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Who Wouldn't Throw Panties at This Man?!

7/4/2007 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ageless sex symbol Tom Jones turned up in London at Sunday's Concert For Diana -- looking ever the Welsh hunk. Gorgeous?
Tom Jones
The 67-year-old heartthrob just gets better with every passing year! It's not unusual! Is it?


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Yeah is afraid of Ladies    

You vapid babies are a crackup!

Do you think you'll ALL be able to afford a lopsided facejob when you're older? Do you think you'll look any less repulsive to the shallow idiots of the future?

Tee Hee

2605 days ago

Yeah is afraid of Ladies    

Posted at 12:14PM on Jul 4th 2007 by Aida

Preach, Aida!

2605 days ago


sex symbol ? hunk ? get your eyes checked !

2605 days ago


Tom Jones can sing sexy better than men a quarter of his age. I don't care if he has wrinkles under his eyes or what. What is wrong with you people? Aging is a part of life. The man keeps going. Go to one of his concerts and really see the man. Thank gawd this world is not made of 22 year olds. I would shag this man in a NY minute. Tom... you keep going baby and I will keep dreaming and listening.

2605 days ago


Married for 50 years? He must have a very patient and forgiving wife. My sister worked at a hotel where Tom sang in his heyday. He and his bandmates had a room full of groupies from the audience, they trashed the room during their drinking adn orgy. The hotel had to go after them for money for the damages and they were never invited back to perform.

So pleezzz, applaud the man's performance and music, and even he's looks if you are so inclined, but not his comitment to his marriage.

2605 days ago


I saw Tom last year in Vegas. He puts on one heckuva show!. The voice is as great as ever and he's very, very funny. He knows he's not 30 anymore and makes allowances for it in a hysterically amusing way. He really doesn't care what you think about his wrinkled face and his dyed hair - he's all about the music and the show. And he does not disappoint.

2605 days ago


Tom could definitely stand an eyelift - just run very fast if it's Sly Stallone's doctor!

2605 days ago

Mrs R    

I saw him in concert a couple months ago.
He still sounds marvelous.

I think he could use some lower lid work, but after 50 odd years in the industry, who doesn't.

2605 days ago


Please tell me is wasn't a woman, because, sorry honey, we women like young, lean, handsome, hot studs just like men like young, beautiful women. (by CTU)

You are out of your mind. Lemmie tell you something, and being an older woman, I have the years and the wisdom so pay attention. I dated many "studly" looking guys back in the day and I am not talking a lot of years ago, just about 20 yrs. or so. VERY nice looking men. I was very choosy as I could be. I always looked (and still do) at least 10 years younger than I am..a blessing or curse? Who knows? Anyway.. after many years of dating "hot men who are studs" and I am talking Brad Pitt in younger years hot, I found them all to be narcisstic snobs who only cared about themselves and their looks. They were always rude, selfish, and thought they were "all that." I married an "average" looking man who I've been married to for 18 years and he is a GEM. When you can still be IN love with your husband after that many years, you know you have someone wonderful. You can NOT judge a person by what's on the outside, it does NOT work any more than just being "arm candy". An average looking man with confidence in himself and a heart for others who is never selfish and always puts his woman and children first is a rare find. "Studly" looking guys are a dime a dozen and you get what you pay for. Tom Jones may be no "Adonis" anymore, nor does everyone in Hollywood have to go "under the knife" to prove they can look good since they have the bucks - but one thing about Tom Jones is that he is first and foremost a great singer and entertainer who loves his fans and loves his work and he puts his ALL into a show even at age 67. A person's looks are nothing more than superficial "prettiness" that with age will fade and that goes for ALL of us (unless we are Hollywood elete and have so many facelifts that I wonder how some women don't have their uterus up in their ears) and even after some years the fifth facelift droops. Wasted money, time & pain. What's in a person's heart is free and only gets better. Keep your "studly" looking men and when you GROW UP you'll remember this - after one of those "studs" rips your heart out and stomps on it for the umteenth time you'll wish you didn't think they were all that. Live and learn, been there done that.. now it's your choice.. I hope Tom Jones has many years of great entertainment in him because than man can certainly sing even after all these years. A classic that I cannot think of anyone these days who even compares - wrinkles and all. Gee, he's 67 - who knew Tom would be human and age?

2605 days ago

Baby-f***ers come as no surprise    

Hey, this man looks pretty hot for about 70...not as good 20 years ago (tho I hardly recall, being a young child at the time,) when he covered Prince's "Kiss," but he's held up well...

2605 days ago


LOVE him, LOVE him...always have, always will. He looks great! I am only 38 BTW, but have always thought he was awesome.

2605 days ago


I have seen Tom Jones perform many, many times and he is the consummate performer. When he is onstage sharing that glorious voice, his persona overshadows any wrinkles or dyed hair he may have. He is damned right sexy on stage and there are women in the audience from 20 to 90 who still love him. Sexy at this age??? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but charisma is ageless. This man has it in buckets. Remember you 20 somethings....we are all going to the same direction and you will be wrinkled and gray someday.....but will you have nearly 100 million dollars in the bank and still have strangers want to be in the same room with you privately if just for a moment?? Rock on still got it.

2605 days ago

Lady Manhattan    

I saw him last October in concert. It wouldn't matter if he looked like Lordi, he still has a solid, bulletproof charisma, the voice plus he truly can shake that ass!! And if you look back what he used to be in the 1970's, you'll quickly understand who is the of the godfather of cool. Rock on Boyo!

2605 days ago


This guy cannot sing! He never could.....he makes humming sounds when he runs out of lyrics.

2605 days ago


He's been married 50 years because his wife looked the other way
and didn't divorce him. He's been doing everything with a pulse for years!
Great singer, not a great husband.

2605 days ago
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