songs about jessica. He needs to do a duet with Kayne West. - I married a Golddigger named nasty nessa

2669 days ago

chillout music girl    

She is a no talent skank.
His career is going down in flames.
The more the skank makes insults at jessica, the more the world hates her.
Nick isn't looking to good lately. He better live it up while he can.
The women on here are made as hell at this man for being a dimwitt and shacking up with a skank.
Yes, it is his life..But, he forgets the public is the one that buys his CDS,concert tours.
No one wants to support a man with a skank like VD VANESSA.
Get humping nick, as your career dwindles down quicker than your vienna in the jacuzzi.


2669 days ago

chillout music girl    

Nick Baby,

Check the polls, everyone is calling your girlfriend a skank.
The more nick stands by her, the more her bad press will contaminate him as well.
Your girl looks alright for a chipmunk. She hasn't the class or finesse of jessica simpson or tyra banks.
She looks like a little tranny filipino boy. OOPS maybe- she is.
If she keeps messing up your good boy rep and fans will disappear faster than the coke on a mirror besides nessa's dresser.

Your brother should be trying to give you some good advice.. All looks good to you now. Wait in a few months, you marry her and your career is over.
Women like for stars to hook up with someone they identify with and find beautiful like grace kelly. A drunk and druggie is not glamorous.

My point of view..sorry

2669 days ago

celeb watcher    

Hey "nix nicks nuts" i.e. "exotic beauty my azz" as well as all of your other aliases. It's strange how you have the time to post here and on other sites over and over. Get some psychiatric help because you need it. You're way too obsessed with this couple. We get you're a hater so quit posting...kay. No wonder Nick and Vanessa retain bodyguards...obsessed nuts like you make it a necessity.

2669 days ago


Hey 93 "p"

I don't like the words that these two people said, and I would never speak that way myself.

BUT...Hey 93 "p"

I don't like the words that these two people said, and I would never speak that way myself.

BUT...they did not say that they were going to harm somebody….so what’s with the comment. “That’s why the need bodyguards”

I mean they have every right to look at someone and say that they don’t like them…and I do mean anyone. But just because you don’t like someone, feel they are a gold-digger, unemployed and etc…you just basically think that they are using someone that you use to like….AGAIN doesn’t mean they are going to hurt someone.

You may be the kind that waste the courts time with filing false reports because you take too much the wrong way, and come up with your own words and conclusions when someone is speaking. In other words, do be so quick to judge and assume that you know that someone would harm another, just because they don’t like the other persons attitude. Such as not like Vanessa’s.

OH yeah, that is what posts are for. So that you can post how many times you like, when you want to respond to someone, good or bad.

2669 days ago
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