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Mom to Brit -- I Have Rights Too!

7/6/2007 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lynne Spears, Britney SpearsBritney Spears wants her mom, Lynne, to stay a country mile away from her kids. But the combination to the code that could give Lynne some serious legal firepower is 3104.

Specifically, Section 3104 of California's Family Code gives judges the power to award visitation rights to grandparents. Judges consider two factors -- if there's a preexisting relationship between the grandparent and the grandchildren -- in Lynne's case, there is.

The judge will also balance the benefits the child will get from visiting grandma against the rights of the parents to exercise their parental authority.

Here's where it gets interesting. If both parents nix the notion of grandma having visitation, there's a strong presumption the judge should deny grandma's request. So K-Fed may be critical if Lynne takes it to the judge. If Fed sides with Lynne, she'd have a shot.


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It's really sad how closely Britney's life mirrors that sad and lost freak, Frankenstein.

Unfortunately, Lynne Spears created a monster and she has lost total control of it!!! And we, the town folk and all of those in her wake, will PAY!!!

(The only very obvious difference is Frankenstein deserved some compassion. Britney doesn't.)

2666 days ago

Pregnant at 44    

Britney has the wrong people in her life, and she got rid of the ones that really mattered.

2666 days ago


What makesBritney think she is the perfect mother. After all she has done that has made
it into the news. She really has no place to speak.

2666 days ago


If in fact it is true that Lynn has a "prescription drug" problem, the loving thing to do, (as a daughter should care about her mother), would be try to help her mom...and the mature thing to do is not to announce it publicly!!! Lynn has not acted inappropriately in public, as Britney has. Therefore, I tend to believe that this is just one more attempt for Britney to trash the people who truly do care about her and only want to see her healthy. If she genuinely cared for her children's well-being, she would not be doing the things she is. No matter what anyone thinks about Kevin, he has never demonstrated anything but appropriate concern and love for his children. If Lynn had any problem that would endanger his children, I am sure he would be addressing it. At this point, as much as I would like to see Britney turn this whole situation around, she is on a slippery slope and is going down fast....It may be best for the court to intervene and look into the truth of the matter. Just because Britney is the children's mother does not give her the right to parent them at this point. She needs help. Children are not pawns and their well-being is what is at stake. If she genuinely loves her children, she needs to stop and change what she is doing. It is absolutely no excuse to blame Lynn for all that is happening to Britney. Lynn has had a history of outwardly being a very loving and committed mother. She never tried to outshine her daughter in the media, she protected her appropriately through the early years of Britney's fame, and even now she handles everything that Britney dishes out with grace. It is disgraceful what Britney is now doing to her. She will regret her actions one day. She apparently may only learn the hard way. I pray that Britney may stop all this angry, hateful destruction before she destroys everything she has left in her life...and if that is not to be, then I pray that a judge will make decisions that are in the best interest of the children.

~Be blessed and be a blessing!

2666 days ago

my opinion    

I believe that this will be resolved because Britney's name is on the Hollywood Death Clock. Without being committed to a first class in-patient mental facility Ms Spears is a suicide waiting to happen. KFed will get the boys with Lynne having full visitation and Jamie can succeed in her career as "the good/sane sister".

2666 days ago


Children should never be used in a tug of war! I think Brit should lose custody of those kids. She is not the greatest example of what a parent should be.

2666 days ago


Soooooooooooo....sick of this rich bitch, spoiled brat , lost talent, uneducated, sleeeeezy, wacko of a bad mother......that I LIKE gotta go throw up now!!!!

2666 days ago

BOEING 787    

Brittney just wants to embarrass her family into getting her kids back to her custudy, in the meanwhile she goes clubbing, drinks, and the kids fall from her arm.

2666 days ago


Britney is a spoiled little brat!! So her mother raised her, gave her everything she needed to become what she wanted to be...Brit gave all that up when she married K-Fed and now she blames her mother for her becoming trash!! I can't believe a child would treat her mother like that...I hope her kids do the same to her. We all know she is much worse of a mother than her mother was to her!! I felt sorry for Brit until I saw all she is doing to her mother and family...she's a sad excuse for a human being!!!!

2666 days ago


GROW THE HELL UP! Why dont you go back to rehab, and get all the damn drugs out of your system. You didnt let you Mother see your kids on the July 4th why, because you had to go out with your friends, and do God knows what, with God knows who. Get yourself together, and maybe the world will take you serious. Other then that your washed up so get you large nose out of your ass, and get back into reatily!

2666 days ago


Britney is pitiful who does this to there mother
OMG god briteny get with the program your a drunk drug infested attention starved little brat who needs to get a reality check your behavior over the last few years is way out there
i hope your mom fights you tooth and nail and wins
your not talented your time is up
move on and grow up
this last stunt has turned off the public

2666 days ago


The girl is a hopeless case. Britney is doing everything to destroy what is stable in her life. Poor Jayden and Sean.

2666 days ago


I would need to be on meds too, if I had to see my daughter's cooter in the paper all the time.

2665 days ago


Britney never had a childhood or a real sense of identity! this is not all her fault! I wish she could find some decent peope to be around and look up to!

2665 days ago

Boy Howdy Cannot Be Silenced!!    

Perhaps it is time to have DiLo step in and have a talk with Mama Spears! Boy Howdy has witnessed the incredible transformation that DiLo underwent when she dumped that loser husband and found a true soulmate in Stedman. By sharing her wisdom and contentment with either Britney or Mama Spears, perhaps a reconciliation will be in the works. The happiness of 2 sweet baby boys and their mother depends on it.

Britney - Boy Howdy and plas will keep you in their thoughts and send nothing but positive mojo in your direction.

Shalom everyone - even you hateful evildoers who wish the worst for our girl Britney.

2665 days ago
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