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Paris Gives Lindsay

'Second Chance'

7/6/2007 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have put "Firecrotch" behind them after all -- and it looks like after her stint in the slammer, Paris is through being the queen B ... as in bee-yotch.

TMZ caught the two Hollywood princesses prancing on the beaches of Malibu over the holiday at the same house, and Rush & Molloy report that their interaction was "cordial." That's because Paris "has decided to give Lindsay a second chance." Really -- but why? "Paris was known as a bully ... If a friend didn't like Lohan, then she wouldn't like Lohan. But she's through taking sides. She realized who her real friends were when she was in jail -- and there weren't many."

Meanwhile, the L.A. Times reports that a UCLA undergrad has been cursed with Paris' old phone number -- and the bizarre calls (from rappers, random wannabes and desperate fans) that come with it. The young woman -- Shira Barlow -- has been thanking people for their support, even though she doesn't know 'em at all.

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No Avatar

getting tired of crap    

George, for the sake of your children and grandchildren, stay retired and out of the ring.

2644 days ago

King Richard aka "Dick"    

its good to see big hook nose Hilton again and her lazy eye and herpes infected and used up fried vadge.

2644 days ago

jProud American Author    

Paris, forgive Lindsey and don't enable her. Don't go to the BARS! Both of you do something good for the world and make a change. I hope so. I hope all of you Hollywoods will think of the kids that look up to you. Teach them to do good--not drink and drug and drive. This is your generation--you have a responsibility!

2644 days ago


All you Paris haters get a life please

2644 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Hey Rachel, other business have to pay for advertising. Are you paying for yours?

2644 days ago

Proud Howard School Graduate    

Boy Howdy is overjoyed with the Paris/LiLo reunion. Paris and LiLo are clearly back on the right track. Boy Howdy wishes you both nothing but friendship and happiness! You go girls!

Clearly, DiLo's calming presence (thank you, Stedman!) has started having an effect here. If Paris and LiLo can reconcile, are the Israelis and Palestinians far behind?

Best of luck girls - Boy Howdy is rooting for you!

Peace and Love.

2644 days ago


How can you say Benoit was a devoted dad when he murdered his son? That line should be removed from the story.

2644 days ago


Who is Matt Groening?

2644 days ago


Why does Paris always pose with her dumb azz mouth open like that?? What a freaking idiot.

2644 days ago


Did anybody check out Keith Olbermman's rant against Cheney and Bush??? It restores my faith in journalism. I lost it after Larry caved in and interviewed Paris Hilton. And I don't know why I keep checking out TMZ. I gave up Perez cause the guy was just fluff. I think I'll give up TMZ cause I can't stomach to read another article on Paris, LiLo and Britney when it's all put out here to distract us from the real issues. Like what the hell is Bush doing?

2644 days ago


I love when Olbermann gives OReilly a smack down. Go to youtube and put in Keith Olbermann and then look for where he neuters OReilly.

2644 days ago


Paris gives LiLo a second change????...I just threw up in my mouth!!! I see a jello wrestling match in the very near future!! PUKE, PUKE!!!

2644 days ago


Did you honestly write that Chris Benoit was a devoted dad? He KILLED his son! I'm disgusted.

2644 days ago

brijett need to do something about all of these advertisements!!!! Nobody wants to read this spam crap!!!!!!!1

2644 days ago

Dr. M    

Pretty sure this is all business -


Fool me once - shame on you
Fool me twice - shame on me

Just be careful -

Good Luck Lindsay -
and Godspeed

Nosce Te Ipsum

Dr. M

2644 days ago
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