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If Convicted,

Nicole Richie is Screwed

7/6/2007 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_richie_3-1Will a sympathetic judge delay Nicole Richie's mandatory jail sentence if she's convicted? Don't get your hopes up, honey.

TMZ did some checking on the guy in the robe who will preside over her case and sentence her if she's convicted. The guy is Los Angeles County Commissioner Steven Lubell. The legal eagles who have appeared in his courtroom say he's tough and very much by the book. He will not give Richie any special treatment, and our sources say her pregnancy won't amount to squat when it comes to serving time.

Richie's trial is scheduled to begin next Wednesday. If convicted, it will be her second DUI and she'll face a minimum of five days in jail.

Lynnwood ladies -- let's get ready to rumble!


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Nicole does not deserve ANY jail time. Lindsay should go to jail for drug possession. Remember that incident? Why focus on Richey when Lohan has been totally busted SEVERAL times. TMZ is zeroing in on the wrong person -- as usual. TMZ should be cited with a warrant, arrested, locked up and the key tossed.

2628 days ago


Nicole does not deserve ANY jail time. Lindsay should go to jail for
drug possession. Remember that incident? Why focus on Richey when
Lohan has been totally busted SEVERAL times. TMZ is zeroing in on the
wrong person -- as usual. TMZ should be cited with a warrant,
arrested, locked up and the key tossed.

2628 days ago


TMZ is attempting distract attention from the REAL future jail bird -- Lohan. Lindsay is a goner and she knows it. That's why Lindsay is hanging out with Paris -- to get survival tips. Richey will see no time irrespective of her pregnancy. Richey's pregnancy is unrelated to this issue. She's in love, period.

2628 days ago


She should get some time. Unfortunately, I have 2 dui's and was sentenced to 10 days in the county jail. I actually did 7 - 1 off for the night spent in jail when arrested and 2 off for good behavior. She should not get any special treatment at all.

2628 days ago


If convicted, she'll automatically get a 2 year suspension of her license for a second DUI, I suppose that's a reason she is claiming she's not guilty. She did fail the sobriety test, meaning it will be hard to prove she wasn't DUI. I think she's smarter and more realistic than Paris, and so probably realized she was at risk of jailtime before Paris was sentenced for multiple probation violations on her DUI.

She claimed she had used marijuana and a prescription painkiller (Vicodin) that is also a party drug, although she claimed it was for menstrual cramps. Gee, how difficult is it to get a pet doctor to "prescribe" for that reason?!? It's a completely self-reported ailment, no physical outward symptoms necessary to claim it although the pain is quite real.

Although there are those of us who doubt that she could have been menstruating at her Dec 06 weight... Mother Nature shuts down that particular process below a certain fat percentage - female athletes often stop menstruating while training hard, because they are too lean for Ma Nature's purposes even though healthy.

Wonder if the pet doctor will be called to testify? Can't get around the marijuana, though - not something you should be driving under the influence of even if it were legal.

To be honest, if I had menstrual cramps bad enough to require an opiate (which is what Vicodin is) to knock out the pain - I sure wouldn't be driving!!!! But then I also never drove under the influence of the old-style antihistamines that made me drowsy and groggy. Just because a drug is legal doesn't mean you should take it and drive. Do people really regularly take opiates like Vicodin and then hop behind the wheel these days? Don't doctors warn their patients at all about such risks?

I would think the risk of being unfit to drive on Vicodin would especially be high for someone that skinny. I remember many years ago when I was prescribed a potent antihistamine that had me slurring my words and not remembering the first part of a sentence before I got to the second part - my boss cheerfully said that he took the same dose with no trouble. Of course, I was 110 pounds and he was 300 pounds... I wisely decided to cut my dose in half the next time, still not fit to drive but at least I could talk reasonably coherently.

Anyway, Nicole Richie was definitely DUI. My guess is that she will get a combo of community service and long probation, maybe random drug testing, along with the usual fines. Don't know about jailtime - one thing in her favor might be that she was so much younger for the first DUI (would be tougher for someone in their thirties, I would imagine, or someone whose last DUI was just a few months earlier). Doubt that she will do the Paris Hilton type of drama if she gets jail time, and also maybe the sheriff will have learned not to try the Paris Hilton getaway trick again... People will be watching, so the judge will again find out in a timely manner. (Tthe problem with other cases has been that the sheriff hasn't notified judges about his early releases; that's why Hilton's judge was so clear about what couldn't be done, he was trying to keep the sheriff from playing judge yet again.) Her family seems much more sensible than the Hiltons, so I don't think they will try to destroy the judge and anybody else involved in prosecuting and sentencing their little pumpkin. Loads of pregnant women in jail, can't claim any special medical problem there, and she will probably be smart enough to detox on her own time to prepare for jail and may already have done so if she's really pregnant. But if she is caught violating her probation - it will be a different matter, much more likely that she will get some serious jailtime for probation violation on a second DUI.
By the way - someone mentioned that Paris Hilton claimed she refused the option for a comfier pay jail, but that's as believable as her "I've never done drugs" and "Gee, I didn't realize my license was suspended even after that nice lecture by the cop and signing the statement and being driven home by another person the last time I got stopped". If you look at the court docs, you'll see that the judge very specifically ordered her to County, explicitly ruling out any alternative jail along with electronic monitoring (house arrest with the bracelet) and work furloughs. So forget the noble claim of bravely deciding herself to suffer through County. She was forced to do her time in County, no other option.

2628 days ago

lionel richie    

she is a hot little milf to be. she should do 5 days only.

2627 days ago


Nicole should go to jail BUT I think she will do much better in there than Paris did. she seems to at least acknowledge the severity of her actions. plus people dont hate her with a passion like they do her simple life co star.

2627 days ago


Atleast Lindsay Lohan check herself into rehab after her most recent DUI. If Nicole really wanted to change she would hav done the same thing, returned to rehab. Nicole has a huge history of driving under the influence and addiction which she doesn't seem to be taking seriously. If she won't take it seriously and go back to rehab, she belongs in jail.

2626 days ago


She has not yet been convicted of anything, therefore she is inocent. She has pled not guilty and is going to fight the charges. Right or wrong, loophole or excuse, she has the right to fight and I respect her for it. Nicole, fight like hell, fight for your life and good luck.

Paris grabbed her ankles for a perverted and obviously biased judge, she got what you could expect from such a judge. If a judge did that to my kid I would spend every cent I had making his life a living hell and feel the money was well spent. I have no respect for the press because they have let this judge get away with bias and prejudice in exchange for reporting what she was wearing or how her hair was done. A fair and indepth review of this judge would prove that the world would be a better place if he was on unemployment. Any judge who would send someone to jail without at least hearing what doctors were waiting to say is a disgrace, to California and to America.

We are a nation that thinks a jail infested with virus is O.K.
We think that jail slop and mystery meat is fair punishment for people in jail and inflict this along with extra fat for calories and vitamins on the unborn. We have somehow become a nation that thinks humiliation and denial of basic human rights is a fair treatment of people jailed and we can not understand why so many of them repeat.

2622 days ago


A DUII is driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. Whatever drug is impairing your ability to drive the car!

2612 days ago
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