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Paris & Lindsay -- Together at Last!

7/5/2007 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One just got out of jail, and the other is still in rehab and could end up in jail -- Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan both hit up the same 4th of July party in Malibu last night. Fireworks indeed!

TMZ cameras spotted the frenemies yesterday, enjoying themselves at a couple of beachside fiestas. Paris had her own party, while LiLo left Promises for the day to go to the Polaroid Beach House -- the houses are next to each other on the same strip of sand.

With a crew of paparazzi snapping shots from a distance -- guess they weren't invited -- Lindsay danced around the balcony of the Polaroid Beach House, where Hilton made a brief cameo to mingle on the porch, before heading back to her own party next door.


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oops again!

it's CSF!!! not CFS. CSF= CerebroSpinalFluid

havent had my Starbucks yet :)

2646 days ago


lindsay shouldn't even be AROUND alcohol for at least a year!! at least that's what the REAL rehab places say. she is a joke.

2646 days ago

Proud Howard School Graduate    

nonnie - how in the hell do you know that nothing has changed with Paris and LiLo? YOU DON'T - you simply make assumptions. Go back to the trailer you came from, and spare the rest of us your "insights."

2646 days ago


Howard Graduate,
Is that the name of the high school you attended? Do not put Vicky's opinion down because she is right. A rehab facility is not a prison, but most rehabs do not let patients leave just so they can go to a party. I have been to rehab, a private facility, and I was not allowed that luxury either, most do not. I was finally allowed after several weeks and excellent behavior to have a two hour pass to go to a restaurant right down the street and was in the care of my husband. If I would have came back with any signs of having a drink, I would have been kicked right out the door. Promises does seem a bit lenient on their patients, which are mostly well to do stars. It does make a joke of a real rehab. The only bad thing is at the end, the only person who suffers from this lack of supervision is the patient themselves.

2646 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Who should have expected anything different from these two.

If Lindsay was serious about getting clean - she wouldn't have checked into the "Actors Guild Country Club", she would be sitting her rear end in Betty Ford.

And I can't imagine her "Air-Ass" Parass, having an alcohol, drug free party,

2646 days ago


Lindsay has talent..... Paris has none. The only thing in common these two have is the houses next to each other at the beach! Stop taking pictures of Paris. She is not important, and the drama is over. We wish Lindsay the best as her talent is enjoyable and valuable. with most of America hating her, Paris needs to stop with the 'copy cat' fame and hide.

What is wrong with Promises? Do they give addicts passes? I have never know anyone to allow this within a serious treatment program. !!!!!! Sham on Promises.

2646 days ago


LOOK at linds she thinks she looks good she needs a bath i can smell her from here GROSS

2646 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Wow Paris must have changed..She's wearing a nice summer dress and the other chick looks kinda sleazy..

2646 days ago


Vicky and nonnie are right, Promises is a joke. It's a spa for spoiled rich brats, and morons. You don't frickin leave the rehab, to go to a party. It's just not done.

2646 days ago

Oh Please    

Oh Paris, when will you ever learn? Larry King wasn't too happy with the interview with you. CNN rated it the worst ever!!! You lied right through those beautiful veneers. You are going to help prisoners with a halfway house?Now that is really funny, LOL. We all didn't just fall off the turnip truck sweety. I have yet to see a picture of you in a church. I shouldn't have said that because it will be you next fiasco.

2646 days ago

Dr. M    


Glad to see ur still quick on ur feet -

U R looking good (physically) -

H20 / H20 / H20
Multi-min/vit (Extra vit. C)
(the message doesn't change)

Nosce Te Ipsum

Dr. M

2646 days ago



2646 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Come on you all. Maybe Paris was just quoting Bible verses to ole Linds. LOL

2646 days ago


I want to be exactly like Lindsay. I love her clothes and her money, and she is hot. She can buy anything that she wants bitches.

2646 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

Doubt this will get posted as TMZ screens my stuff - why because I prove they are liars.

So if you see this look at the picture they posted of lindsay looking for her brother - she has a belly button ring in. Now the picture of her and paris at the same party shows no ring and the facial features are off. Come you guys stop being such liars and making things look the way you want to report it.

Liar liars pants on fire.

2646 days ago
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