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Paris & Lindsay -- Together at Last!

7/5/2007 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One just got out of jail, and the other is still in rehab and could end up in jail -- Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan both hit up the same 4th of July party in Malibu last night. Fireworks indeed!

TMZ cameras spotted the frenemies yesterday, enjoying themselves at a couple of beachside fiestas. Paris had her own party, while LiLo left Promises for the day to go to the Polaroid Beach House -- the houses are next to each other on the same strip of sand.

With a crew of paparazzi snapping shots from a distance -- guess they weren't invited -- Lindsay danced around the balcony of the Polaroid Beach House, where Hilton made a brief cameo to mingle on the porch, before heading back to her own party next door.


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Promises doesn't seem like a very responsible facility. The "guests" seem to be able to come and go as they please. That does not seem like a professional rehab, nor does it seem that patients chances are good for reecovery. I guess even doctors, et al get star struck. My question is why over Lindsay, she's no star, just a troubled and over indulged girl.

2665 days ago


I bet they did each other. 69 rules.

That is so hot.

2665 days ago


Paris is party'n, Lindsay is party'n, so glad to see nothing's changed!

2665 days ago

Proud Howard School Graduate    

Dear Vicky,

Let's remember - Promises is a rehab facility, not a prison! Dispite your misfortune at not being part of the "in crowd" of LiLo/Paris/etc., they are going to have fun (without you!). You have NO IDEA what Promises policies are after completing X-days of rehab, so lay off!

Paris/LiLo/DiLo/Britney/Nicole - hope you all had a wonderful 4th! Your fans (like PHSG) are rooting for all of you! Thank you, tmz, for keeping us posted!

Until next time - Shalom Everyone!

2665 days ago


I was a patient at a rehab facility several years ago, and we were only allowed to leave the building for emergency situations. No patient would have been allowed to leave for a party. Any patients who did leave the grounds were accompanied by staff members and had to give blood and urine samples immediately upon their return to the facility.

There are addicts in rehab facilities right now who are struggling to put their lives back together, and actors who make drug and alcohol addiction seem like a joke do all addicts a disservice. People who want to lead clean, productive lives go to rehab for themselves and for their families, not just for good publicity.

2665 days ago

Dr. Dave from Toronto, Canada    

Paris and Lindsay together?????? Now that's HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!

2665 days ago


#4, u are 100% right. There are people in rehab fighting for their lives. Alcoholics and addicts who, if they don't stop the drinking/drugging RIGHT NOW, literally will die. People with cirrhosis, holes in their nasal cavities leaking CNS fluid from doing too much's very sad b/c some of these people will die..

Celebs like LiLo and Britney that play around in rehab are making a mockery of rehab. Rehab SAVES LIVES, and works if you work it..

2665 days ago


Nice to see that Parisite is hard at work on that home for ex-cons. Since when is someone in rehab for addictions allowed to go to a party where you know there is going to be booze and drugs. What a couple of skanks these two are. They really must think people are naive. Well, at least there ass-kissers are, but then again, most little girls under 15 are.

2665 days ago


RN-what is CNS fluid?

2665 days ago


I see nothing has changed for Paris or Lindsay. Why don't they ever have friends over
to their homes where they can have a quiet non publicity parties? Also Promises sounds
like a very lax re hab facility to me. What kind of sobriety program do they have there?

2665 days ago


this is paris giving back now i know larry king feels like a damn fool for interviewing the lying bitch

2665 days ago

ireland bassinger    

THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH is........ that LITTLE AL GORE THE 3rd is a drug addict who needs to come clean on THE TRUTH.


P.S....and the American public doesn't buy this "oh I'm going to go to rehab" we all know it is a ploy to: a) divert attention away from the "real issue, " and b) an attempt to escape punishment. Let's hope he GETS Paris Hilton's Judge.

2665 days ago


I hate them all..... please I beg go away forever!!!!!!!!!!!

2665 days ago


CNS=central nervous system

the CNS has CFS fluid--cerebrospinal fluid, the fluid that lines and cushions your brain and spinal cord. One patient i know had a chronic runny nose and it was found to be this CSF fluid (too late). She was a coke-addict, only 23 yrs old. She had blown out her nose b/c she could not stop and unfortunately died from complications.

the heart (and nose) does not like the effect of cocaine. remember that.

2665 days ago


What I want to know is this: Did Paris drive herself, and if so, did she have a drink?
It seems to me that Paris is still partying!

As for Lindsey, what kind of rehab place is that? It sounds like a huge waste of big bucks to me!

2665 days ago
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