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Report: 'Sex' Movie

A Go!

7/4/2007 4:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0703_sex_city_bn-1TV Guide's Michael Ausiello is reporting that the long-awaited "Sex and the City" movie is finally a go!

Speculation has been swirling for a while that the movie was hung up due to its dueling stars, but Ausiello reports that SJP, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis AND Kim Cattrall have all signed on the dotted line to do the film.

Shooting reportedly will start in September.

Thank God -- no more lonely Friday nights watching season six on DVD while drinking a bottle of wine by yourself.

There's always season five.


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Yeah right.....take away the other women - Cattrell in particular - and see how successful the show would have been---and how successful the movie would be. Everyone knows that she is the "lead actress" [NOT! Cattrell made the show - which explains SJP feud with her].........does she really need to stand in front of the other women? Not only is she standing in front of them but they are stitting down and she is standing up. Is that REALLY necessary?

2631 days ago

Just Another Hater    

Working title is "Sex and the City: Cougars in Heat." I hope nobody breaks a hip during filming.

2631 days ago


SJP looks like Owen Wilson. She has a long ugly nose with a bump on the end that curves down, her face is too long, and her chin is borderline Jay Leno-esque. She is one ugly, overrated, arrogant hag.

2631 days ago


OMG!!!! It's finally happened! There are so many unanwered questions!!!! Praise the Lord! (and HBO) Whoo hoo!!!

2631 days ago

you are entitled to my opinion    

wonder if miranda will come out as a lesb?

2631 days ago


Lola - the only reason Kim was so popular is because she showed her T&A every week and spoke like a truck driver. Don't get me wrong, I think that there is a little of all 4 chacters in every woman (that is why the show was GREAT) but SJP is the star and made the series what it was.

2631 days ago


Its a movie - not a life changing event. It amazes me how some of you are so incredibly emotional about this movie. Especially those of you who are making personal attacks against the actresses because of their looks and age. Grow up. SJP isn't objectively the most beautiful woman in the world. But then again, neither am I. With that being said, I think Carrie Bradshaw is adorable. She was sexy and smart. And her figure is outstanding (and, no I am not attracted to women but can admit when someone has an attractive figure). I would bet that her body is better than most 20 year olds easily. And for those of you who think they are too old - I am 41 and I am far from being a "cougar". I consistently get hit on by men ranging from 25-50 (and get called a MILF by my nephew's friends who are in college). If you think life ends when you hit 30- you are crazy. Good sex only starts after 35 (when men become mature enough to not only care about getting themselves "off"). I wouldn't go back to being in my 20s if I could. And to the men who are calling them old hags - you are exactly the kind of guy who is selfish in bed and obviously too shallow to see that a woman can be sexy without looking like a VS model. I would tell you to grow up but sadly you probably never will. Just keep drinking your beer and watching your monster truck shows. Now - on to what should be the real topic of this string of comments - I started watching SATC late. Mostly because I have barely any time for t.v. being a lawyer and a single mom, but also because I didn't want to jump into the craze with all the other "housewives" who loved the show. However, I was being a t.v. snob (and yes, judgmental about what housewives like for entertainment -I really apologize). The show was wonderful. It was witty and entertaining (a rare combination). I was sad when it ended. But I have to agree that it should be left alone. I think it may very possibly be ruined by making it into a movie.

2631 days ago

Anonymous 4    

Let's face it the reason they ALL came to agreement about doing this
movie is the simple fact that since that show has ended..NONE of them has
done anything equally or moreprominent in their acting career. They
should hae jumped on the wave right away. Now it looks a bit like old
biddies tryingto recapture the magic and romp around like 20 year

2631 days ago


For the record, I think SJP was georgeous seasons 1 - 3... and then in season 4 she looked, well... different. Her eyes... or part of her nose... maybe the bridge is different. No big deal, still pretty, but I liked the uniqueness of her previous face. More importantly, she was a better actress seasons 1 - 3. So there. :-)

2631 days ago


I wonder what's the title of this movie is going to be, "Sex & the City - Life at 50 yrs old"

2631 days ago

Never inked up!    

Lawyerchick-I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

A smart lady with class.

I am 39 and totally agree with everything in your comments. The best sex of your lives ladies is going to be after 30. There is just something about age and woman that is hard to explain. You really know yourself once you get into that spot of your life. Its a great feeling.
I would NEVER want to go back to my 20's. Man, are we women a pain in the ass then. We think we know EVERYTHING. Then we start to see 40 and we really do know EVERYTHING!

Hang on 20 somethings it gets better!

2631 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

i love SATC!! i didnt have HBO until about mid last season. But that was enough to hook me. Then SATC started coming on sindicated stations twice a night, so I got to see the show from beginning. I love it. Men would learn a thing or 2 on there. My husband has seen a few shows. In the movie, I think they should act their age which is around 50ish and make the movie "5 years later" like it is. I hope I look as good as Kim when im 52 or whatever she is. She looks fabulous., and Kristen such a true beauty, the prettiest face. Anyway in the movie I hope Carrie finally marries Big or Aiden, Charlotte and Harry adopt their little girl, Miranda and Steve are still together, and Samantha is still with her lilttle hot piece of ass guy. I hope all the men signed on too, I just cant picture the men being played by anyone else. I'll wait till the movie comes out on dvd to see it.

2631 days ago


I wonder how the movie is gonna be.
The episides were funny crazy.

2631 days ago

Paul Kline    


2631 days ago

Former Consultant    

IMO, Kim Cattrall made that show. Her character, more than the other 3 characters, evolved the greatest over the course of the show and she showed much more depth as an actress. I actually got sooo tired and bored with SJP's Carrie by the last 2 seasons, I really only tuned in to enjoy the Samantha and Miranda characters (Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon). To this day, watching SJP in anything is like listening to nails on a chalkboard!

2631 days ago
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