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Paula Abdul Is Stinking Up the UK

7/5/2007 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Slurring sensation Paula Abdul has taken her sideshow across the pond to try and earn some extra cash while "American Idol" is on hiatus. Sorry blokes!
Paula Abdul
The dazed and confused former popstar has been on a media blitz, peddling her wares all over London. Paula for Posh -- even trade?!

Besides starting her own fragrance line (Eau de Crazy?), Paula has been booked on England's "SNL" knockoff, "Friday Night Project," and their answer to "The View" called "Loose Women." You are home, Paula!

Sources tell TMZ that Paula is also trying to land a UK chat show. First she'll need to learn to speak English!


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Paula is a loser. Nuf said.

2669 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Paula's cool. She's hyperactive, maybe manic when she's exhausted, and sometimes she speaks before she thinks.

You seem fond of women who are do-nothing celebutants going around making sexual displays of themselves, and yet here's a woman who's working apparently 28 hours a day to keep all her projects and businesses afloat.

What maniac scheduled her for a non-stop 40-interview media junket to promote American Idol? Which of you TMZ geniuses can even imagine having the stamina for that? They should have at least broken it in two parts with some rest in between. I'm not surprised she was giggling and saying sillyisms by the end of it.

I think her new perfume will be called "sexy thoughts."

I think she's set financially, any time she wants to call it a day.

Paula just needs to stop letting people take advantage of her time and physical/emotional endurance.

2669 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

I saw Paula's show the other night. The show covered the meltdown she had on a press junket, supposedly from lack of sleep. She clearly said she doesn't do....(she started to say drugs but changed it to say "recreational drugs.") Which confirms what I believed all along...she takes perscription drugs. She has that same slurred sound to her speech that Anna Nicole had, just not as bad. I hope she doesn't dive off the deep end. The sad thing is, the people around her pr guy, are supporting it or are clueless.....he said he is so impressed with how much energy she has....and she only sleeps an hour or two a night! Come on.....the perscription drugs are why she can't sleep!

2669 days ago


Someday, we're gonna look back on the life of Paula Abdul and realize what a shame it all is. She's probably a wonderful Lady who just has a lot of problems. Couple that with our culture's love of looking at celebrity freakshows, and it's a sad commentary.

2669 days ago


you guys can keep this stupid bitch, the friday night project is a great show and i'm afraid that she might ruin it .
paula stay away from my favourite show.

2669 days ago


Paula obviously had a stroke in the past that is the reason for her speech impediment. It's a serious disability that cannot be taken lightly and definitely no speaking engagement should be scheduled until full recovery. I suspect that she is in denial and does not want to accept that she had a stroke at such an early age. She preferes to be taken for a drunk or worse, because for some weird reason public can accept and forgive drunks but is cruel and intolerant to disabled. It's time for Paula to undergo serious treatment for her illness.

2669 days ago


Watch her show after she receives an award, and is fine. Then she is in the limo and still fine. Then they are in the coffee house and she can't even talk. She without a doubt popped pills before going into that coffee house.

Also pay attention to her wording all of the time. She defends herself saying I don't take recreational drugs. That is the exact same thing Anna Nicole used to say. They think if it is given by the Doctor they are fine. How long until she is 10 toes up in the grave?

2669 days ago

jProud American Author    

It's hard being a celebrity. I think Paula is really nice, she just has been beseiged with so many health problems. I give her credit for how hard she works.

2669 days ago


#12 you base your diagnosis on what?

2669 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

Wow it seems like she is working her ass off, ass off jeff ......................

2669 days ago

Pregnant at 44    

I will pass on her show.

2669 days ago


We put up with Simon (bless his little heart) so they will just have to put up with Paula (bless her little heart). She has lived in pain, has not said a bad word about anybody, and gives a lot of people hope. There should be more like her. How could anyone not love Paula? I think a chat show in the UK would be interesting, well, depending on what the chat is about.

2669 days ago


I feel bad for Paula. I think people shouldn't be so mean to her, because clearly she's going through something. Paula suffers from Chronic Pain, which is the same thing my mom has. Its really sad because some people with the disease become dependent on painkillers. Whether she is or isn't, I still like her!

2669 days ago


Dear #16
If you read my message again you will see the word "probably" had a stroke. I base it on years and years of seeing similar patients who struggle on a daily basis and if they are lucky to admit their illness and go into a good treatment program they are capable of living productive lives. But those are the ordinary people who don't have to depend on public appearances. A lot of celebrities are surrounded by very narrow minded staff who don't have their best interests at heart and advise them to go on multiple public appearances without consideration that a celebrity might not be in the best shape to do so. You are right It's hard to make a DX without actually seeing and talking to a patient. DX is not cut in stone. I wish I were wrong but....sadly enough I am probably right.

2669 days ago



My dad suffered from chronic pain. He was run over by a car while driving his motorcycle and broke almost every bone in his body. His legs look like a jigsaw puzzle. He has been on every pain medication there is and at the moment is taking oxycontin. He NEVER EVER walks around like he is on drugs. He doesn't slur his speech or rattle on making zero sense.

Paula is an abuser and people like you are enablers making excuses to cover her drugged out behavior.

2669 days ago
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