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Duff's Stuff

Not Enough

7/5/2007 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While playing hostess at an Independence Day beach party, Hilary Duff decided to show some of her slick moves as an athlete -- er, sorta.

The falling star ended up kissing the sand during an attempt to save a point ... not her best move!

Perhaps her wrist bangles were too restrictive?


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Look at the Cheese on those legs.

How old is she; fifty?


2636 days ago


I will never see Duff the same way again after seeing her in a bikini in that Shape Magazine shoot! Meow!

2636 days ago


#4 and #5 (Dee) - It's more like what was he thinking with? Nicole is nasty, nasty, nasty. You know he probably only went out with her because she puts out. Now, he's stuck with the skank. That's OK though. I'm sure HIllary can do better than him.

2636 days ago

G Skinner    

Probably caused by the 20 lbs. of lame bracelets on her left arm, get a clue!!!

2636 days ago

Whippet Good    

Why the heck are these girls wearing BLACK to a 4th of July picnic? I assume it was pretty hot wherever they were celebrating. Very strange.
Hilary Duff is totally cool, by the way.

2636 days ago


I love of the few normal people out there! And she doesn't need a so sick of seeing all these people in hollywood with fake tans and fake hair, etc!!

It's nice to see that she is playing volleyball and not just standing there like most of the other young celebs would be doing because they don't want to ruin their appearance!! Go Hil, you rock!

It still shocks me that this is a headline story on tmz....a little bizarre!

2636 days ago


She can't even go to the beach without wearing tons of bangles and pounds of makeup!

2635 days ago

Max Myaskovskiy (Hilary's Ex-Stalker)    

Hello! This is Max Myaskovskiy, Hilary's stalker from last year. Anyway, I just dropped in to say that I am now living in Staten Island,NY, I have been out of jail for six months now, and I am currently serving five years on probation and even though I never meant any harm to Hilary, I also have to stay at least 500 yards away from her for the next ten years in the USA.
As for my feelings for Hilary, they remain unchanged and I still retain the great hope that one day, she will have a change of heart over me, will drop her restraining order against me, and will also want to meet me and marry me after the start of a highly fruitful relationship. In regards to Hilary's 4th of July outing in Malibu, California with friends Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado as well as her sister Haylie Duff, I would just like to say that if things had worked out differently between us, I would have been giving Hilary a piggyback ride, swimming with her in the Pacific Ocean, playing beach volleyball, and would have been playfully "buried in the sand" rather than that paparazzo dude that was caught on camera getting "such lavish treatment". As for her black bikini outfit, off course she looked marvelous in it as she does in any outfit that she wears.
In regards to all her security and management personnel as well as her legal team, I still harbor the greatest bitterness and resentment towards them for what they did to me and how they tried to completely destroy the great dream of my life and keep me from being with my dearly beloved, sweetheart and love of my life, Hilary Duff.l will never forgive them for such past indignities but as for the future, I hope they can summon enough common sense in their heads to realize that I am no real threat but just an eager and a highly infatuated, obsessed, fixated, and emotionally attached fan and fanatic of hers who just wants an opportunity to make his dreams into reality and make the whole world all the better for it.

P.S. I will be visitng more frequently during the next several weeks so don't worry: I will be able to answer any and all of your questions to the best of my ability.

2623 days ago


OH LORD ! hilaryfan1, Nichole got prego with Joels kid. How can you do it on purpose ? It takes two-too tango!!!!

2615 days ago


She's pretty much the best.

2614 days ago
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