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Clarkson to Manager:

Thank You, You're Fired!

7/6/2007 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On her much maligned new album, Kelly Clarkson expressed nothing but love for her former manager -- then she fired his ass!
Kelly Clarkson
While the feud, er, creative differences between Kelly and music mogul Clive Davis haven't been a secret, her recent firing of The Firm's Jeff Kwatinetz -- on top of scrapping her tour -- proved there was trouble in Clarksonland!

But in the liner notes of "My December," Clarkson sings a different tune by writing, "Thank you to my manager Jeff Kwatinetz for arguing with me and fighting for me! I hate 'yes' people, and you are far from that, always wanting the best out of me and for me. Sometimes I want to punch you, but most of the time you inspire me and make me laugh, because you are one of the most passionate and driven people I have ever worked with. Thank you for believing in me! I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE WE GOT THIS RECORD OUT, HA HA!!" Neither can Clive Davis!

Despite the pleasantries, Kelly fired Kwatinetz, who was once engaged to Brittany Murphy, and hired Reba McEntire's manager/husband Narvel Blackstock. Let's hope Blackstock can save our little Miss Independent from self-destructing.

"My December" debuted this week at #2 on the Billboard charts selling over 290,000 copies. Yeah, yeah. Since u been gone!

Rock on, Team Kelly!


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are you new?    

Kelly's head and attitude has gotten as big as her ass!!

2635 days ago



2635 days ago

Paul Kline    

Kelly, YOu need to kiss Simon Cowels english buttocks.

2635 days ago


Actually this album has debuted with higher numbers than her last album which went on to sell over 6 million copies in the u.s. alone and over 11 million world wide People just don't know how to read album sales anymore thanks to piracy and other free media. Im sure that at its worst this album will still sale very VERY well. Its not often an artist can follow up a mega selling super album with another mega selling super album (even though kelly's first album was mega selling and she accomplished this feat with her second).

p.s. kelly let her first manager go before her second album and we all see how that went!

2635 days ago


yeah, she has a good voice, but that's about it. all her songs suck bigtime...they are all about being a victim and her ENTIRE identity being based on a relationship to a man. uh...can we talk about female empowerment and the fact that a feminist revolution occurred about, let see now...over thirty years ago?!?!?!? even her latest video with reba portrays her as a battered woman who chooses to stay with her abuser. gee, what a role model for young women...NOT!!! and that make-up job in her last video...what the frick was she thinking? she should have listened to clive davis. she can't claim creative control when there is nothing creative to control. wonder this album is tanking and she has to cancel concerts because no one is buying tickets.

2635 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

Now if she'd just fire whoever pretends to be her vocal coach. What, no vocal coach, you say? That's a shocker.

You are a fat, revolting, no-talent hog, Clarkson. My farts are more in tune than your voice.

2635 days ago


I love how she dedicated her CD to a fan that passed away in the liner notes... what a great person that KC is!

2635 days ago


Kelly Clarkson may have a good voice but being a star takes all of the qualities, which Kelly does not have. I think she really needs to remember where she came from. She is like so many stars or (brats) today, they get famous and they think they are related to GOD or something.

As for TMZ, I found your site a few months ago and I love it. Keep up the good work.

As for the mayor of LA. He is a politician and they pretty much do whatever they want to do and get away with it. So if you want someone to blame for the corruption in this world do not blame an entertainment source. Welcome to America, baby!! Now deal with it!!

2635 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

I congratulate Kelly for believing in herself, daring to strive for the kind of career she wants regardless of how the haters and media spin it, and for having the cojones to stand up to the suits! That is more than most stars can say about themselves.

2635 days ago

hello, it    

Her new CD is great! Best she's done yet. Just a question---have any of the people complaining about her, listened to it yet?

2635 days ago


Like all losers from American Idol this one is given such hype. Let's all see where she will be in a year. Has anyone heard of the previous "winners" I mean being judged by Cowel and that has been dork Paula Abdul.


2635 days ago


My December is a real album by a real artist, not a collection of pre-fab hitz by a bunch of neo-Brill-Building hacks. Of course not everyone will like it, but you all should respect it, and Kelly. She's in the process of redefining herself, and it's pretty freakin' awesome to see.
Plus, this real man can see that she is a real woman. Interesting, edgy and very, very hot. Kelly, don't listen to the naysayers and the shallow people. You are amazing.

2635 days ago

how is this a flop    

Haha, #2 on the US charts and #1 on the global chart is a flop? Just wow. Breakaway, one of the best selling, biggest albums in years, didn't make it past #3 on the US or to #1 on the world chart. That doesn't mean that this album will do as well as Breakaway in the end, but damn it's a good start. Also, everyone criticizing the girl for her weight is a waste of space...people like Paris have fooled a whole generation into thinking that your weight and your self worth are inversely proportional.

2635 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Kelly has lost her appeal to alot of people. Her concert tours are being cancelled due to lack of interest

2635 days ago


I like Kelly and wish her well, but she is very lucky the only other big release last week was Hannah Montana or she wouldn't have made #2. I didn't buy this album. Next time, she needs to use some professional song writers and just sing.

2635 days ago
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