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Mom to Brit -- I Have Rights Too!

7/6/2007 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lynne Spears, Britney SpearsBritney Spears wants her mom, Lynne, to stay a country mile away from her kids. But the combination to the code that could give Lynne some serious legal firepower is 3104.

Specifically, Section 3104 of California's Family Code gives judges the power to award visitation rights to grandparents. Judges consider two factors -- if there's a preexisting relationship between the grandparent and the grandchildren -- in Lynne's case, there is.

The judge will also balance the benefits the child will get from visiting grandma against the rights of the parents to exercise their parental authority.

Here's where it gets interesting. If both parents nix the notion of grandma having visitation, there's a strong presumption the judge should deny grandma's request. So K-Fed may be critical if Lynne takes it to the judge. If Fed sides with Lynne, she'd have a shot.


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Mommy Lynn pimped out her daughter for years and now that Brit is having issues and little sis jamie-lynn is bringing in a paycheck, lynn doesnt need brit! Lynn is just another dina lohan.

2628 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

#3....I agree, but then I wondered about "stability" for the children....THEN I saw an article about her other daughter, and she's moving into an apt with a guy?!! She's a puppy!!!! This family is just so trailor, a vicious cycle just keeps going and going and going.....They should all be spayed and neutered. Do the world a favor, one skank at a time, start with THE SPEAR'S!!!!!

2628 days ago


What the he** is wrong with Britt? Her mom was the one there backing her for her whole entire life. As a mother her herself she should know how important a mother is in a child's life much less a grandmother. That is the backbone of the family. I understand she might be mad at her mom but she does not need to use them kids as pawns in her crazy circus game. she is the one that took her life in her own hands as she says and screwed it up. He mom was just trying to help her daughter get back on track. I'm sorry that she is from Louisiana, she makes all of us look bad. What a wannabe diva........... Grow up Britt you only got one mom and you never know what life will throw at ya......... one day your here the next your gone.......... You will regret what you are doing, for your sake I hope it's not to late when you do.

2628 days ago

Team Kim    

Britney is such a psychotic B*TCH!!

Those poor kids, gotta worry about them.

I truly hope Lynne takes the ungrateful wacko to court. You don't diss your mother...

Britney you really are a piece of s*it!!

2628 days ago


Britney's so stupid! She's gone crazy! All these stupid thing she's been doing, it's all leading to insanity!

2628 days ago


what is so sad is that sean and jayden don't have a say in who can and cannot see them i mean if britney really loved her sons like she says she does she would not shut her mother out of their lives because her sons have a right to have some stability in their lives . and if britney does not allow lynne to see her grandsons they are going to grow up messed up . and they will feel that no one loves them

2628 days ago


Britney wanted to be a star. Her mother did not "pimp" her out. Lynne was there so Britney would not be taken advantage of. When kids decide they want to be is show biz, it takes a lot of emotional and financial sacrifice on the part of the parents. Eventually, it takes it's toll, mostly on the parents marriage. Lynne and Brit had a good relationship until Brit got the idea that she was forced into rehab. Britney is so off base here. Then again, Britney is mentally off base.Britney has become a big drama queen and why not, the paps and tabloids follow her around like she is someone important. I find all of it disgusting.All of this talk of her will and her demise...good she planning on doing something more drastic the next time?I would think the contents of her will would remain private and in the care of her lawyer. In the end, all of this will come back to haunt Britney and she'll live with it the rest of her life. What will her reaction be when her sons shut her out ? Stupid, stupid girl who desperately needs help and refuses it. She'd rather listen to the hangers-on filling her with all of this worship.

2628 days ago


Screw visitation, give Lynne the kids! Or @ least give Kevin and Lynne joint custody while their whackjob Mom gets help.

2628 days ago


Hey,standing_on_the_sidelines, she did spell "to' correctly and used it in the correct form. Too means also so maybe you need a dictionary TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2628 days ago

bored 2tears    

this is getting really scary! britney is obviously out of control and without her mother in her life to help her take care of those kids, she's liable to hurt them...she seems depressed, just looking at her lack of hygiene and the blank look in her eyes, she looks a lot like ANDREA YATES... SOMEONE PLEASE GET THIS GIRL SOME HELP...FORGET A STYLIST,GET A PSYCHIATRIST

2627 days ago


If anyone has bothered to follow the path of this "stage mother" it's for the good. As a mother her role in her childrens lives has been less than helpful. Maybe in a few years this grandmother will grow up and have a life of her own. Then she will have something to share. Now she is a wanna be teenager.

2627 days ago


Is it just me or is Mom looking better now than the skaggy Brit?

2627 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

How bad can her mother be? She is the one, not her mom, out there without underwear and acting the Skank infront of everyone. I am sure those kids need someone other than KFed or her for guidance

2627 days ago

uh oh    

It's clear to see that Britney is doing this out of revenge, but it 's making her look really bad. I'm not a fan of Kfed, but at least he did step up, along with Lynne Spears, by taking care of the kids when Brit was in rehab. He's not running his mouth about everything that is going on in their private life. Maybe he really is a good father and cares about his kids. Shar Jackson always speaks up for him, not against him, and if anyone has the right, she does. Lynne Spears deserves to see her grandkids and if I were in her place I would do anything to make that happen, especially with her daughter publically behaving so badly. Lynne never speaks badly of Brit, because obviously that is not her nature. I'm sure she knows she can file for Granparent's rights, but maybe she is hoping beyond hope it won't come to that. I think in time, a lot of things are going to change for this family.

2627 days ago


Britney my dear, I know that you have GOT to know that all the energy you are spending on this is taking away valuable time, quality time with those adorable little kids. Sure, moms a huge royal mother f'n pain in the *ss beoutch pill poppin overbearing control freak, but you only have one. I wish I could walk up to my mom and and just see her face again, remember the sweet tone of her voice or walk in her shadow, but I got pissed off at her and BAM she's no longer here. DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF!

2627 days ago
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