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Britney -- I Ain't Got No Mama No More

7/5/2007 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Britney Spears delivered those legal papers to her mom Lynne last week, as TMZ first reported, she also delivered a stinging message along with them -- in verse form.

In the poem, according to Star (via MSNBC), Spears says that she "didn't have a mom anymore" and that she "couldn't imagine a mother doing what she did to her child." Brit was reportedly livid that Lynne kept in contact with her ex Kevin Federline after their divorce. Star reports that a private investigator recorded conversations between K-Fed and Grandma Spears, including one in which Lynne arranges to meet Fed-Ex and the kids behind Brit's back.

Paris Is Just "Looking Out" for All of Us

Paris Hilton took to her MySpace page yesterday to wish her fans a happy 4th of July, and to give them a little advice – "Remember to be responsible and have a designated driver!"

The heiress, just returned from her post-jail trip to Hawaii, thanked fans for their support, and said she's trying real, real hard to get back to everyone who wrote her. "I am doing my best to respond to each and everyone (sic) with the letter I wrote," she says. (Which letter is that? Like this one?)

Hilton might not have been taking her own advice about being responsible, as she was spotted yesterday at a party at famous frenemy Lindsay Lohan's beach house in Malibu.

Diddy's Baby Mama Moves Out -- Again

We all know how this movie ends, don't we? P. Diddy's longtime girlfriend and mother of three of his kids -- model Kim Porter -- has had enough, reports Page Six, and she's moving to Beverly Hills with the kids. There were reports of a rift earlier this year when Diddy was spotted hanging with Sienna Miller until all hours in NYC and in London, but Porter stood by him. With new evidence of another Diddy-Sienna hookup last week, Porter's apparently had enough. A source says that P and Porter "can't be together right now," suggesting some wiggle room for yet another reconciliation.

Party Favors: No More Free Ride from Fitty ... Jacko Moving to Maryland? ... Chestnutt Smokes Kobayashi at Nathan's

50 Cent has been shelling out for just about everyone and their mother (and second cousin) at his label G-Unit Records, but that's all about to end, he tells XXL magazine (via Rush & Molloy). He spent over $8 million of his own green just to take care of everyone's entourage on his last tour, but no more. Especially because none of his people are even wearing G-Unit gear! ... Michael Jackson is decamping from Las Vegas and heading to ever-glamorous ... Maryland? His reps confirm that he's leaving Vegas and looking for properties on the Eastern Shore. ... Joey Chestnutt took the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in convincing fashion yesterday, downing 66 hot-dogs-and-buns in 12 minutes, whereas longtime champ Takeru Kobayashi inhaled just 63.


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Britney's parental rights should be taken away. She's made too many screw ups and has too many issues. Those boys shouldn't have to suffer because of it. If she thinks her mom is a bad mother, what in the hell does that make her?! She's a lunatic! What she doesn't realize is, her boys WILL know the truth someday. She can fool them for a while, but not forever. I don't think they'll appreciate her removing a sane, loving, protective figure in their life ...her mother. Their own grandmother. Had she not been forced to get help, those boys might have ended up in foster care or much worse. Thank God her mother cares, because she certainly doesn't! At all!

2665 days ago

enough already    

Britney is a train wreck. Her mom is just trying to keep a sense of stability for the kids. I never thought I'd say this but Kevin is proving to be the better parent. Britney is to self absorbed and childish to raise kids. She can't even raise herself. Her career is over, she should really stop partying and shopping cuz pretty soon she'll be out of $$ as well.

2665 days ago


Brittany is for the most part...OVER .. her talent is gone....her normal thinking processes are gone...and she needs to leave Hollywood and go home with the kids ...take a long long break...and THINK.....I'm sure she has more money than she can spent in one life time.......SO, Brittany go home to the people who love you and say good bye to hollywood...!

2665 days ago



2665 days ago

BOEING 787    

Britney Spears has really gone of the deep end, she need to get back on her meds, she
needs to cancel her portion of the concert, her lipsynching is a disgrace to the other tallents on stage, she needs to stop being surounded by her onterage of yes-men but
that won't change her guards routinely beat up papz.and her adoring fans. Her mother
was right to suggest that K-Fed keep the children. Britney has already demonstrated,
that she can't take care of her children, and in fact has posed a danger to her children,
bad high-chair, and driving with kid in her lap at a high speed, no seat belt, and there is
no doubt that with her mental condition she still poses a danger to her children. Britney's
talent capital is no more, she is the only artist that lipsynches, does not care, and does a bad job of it, she has squandered her talent that she had and does not care, nor does she care for her fans, nor does she care for those who love her like her family. Her father
is right she is a sick little girl, and she is surounded by bad people.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I am glad to see Paris Hilton take responsibility and put a PSA on her My Space page
advising people particularly young women that follow her to get a designated driver,
this may in fact save lives even though it may not sound like it would from her critics.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
RE. P. Diddy; Theres no relationship if it's going of and on again, it's a bad relationship
and it's best to brake up for good.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Jacko to Maryland? he will just sleep with boys there, only because he can't get a fifty foot
walking statue of himself shooting green lazers from his eyes at aircraft, danger to pilots? yes. Congrats Joey Chestnutt! 50 RE.50 Cent; I guess things are changing, I hope things turn out well in the end.

2665 days ago





2665 days ago


Tapping phone lines is a federal offense. Does anyone really believe that a PI would risk going to jail and losing his career for Britney? I don't buy this story.

2665 days ago


It is true that none of us know all the facts of what is going on with Britney...However, all we really need to do is look at what she chooses to show the public from day to day and it speaks for itself. It is terribly sad. There is simply no excuse for her immoral displays of attention seeking behavior. No excuse whatsoever! If she wants to be respected, she needs to act respectfully. It is the ultimate act of immaturity to disrespect her mom in the way that she is. One only needs to look at the intent of anothers behavior to see the truth...Lynne cares very much about Britney...and very much for her grandchildren. One of the hardest things about parenting is doing the right thing despite knowing that your child is going hate you. Children cannot appreciate that when it is happening....and yes Britney is a child more than she is an adult at this point. She lacks the maturity needed to make healthy adult decisions, take care of herself, and most especially be a good parent that her children so deserve. I speculate that Lynne's heart is breaking right now. Her beloved daughter is in danger. She is self destructing...ruining her reputation, neglecting her health, creating a legacy that she will most certainly be ashamed of someday when her children are old enough to Google their mom's name, behaving irrationally, humiliating the family, etc.,etc.. Grandchildren are treasures...not pawns. Britney is using the children as a method of revenge. God sees all of this Britney! It especially pains me when I hear Britney, once again, using God for basphomus purposes.....If she really is praying for her mom, I pray that Britney herself is convicted and hears our Savior reminding her that we are to love one another and honor our mothers. She needs to learn that life is not about her! Generally, when we are extremely angry with another person, there tends to be a thread of truth in the issue and we in fact have similar issues ourselves. The things we so hate about ourselves are exactly the things we choose to criticize others for. My personal opinion, based on what I see Britney doing, is that she is battling mental illness....I do not believe that she has recovered from post-patrum depression and/or she may be completely irrational because of medication she is on. I have experienced these heart goes out to her. Sadly, it is the people who love us the most who try to help...when you are not thinking clearly, you push those people away. This is why it may be perfectly understandable that Lynne must maintain a good relationship with Kevin because they must put the well-being of the children first and foremost. If Britney continues to behave in the manner that she is choosing, and showing nothing but anger and disrespect toward those who have her childrens best interest at heart, a good judge will not allow her to have custody. At this point, it may be a blessing for both her and her children. She may not have liked the "tough love" that apparently sent her to rehab...but she is going to learn the hard way that if she does not get well and start to act responsibly, she will lose her children. And it will not be bacause Kevin is a "loser" and that Lynne is a "backstabbing" will all completely rest on Britney's choices. I have been praying that she could turn this around because children need responsible, caring, attentive, loving mom's. However, it may be part of God's plan to allow her to fail, hit bottom, and lose her precious children. Brittney...God never gives up on you! He is there for you...waiting for you to love Him enough to listen, repent and do the right thing. In general, people are loving and can be healthy can be secure in the love of your can know the pure joy of being a mother...and you can once again be successful. The past is the past. You may never know success as it once was...but you may find something new and beautiful. We would love to celebrate with you! I say all this with much love, prayers, and hope. :)

2665 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

I will miss all of you and the funny, sometimes brash (myself included) posts on the TMZ site for "Anything Paris", but I'm ready to hang it up now.

I have decided her AIR-ASS is last weeks news and doesn't deserve anymore attention or the time it takes to pound a comment on the keyboard about her.

Think I will just wait until she goes to jail again (and it will happen sooner than later) and then I'll read "All About It" on TMZ. Maybe by then, Harvey won't be one of the Hilton's Hired Help and will be over doing his PR work for that dysfunctional family.

Actually, I had installed "smell a screen" on my 'puter and the stench coming from that last "crotch shot" of her AIR-ASS has been making me ill.

Bye all - it's been fun - the Media might keep her AIR-ASS in the limelight, but I'm putting the lime in my drink and turning out my light on this lying, ignorant, delusional, self absorbed woman.

2665 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

What a d*** broad. Her mom looked after her interests while she was in the hokey.
Why did her mom have to ask Kevin to see Britney's kids???.....Yeah, I thought so. Next...

2665 days ago
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