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Diddy -- Better Late Than Never

7/5/2007 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy rocked the Hamptons Tuesday night -- but he didn't even make his grand entrance until 2:45 AM!

TMZ cameras were at Whitehouse, where Diddy was scheduled to make a promotional appearance. The self-proclaimed Bad Boy rolled in with his crew in the wee hours, though the crowd didn't seem to mind his late arrival. Can't nobody hold him down!

Also spotted in NYC over the holiday: Paris Hilton wannabe Natalie Reid, who was at WhiteHouse in a barely there black dress, and Kelly Osbourne, who was looking Muppetesque with her Manic Panic pink hair.

Across the country in L.A., TMZ was at a non-Paris Hiltoncentric 4th of July party in Malibu, where David Weintraub was caught frolicking with ladies in the surf and Sean Stewart showed off his coin slot. Also driving by was Pamela Bach, who was partying with her girlfriends.

All this and more in today's liberty edition of Star Catcher.


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Zenophobe Alien    

Egotistical bastard

2576 days ago


I hate this over hyped butt nugget.

2576 days ago


Yep, my day is complete now, knowing what ol' Diddy was up to last night!

2576 days ago


There's noway that all of these "celebs" can hang out at these hours if they're not on some type of "uppers" like cocaine maybe?

2576 days ago

BOEING 787    

Ahh leave him alone.

2576 days ago


Diddy is a has been. 'Nuf said.

2576 days ago


I caught Diddy's performance on the Concert For Diana. I think this guy needs to stick to leeching off other people's talents so he can keep having his extravaganzas.

2576 days ago


#2--What else do these idiots have to do during the day? They stay up all night partying and sleep most of the day because they do not have a regular 9 to 5 job. Ironically, if people all over would finally come to the realization that these idiots are over paid and over promoted and stop buying their merchandise or supporting them maybe they would stop acting all godlike.

When it's all said and done--who really gives a crap about these people? I come on TMZ just because I'm bored at work and get a good laugh at how STUPID these people really are.

Think about it--how many of them are really doing something with their life? When they are dead how are they going to be remembered? Paris Hilton--porno/sex tape maker, Lindsay Lohan--drunk & drug head, Britney Spears--nutball who shaved her head, and the list can go on and on and on.

2576 days ago


Missed the part about Natalie Reid...ok which one of you guys is in love with her? C'mon, fess up.
Who is Kelly Osbourne?

2576 days ago


To be honest....what are any of us going to be really known for???? Doubt anyone on this website is making world changes, feeding the poor, curing aids/cancer etc.

2576 days ago


Playa-haters in here, wow, so much hatred and contempt for Diddy.
The guy is a freaking entertainer people, please stop hating, at least he's got several albums to his name and a very solid fashion line surpassing so many others in sales and his perfume is the best one out there now receiving awards from the perfume int body assoc.
STOP hating please and give him the props he deserves. I don't want to think or believe he is being hated upon because of the color of his skin.

2576 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

They keep him around for the humor. Puff Diddy or who is he now? Always changes like a chameleon. Very entertaining. I guess

2576 days ago

solid snake    

diddy was only relevant when biggie smalls was still ' he is a nobody douchebag

2576 days ago


Another no talent retard. What's his music called? Is that Rap or better yet Crap?

2576 days ago


#13 Oro--Give me a freakin break! Did anyone mention race??? Got to throw the stupid race card and start crap. Not playa haten over here, just stating a fact: most celebrities are more hype than substance, hell half of them can't even talk right--sound like complete idiots.

BTW--I'm also black.

2576 days ago
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