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Same Old Paris?

7/4/2007 7:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton said she wanted to change her image from party girl to charity worker, but reports from her recent Hawaiian getaway say that the socialite was up to the same old, same old. Page Six reports that Paris went clubbing at the Hyatt while in Hawaii, and swapped spit with a couple of the local boys. Even worse, a source said, "The paparazzi told us that Paris calls them herself." A lensman told the source, "We love her. She lets us know where she's going to be so we can take as many pictures as we want."

Paris' rep Elliot Mintz says that just ain't so. "The last thing she needs is more paparazzi coverage."

Angry Elton Flips Off Cop

Elton John was not a happy camper after last Sunday's Concert for Diana. When Sir Elton's chauffeur-driven ride was stopped on his way to the concert's after-party, he flew into a wild rage. All cars were barred from within 50 yards for security reasons, but the "Tiny Dancer" singer didn't care. He chewed out the offending cop, and then some. "Get out of my f**king way," he screamed. "Don't you know who I am? I've been working all f**king day and I need to get to my f**king dressing room."

Reports say Elton was in an especially bad mood because he was forced to cut his finale performance short due to technical difficulties.

Nicole Narrows Wedding Dress?

Preggers Nicole Richie is closer than ever to figuring out what she'll wear for her shotgun wedding to rocker Joel Madden. reports that Nicole is considering "Giorgio Armani, YSL, maybe Zac Posen, and some L.A. designers she likes. Nicole's not fixated on getting some huge designer name, though, like how Katie [Holmes] got Armani. And she's already checking out L.A. bridal shops. She's reached out to high-end L.A. bridal boutique Renee Strauss for help in getting a wedding dress fast, so she's fueling the wedding fire, but she loves it. Let's hope she finds something in an empire waist style.


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Ricky Rockhardo    

I can't believe Joel Madden would wanna marry her. What happened? No more pseudo punk rock girls available anymore?

That Paris pic is funny. I actually liked the pic of her at the beach, LOL... Feel free to clown me for that, I deserve it!

Big up to my brother and all his comrades over in Iraq. Keep your heads up!


2633 days ago

TMZ Visitor    

Elton John is an ass. "Don't you know who I am?" Geeeze. Who the Hell cares? I get so sick of hearing celebs pull that crap. What a bunch of spoiled brats.

2633 days ago


Seems every holiday is a military one. Military this and military that. Would be great to just enjoy the day for the FOUNDING of our nation and not glorify George's War.

Let's be patriotic about something besides war.

2633 days ago

Parents Need to Know    


Why don't you write Washington with this big idea of yours for a Founding Day Holiday - how about you can celebrate the landing of the Pinta, Nina & Santa Maria. Or the landing of the Mayflower?

You could start a "National" tradition - go to an Indian Reservation and trade corn, beads.Then you could have a "Founding" Day Holiday for when the Indians lost all their land and were sent to the reservations.

Or you could start "National Slave Day" - the Founding of America was built with slave labor. The First President of the US (another George) had slaves. Slaves came over with Columbus (now that's not a George).

I could go on and on back with the FOUNDING of America.

With the ignorant posting you just made, it's very bothersome that since the FOUNDING of America, men and women have been fighting in wars to give even you, the right to Freedom of Speech.

So why should they not be honored and remembered?

You must be the only ignoramus that has never had a family member, friend, neighbor, son, daughter, husband, father, mother, fighting in a war or serving their country, by choice or fate, for you to understand why the people of the US honor our military with Holidays!

2633 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

I'm noticing a very sad trend, appalling, really, at least to me.

I was curious about this restaurant the Pink Taco, so I went to their website to see what it was all about. I looked at what they had listed under photos or something like that, and it showed some computer wallpaper you could get for your computer. And they showed pictures of two women, one posed quite a lot like Paris in that sunbathing photo, pink bathing suit, legs spread.

I was appalled because this is one of Harry Morton's restaurants. Why is it necessary to be gross to get business? The restaurant looked cute, good menu, lots of money spent on decor. So why the need to sink so low? It's insulting.

I guess this must be socially acceptable now. How sad for the world, for women, for men, too, and how sad for young girls growing up now.

I notice that the more the media uses the words crotch and ass, the more acceptable these words have become in the mainstream. Again, sad to see society become so crude.

These are slang terms that used to be used only by real degenerates, lower than low, nasty people. Now "society types" and journalists are using them.

I'm sure some of you will disagree, but too bad. You are wrong and it's time someone stood up and told you so. These are the insidious tentacles of filth that serve to bring down our society.

2633 days ago


Elton John is a vile human being. His music is great but unfortunately he is VILE =(

If Nicole really is pregnant can social services just take the fetus now! It wasnt long ago she was driving wasted down freeway and she hasnt gone thru rehab so she isnt fit to be having a child =(

2633 days ago
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