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Pete Doherty

Moves On -- And Out

7/6/2007 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like this breakup of rocker Pete Doherty and Kate Moss may actually be the final goodbye in this protracted tragic romance. Hallelujah!

Paparazzi snapped shots of movers outside of Moss's place in London as they packed up Pete's junk; an old piano, a guitar and a whole lotta trash bags.

Later, babyshambles.


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let me start of by saying, is the most pathetic site on the internet, they love posting the lamest crap known to man. WOW Pete Doherty was moving out, great, So while we're at it, we might as well post an article when he decides to fill his car up with some fuel.

Someone said Pete Doherty is Englands version of Paris Hilton. WRONG, incase you haven't noticed, he is a muscian, who worked his way to the top, WRITING HIS OWN SONGS as a MUSICIAN in the much loved Libertines and Babyshambles, because people are fans of his MUSIC, not through being some brat born into rich parents. Sure Americans might not know this, since their Billboard 100 chart pretty much proves they have no idea what talent is (at least in the 2000's). The way someone chooses to live their life is technically none of your business because, It's not your life. Are you guys control freaks?

Also to end on a final note: You may still think Mr. Doherty is a drugged out loser, but i beg to differ, i guess he's the one having the last laugh now, while everyone else is just a nobody:

PS. Ruby "....and some window frames." hate to burst your bubble, they are acctually paintings, turned the other way around so you are seeing the back of the canvas.

2612 days ago


I used to wonder what in the world Kate Moss (or anyone) saw in Pete Doherty but have grudgingly read a few articles about him and--when sober--he is a very unique, talented man with an offbeat, humorous sense of looking at the world. In short, after hearing that Johnny Depp was the love of her life prior to Pete, I could see Pete had many of the same qualities. Unfortunately, his drug use is destroying his life and nearly hers, as well. Clearly, he has made the choice not to stop drinking and doing whatever.....but I am surprised he had a tryst with another woman. He is on a one-way trip to total self-destruction and Kate is smart and strong enough to finally realize that--and fortunately, they don't have a child who would be caught up in the midst of things. I hope Kate finds better luck in love or continues doing what she's doing--focusing on her daughter. As for Pete, well, according to his mother, many of his "fans" admit to buying tickets to his concerts just so they can someday say they were there the "last time he performed before dying." It's sad as heck but seems the guy is too far gone to be helped.

2612 days ago



2610 days ago


I think people need to realize how tough drug and alcohol addiction can be. Pete Doherty seems like a likable guy, and I hope he can clean up his addiction issues. I hear he is a talented musician, although I never heard the music. Kate was drawn to him because they shared chemistry. I also heard there was some philandering going on, so that may be the problem, too. Best wishes for cleaning up, Pete.

2608 days ago
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