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Britney -- I Ain't Got No Mama No More

7/5/2007 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Britney Spears delivered those legal papers to her mom Lynne last week, as TMZ first reported, she also delivered a stinging message along with them -- in verse form.

In the poem, according to Star (via MSNBC), Spears says that she "didn't have a mom anymore" and that she "couldn't imagine a mother doing what she did to her child." Brit was reportedly livid that Lynne kept in contact with her ex Kevin Federline after their divorce. Star reports that a private investigator recorded conversations between K-Fed and Grandma Spears, including one in which Lynne arranges to meet Fed-Ex and the kids behind Brit's back.

Paris Is Just "Looking Out" for All of Us

Paris Hilton took to her MySpace page yesterday to wish her fans a happy 4th of July, and to give them a little advice – "Remember to be responsible and have a designated driver!"

The heiress, just returned from her post-jail trip to Hawaii, thanked fans for their support, and said she's trying real, real hard to get back to everyone who wrote her. "I am doing my best to respond to each and everyone (sic) with the letter I wrote," she says. (Which letter is that? Like this one?)

Hilton might not have been taking her own advice about being responsible, as she was spotted yesterday at a party at famous frenemy Lindsay Lohan's beach house in Malibu.

Diddy's Baby Mama Moves Out -- Again

We all know how this movie ends, don't we? P. Diddy's longtime girlfriend and mother of three of his kids -- model Kim Porter -- has had enough, reports Page Six, and she's moving to Beverly Hills with the kids. There were reports of a rift earlier this year when Diddy was spotted hanging with Sienna Miller until all hours in NYC and in London, but Porter stood by him. With new evidence of another Diddy-Sienna hookup last week, Porter's apparently had enough. A source says that P and Porter "can't be together right now," suggesting some wiggle room for yet another reconciliation.

Party Favors: No More Free Ride from Fitty ... Jacko Moving to Maryland? ... Chestnutt Smokes Kobayashi at Nathan's

50 Cent has been shelling out for just about everyone and their mother (and second cousin) at his label G-Unit Records, but that's all about to end, he tells XXL magazine (via Rush & Molloy). He spent over $8 million of his own green just to take care of everyone's entourage on his last tour, but no more. Especially because none of his people are even wearing G-Unit gear! ... Michael Jackson is decamping from Las Vegas and heading to ever-glamorous ... Maryland? His reps confirm that he's leaving Vegas and looking for properties on the Eastern Shore. ... Joey Chestnutt took the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in convincing fashion yesterday, downing 66 hot-dogs-and-buns in 12 minutes, whereas longtime champ Takeru Kobayashi inhaled just 63.


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Is it Just me?    

Please get better Britters, those children need you and when you do get better your mother will still love you...thats what mothers do.

2606 days ago


I'm so fed up with the whole Brit and mom spat --- Put it like this - Everyone at one time or another gets upset with their mother - for being a mother. This little trainwreck should be thanking her lucky stars that her mom cared enough about her to get her into rehab. She should also be thankful that her kids have not YET been taken away from her. As a mother and daughter I am just amazed at what an ass Brit has made of herself. What are the kids gonna say when they grow up and realize what their mother has done? Their mother has no class and THEY will be the ones who have issues with THEIR MOM!

2606 days ago


To all of you haters:

Go back to Perez Hilton's blog. Britney rules.

2606 days ago

Oh Please    


I am not a hater at all. I feel bad for Britney and she needs professional help now. She is going to lose her children or something drastic is going to happen to her. I really fear for her life and it is so obvious she is going off the deep end. I miss the old Britney and don't recognize this new Britney at all.

2606 days ago


Lila, I'm doin your boyfriend.

2606 days ago


MSNBC reports Britney said, ‘Here Momma, I just wanted to see your face,’” . “Then she got into her car and drove off. Lynne went into the trailer and broke down in tears" Also they reported that “Kevin told Lynne that he had everything under control,” adds the source. “He was just going to let Britney hang herself in court.”
Britney is a big mess right now but I think she is a good person and I just want to hug her and say GIRL, Sing Toxic, LOL!

2606 days ago


what is diddy's talent again, I mean besides making babies with women he doesn't care enough about to marry? Classy guy that diddy.

2606 days ago

Oh Please    

Puff Daddy, Diddy, Sean Combs and no one special. Stop making babys for awhile and get a life!!!!!

2606 days ago


Lynne wanted to see the kids? What a horrible grandmother :P Britney really doesn't GET that she was (still is?) a freakin trainwreck... Wonder if anyone did any drug tests on the hair that she shaved off. If she's mad about rehab, and feels she didn't need to be there, that scares me more... That means she didn't have an alcohol or drug problem and was still freakin nuts. At least the family cares for the children, because they'll be the ones getting screwed over because Mommy Britney is a self-centered nutjob.

2606 days ago


Britney: You are a whore. Quit blaming others (i.e.-Your Mother!!!!) for the things you have done. I hope your children are taken away from you, as you are not fit to raise them. Please, please take your nasty self and go away.

P.S. Why do you always look like you have not bathed in weeks? Take some of your money and invest it in soap and Pro-Active you sow!

2606 days ago


Paris sure did lie on Larry King !!! It was nothing but obvious !! All her bible thumping was a big joke !! It was part of the act,,,but it just didn't go over....When Larry King asked her what her favorite passage of the bible was, she was stumped and couldn't come up with an answer...She was probably wondering what a passage was !!

As far a Brittany is concerned, she is one big loser !! Number one, she had no right to even have children...She, herself, has never grown up and she has been totally embarassing on any talk show she has done, that baby voice, chomping on gum like a cow and she wants to be respected and treated as an adult....Nope, she's a loser....Her babies act more grown up than her !!!!

2606 days ago


all joking aside, I truly feel bad for Britney .......seems every aspect of her life is chaos.....that's got to wear one down.

2606 days ago


and my word.. How big of a loser is PDiddy? Why can't he use PROTECTION ..a condom.. birth control. Why does he feel the need to repopulate a small african city? He is an arrogant, narcisstic, no talent, selfish, womanzing, misogynist piece of garbage. He has ZERO talent, period.

But Kim Porter knew what she was getting into when she started dating him-- so, I only feel sorry for her to a small degree. She brought those kids into this world with that POS as a father.

Don't worry about her though.. With three of Diddys kids, she will be making @ LEAST 60k/month in child support, but I guarantee it will be more than that.

2606 days ago


Stop with the bs Brittney your trying to pull another Anna NicoleSmith .You tried when she was in the public with her death and tried to steal the show with the bald head thing . Now get a life and take care of your kids . You'll never be what you were in the early days of your music , and how you got that far i'll never know you can't even sing.It was all back-up singers.You sound like ALVIN AND THE CHIP MONKS.Your mother is probably protecting your kids because your a nut case.

2606 days ago


Wow, what a horrible grandmother. Trying to see her grandkids and all. What will she do next? Call them? Buy them ice cream? The nerve.

2606 days ago
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