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Britney Busts Out New Dude?

7/5/2007 2:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Flash! Britney's got a new guy -- or has she decided to hire a no-neck chauffeur? Who's that guy?

The wrecktabulous pop mom looked nearly demure -- for her -- while catching a ride to a 4th of July activity. Her stubby-armed stubbly friend took the wheel, allowing Brit time to make a few calls and adjust her makeup and "My Little Pony" training weave.


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so b/c she 'shares' custody of her children and only has them 3 days a week, that means she doesn't want them? why do people assume she doesnt take care or want her children? now if she had them all the time and he had no custody, they would be slamming him for being a dead-beat, but he has half custody of the children, so now she's a slob who doesn't take care of her kids or want them b/c she only has them three days a week ... it doesnt excuse her horrible wardrobe option and the flesh shots, but it doesnt mean shes a bad mother...

2665 days ago


Hey #2 - he was both!!!

2665 days ago


Hey Brit- Ever thought of staying home and maybe.....oh, I don't know....BEING A GOOD PARENT??? At first I thought K-Fed was a complete loser and should not have those boys. However, it looks like he is turning out to be the more responsible one of the two of you. In other words, he is the lesser of two evils. Either way, those boys are probably going to turn out like Sean Stewart and that horrible Spelling spawn. We need more dead weights like them in this world. NOT!

2665 days ago


I hope she's gonna be there when he fights Apollo Creed?

2665 days ago


wow, i thought elliot gould was dead..............

2665 days ago


hEY DEBBIE IF U HATE HER SO MUCH WHY ARE U ON ALL THE BLOGS ABOUT BRIT??? DONT GO TO TALKING TRASH ABOUT ANNA EITHER SHE IS DEAD AND GONE AND PPL MADE FUN OF HER ALL THE TIME I ACTUALLY MISS ANNA CAUSE SHE ALWAYS MADE ME LAUGH NO MATTER WHAT I WAS GOING THRU IN MY REAL LIFE. I am afraid for brittney i hope she gets some prof help and does not wind up like Anna Nicole ............ One Tragedy for 07 when Anna died was enough .......Please Brittney stop worrying about these stupid fake ass ppl on the blogs get well so u can take care of your kids .....I am a fan of yours too...

2665 days ago


lou ferrigno and elliot gould had a son?!? who knew?!

2665 days ago


Ok he is like Uber COOL........not. I have to think this is NOT a date.........

2665 days ago

just asking    

Driving Under the Influence of Fame

The famous—Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nichole Richie, Mel Gibson, Ty Pennington, Vivica A. Fox, Tracy Morgan, Haley Joel Osment, Michelle Rodriguez, George Michael, Ray Liotta, Mike Tyson, rap artist Eve and players in the NFL, NBA and MLB—all have one thing in common: driving under the influence. And the public outcry over Hilton’s release and reincarceration only underscores the fact that—famous or not—the nation wants something to be done about it. Find out what MADD has to say and the simple solution that could put an end to drunk driving.

In the last year, a great number of celebrities and high-profile sports figures have been arrested for committing drunk driving offenses. Among them, Paris Hilton has gotten the most attention—and public outrage. And for good reason.

Hilton has not taken responsibility for the fact she drank before getting behind the wheel, drove on a suspended drivers’ license and then appealed to the governor for leniency in her sentence for that offense. MADD believes she should accept full responsibility for her actions, especially since a vast young audience is watching her every move.

MADD also believes that Hilton should have an alcohol ignition interlock installed on her car so that she cannot drive drunk again. In fact, through our Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving, we are advocating for an ignition interlock to be placed on every car for all convicted drunk drivers.

The reason why people continue to drive drunk is because they can. And Hilton is a good example. She, like many others who have had their license suspended, continue to drive. Ignition interlocks would put an end to this as an interlock device prevents the car from being started if a measurable amount of alcohol is in the driver’s system. Courts across the country are too lenient on those who drive on suspended licenses due to drunk driving. In addition to jail time, fines and other sanctions, MADD would like to see at least a one-year interlock provision for those who drive on suspended licenses.

Armed with new data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which shows that drunk driving fatalities are higher than they have been in 15 years, MADD’s National Board met with Congressional leaders in June to ask them for an increased focus on drunk driving across the nation and to support MADD's Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving. In addition to ignition interlocks on all convicted drunk driver vehicles, the Campaign also calls for the exploration of new technologies to prevent a vehicle from being driven by someone who is drunk as well as increased enforcement and public support.

2665 days ago


Is his first name Cro and his last name Magnon?

2664 days ago

Must suck to be TMZ!    

What in the HELL is WRONG with you people? This poor bodyguard/driver of hers gets caught in a photo, and everyone is jumping to conclusions. Tell me, how IS it being so perfectly beautiful and without a single flaw on your body to be able to sit there and run someone into the ground? At least this man has a JOB, and not some criminal in jail, sucking up the taxpayers money.

Who CARES what he looks like - beauty may be skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone, and I have seen a LOT of ugly on this board tonight.

Granted, someone needs to just take Britney and smack her upside her head until her teeth rattle and MAYBE she will get some sense into her and be a mother to those 2 boys, especially in these crucial formative years. And I am beginning to think that perhaps Kevin WOULD be the better parent to those 2 boys!

2664 days ago


Imagine having to live Brit and the dude in the car. Two morons with wigs. I can hear myself saying. Duh, I wonder who they are ?

2664 days ago

team bridget    

what a ho bag skank! wish she's burn those 2 tone boots, they gotta smell like ass by now, nevermind who the hell wears boots in the summer????? she needs to move to arkansa
or mississippi back woods, she'd fit right in............AND we wouldnt have to see the bitch anymore

2664 days ago



People need to stop jumping to conclusions.

1) How do you know that is Britany?
2) Have you ever thought that the guy could be just a friend or family member?

You need to stop the rumors NOW!!! Yes...we all agree that she is a terrible person and made A LOT of mistakes in the portion of her life that she has lived. But haven't you ever heard of the little thing called giving people a second chance? After she got out of rehab she needed a lot of support that nobody would give her. She is still a human being and she deserves the same amount of respet that you would want. I for one, feel really bad for her. Everybody makes mistakes, right? How would you like it if one day people thought they could tell you how to run your life? Or if they decided to start all sorts of stuff about you just to make themselves feel better? Or if they were immaturly cruel about their choice of words and actions? This needs to be put to a stop. Leave Britany alone already. She has too much going on in her life and she doesn't need rude, disrespectful people in it. She has already lost her kids basicly, lost her husband, and probably her family too. Now, she needs all her support from the public. And right now all she is getting is smack from you. Get over yourselves and do something good for a change. Stop all of this. Not about just Britany, but everybody. People are so hurtful and rude these days that I am ashamed. So, go out there today and have a gossip free day. And if I were you and just read this, I would take the advice. If you don't then it's your choice and your probably one of the people who try and get pictures of Britany. Please make the RIGHT choice and treat people the way that you would want to be treated.

2664 days ago

Stupid Girl    

Im not thinking Britney can make a come back. Everyone in the world now knows how Wacky she is. She will never have that Pop Princess Status she used to have. WIth every stupid move she makes she is ruining her image past its breaking point. Im sure this ape looking guy is just a driver or body guard. He is hard to look at. This is not the guy that saved her from dropping her baby. She is not taking her image seriously. Shes hard headed and very imature. You would think with someone with as much money as she has and as much of the world as she has seen that she would at least have commen sence.... she doesnt even have that. I have always like Britney, but she is just DUMB!!!!

2664 days ago
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