Perez Hilton Hurls Words at Gummi Bear

7/4/2007 10:00 AM PDT
Seeing trainwreck Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis on TMZ makes Perez Hilton want to puke. Him and everyone else!

The self-professed Queen of All Media has had it with the bloated millionheir Bozo and told TMZ, "If I see Jason Davis on TMZ one more time I'm going to throw up and eat my own vomit." Isn't that Gummi's trick? Regardless, chances are Perez will have to eat his, er, words soon enough -- since another classic Gummi Bear lowlight is surely imminent.

A few nights later, a more sedate Perez was seen exiting trendy WeHo eatery Il Sole, and had kinder things to say about another much despised heir -- Paris Hilton. Perez told TMZ that the post-pokey princess was simply doing "well." For once, the celebrity blogger seemed at a loss for words.