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Diddy -- Better Late Than Never

7/5/2007 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy rocked the Hamptons Tuesday night -- but he didn't even make his grand entrance until 2:45 AM!

TMZ cameras were at Whitehouse, where Diddy was scheduled to make a promotional appearance. The self-proclaimed Bad Boy rolled in with his crew in the wee hours, though the crowd didn't seem to mind his late arrival. Can't nobody hold him down!

Also spotted in NYC over the holiday: Paris Hilton wannabe Natalie Reid, who was at WhiteHouse in a barely there black dress, and Kelly Osbourne, who was looking Muppetesque with her Manic Panic pink hair.

Across the country in L.A., TMZ was at a non-Paris Hiltoncentric 4th of July party in Malibu, where David Weintraub was caught frolicking with ladies in the surf and Sean Stewart showed off his coin slot. Also driving by was Pamela Bach, who was partying with her girlfriends.

All this and more in today's liberty edition of Star Catcher.


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When you talk of stealing/leeching off other people talents, isn't that what all record producers, agents, managers do? If it weren't for people like Diddy half the people on their record labels would be unknowns now, rather than multi-millionaires. I know some are worse than others, but still, that's the name of the game in the recording industry.

2632 days ago

Amy Silverman    

WHO IS THIS LOSER & WHY is he is The Hamptom's GROSS!!!!!!!!

2632 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Shouldn't the TMZ tagline filed under be " Starcrapper " ? Sounds more in line with content . Just asking .

2632 days ago


Pretentious bore! Yawn.

2632 days ago


Someone please explain to me why the race card is always thrown into the pit. P-Diddy is not as grand as the media wants you to believe. Personally, I think he needs to hang it up, if you suck, you just suck and race has nothing to do with it. He only made it big because of hanging onto the coat tail of Biggy Smalls and J Lo. Most of the rappers don't put back into their communities when they make it, some tend to forget from which they came. And for Brijett who wanted to know if any of us was doing something positive for the world.....are you? Most of us can't cure cancer, or feed a nation, However, I do feel that most of us have done something positive to help another, which is just as important. I don't think anyone is checkng off who is doing a better job.

2632 days ago


if you polled people then you would probably find out that most people would rather take a very large s-h-i-t and look at it and find it very interesting rather than look at diddy. I know i would.
The whole sunglasses thing is so dead. Sort of like him.
I would vomit razor blades before I would ever let this poser show up at my club.

2632 days ago

haf devil    

how did p diddy do lopez? did he go through the back door? front door? did he have to knock before coming in? whadda?

2632 days ago

Ms. Realty    

This is all entertainment. Why do we get so worked up about the people we make into stars? Diddy, is no exception. If you don't like him, then don't buy his records. If you think he is ugly, then turn the TV channel when he appears on your screen. Yes, he has sampled quite a bit of other people's records, but that's entertainment. Do we really believe that Elvis made up all of his songs? HELL NO! But, who cares. He did what he was born to do...entertain.

This is not a black/white issue. I hate racist that use forums such as this to express simple thoughts and opinions and make it into a racial thing. For your information, we wouldn't be here, if your ancestors didn't decide they were superior and they needed to rule over human beings. However, we are here now...and you live on the land that my ancestors built. I rather you just said thank you.

2632 days ago


I dont like P.Diddy nor have I ever bought any of the products he has his name attached to. I do have to admit that he is a brilliant businessman, He is out there promoting himself and getting us to talk about him. Isnt that whhat your supposed to do as a celebrity, I do think he got famous because of Biggie, and I am ok with that. If all the people on this site had that same oppurtunity and parlayed it into a multi-million dollar portfolio , I am sure they wouldnt be here badmouthing this guy. As far as the race card is concerned, YES we had slavery, Yes it was wrong, Its over now, and anyway black people were the ones who sold black people to us anyway.

2632 days ago


Robert Oates, seek help honey. Immediately, if not sooner. And buy a dictionary too.

2632 days ago


Can he close his lips? Does he think it is sexy to walk around with his mouth hanging open. Wonder if he dribbles? Maybe the lips are just too big to close.

2631 days ago


Self-proclaimed bad boy?? If he's bad, none of us have anything to worry about. What a clown.

2631 days ago

The Expatriot    

Diddy. Interesting name. What does he do again?

2631 days ago


You can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the man. Hours late???? That's simply unacceptable....I don't give a flip who he thinks he is.

2631 days ago


He is such a DISGUSTING PIG!!!

2631 days ago
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