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Lilo -- Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Bro Gone?!

7/5/2007 10:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan had a minor scare yesterday in Malibu when she lost track of younger brother Dakota at a beach party.

TMZ cameras were outside the Polaroid Beach House, which was holding a party for the 4th all day yesterday, when a bikini-wearing Linds came running onto the beach to find her brother. Though she quickly spotted him surfing with some older guys a couple houses down (whew!), Lindsay and her sister Ali frantically ran through the sand to get to him as paparazzi closed in on the rehab resident.

After a minor chiding from big sis in front of all the cameras, Dakota and the rest of the Lohan clan hoofed it back to the Polaroid House, where LiLo watched her brother surf -- from the security of the balcony.


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can you say this is gonna be a pattern for them back to rehab and back to jail i guess this is their version of being lowkeyed they are just stupid girls

2669 days ago


Checking her nose for contraband 2 or 3 times does not a sober girl make.

2669 days ago

Dr. M    

she spells her name - L I N D S A Y -

Maybe her mom told her to go get her little brother (time for lunch) -

I have an older sister and little brothers can be a "pain" -

U R looking good Lindsay (physically) -

H20 / H20 / H20 (64 oz. minimum per day) -
i told u this 2 years ago (along with the oj 4 the cigs)

Remember = multi-min/vit and extra "C" (drugs, alcohol and cigs)

Have fun this summer -
Maybe look into the spiritual side of ur being -

Don't worry about the future / don't forget the past -

Nosce Te Ipsum

Peace LindsAy -

Dr. M

2669 days ago

Is it Just me?    

But surely her mother was watching her son????
Heavily laced with sarcasm

2669 days ago

Michael Richards    

I love Lilos lucious ladylumps!

2669 days ago


I really have to wonder why are they all following this trash and paris hilton. There are so much more better things that needs covering on tv yet all they are doing is covering two idiots that does nothing but goes to party and drunk driving. And they are acting like they are avoiding the camera's but that's what they crave.

2669 days ago

Sarah (Los Angeles)    

Ok, I have NEVER posted before, and I am not so innocent on talking some crap about Lindsey, BUT WTF!!!!! I actually felt sorry for her and her family for a minuate... The paps are like freakin' blood hounds!!! That has to be the sickest video that I have seen!! WTF is wrong with you (PAPS)??? Do you have no dignity??? Makes me sick!

2669 days ago

cee cee    

who the f**k wants to live like that????!!!!! You little wannabee starlets, this is a cautionary tale - be careful what you wish for!!! Better to be unknown and live a peaceful life!

2669 days ago


In watching these videos, what amazes me are the "bodyguards" who tell people to back up on a public beach (rolling my eyes...Why does she need one? The only people who endangers these "stars" are themselves and their wreckless lifestyles) . And to her bodyguard, good job in carrying litle bro's surf board. What a job......what a joke.......

2669 days ago


oh do i wanna shart on her friggin chub ass . dang it i gotta jerk me self off right now

2669 days ago

stop the madness    

This bimbo still around?

2669 days ago


Geez! If she wants ANY chance of a semi-normal life, she needs to move out of the country or buy a private island somewhere. Seems to have worked for Johnny Depp and his fame and talent is MUCH greater than Lindsay's. But on the other hand, Depp WANTS a private life. I doubt Lindsay really wants one.

2669 days ago


I thought this chick was in rehab for the 2nd time and taking it seriously? Yet she goes out and HAS to do TWO PARTIES in the same week????
Obviously she is thumbing her nose at Rehab and everyone that is trying to get sober...get over yourself really are messing yourself up and playing games and you are screwing yourself over with the "set up" paparazzi friendly parties.....when you REALLY want to get your act together, it will be honest and everyone will see the difference.....because right now, you are the same "press hungry can't even stay in rahab please don't forget about about me tabloid tard" you were before you went into your so called "SERIOUS REHAB"...

2669 days ago

just asking    

Driving Under the Influence of Fame

The famous—Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nichole Richie, Mel Gibson, Ty Pennington, Vivica A. Fox, Tracy Morgan, Haley Joel Osment, Michelle Rodriguez, George Michael, Ray Liotta, Mike Tyson, rap artist Eve and players in the NFL, NBA and MLB—all have one thing in common: driving under the influence. And the public outcry over Hilton’s release and reincarceration only underscores the fact that—famous or not—the nation wants something to be done about it. Find out what MADD has to say and the simple solution that could put an end to drunk driving.

In the last year, a great number of celebrities and high-profile sports figures have been arrested for committing drunk driving offenses. Among them, Paris Hilton has gotten the most attention—and public outrage. And for good reason.

Hilton has not taken responsibility for the fact she drank before getting behind the wheel, drove on a suspended drivers’ license and then appealed to the governor for leniency in her sentence for that offense. MADD believes she should accept full responsibility for her actions, especially since a vast young audience is watching her every move.

MADD also believes that Hilton should have an alcohol ignition interlock installed on her car so that she cannot drive drunk again. In fact, through our Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving, we are advocating for an ignition interlock to be placed on every car for all convicted drunk drivers.

The reason why people continue to drive drunk is because they can. And Hilton is a good example. She, like many others who have had their license suspended, continue to drive. Ignition interlocks would put an end to this as an interlock device prevents the car from being started if a measurable amount of alcohol is in the driver’s system. Courts across the country are too lenient on those who drive on suspended licenses due to drunk driving. In addition to jail time, fines and other sanctions, MADD would like to see at least a one-year interlock provision for those who drive on suspended licenses.

Armed with new data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which shows that drunk driving fatalities are higher than they have been in 15 years, MADD’s National Board met with Congressional leaders in June to ask them for an increased focus on drunk driving across the nation and to support MADD's Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving. In addition to ignition interlocks on all convicted drunk driver vehicles, the Campaign also calls for the exploration of new technologies to prevent a vehicle from being driven by someone who is drunk as well as increased enforcement and public support.

2669 days ago

Kwame f    

So as the Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, he was charged for DUI and underage drinking in 2004 (he was 19 at the time). But he was lucky he didn't go to jail or loose his endorsements in swimming. He didn't go to rehab but he attended MADD.

2669 days ago
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