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Danza on Paris

Who's the Hypocrite?

7/6/2007 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

tonydanza-1Failed talk show host Tony Danza vowed dramatically never to watch CNN again because of wall-to-wall Paris Hilton coverage, but he sure liked Paris enough to feature her on the first week of his now-canceled talk show a few years back -- and to pimp her appearance beforehand.

The "Who's the Boss?" ex-star slammed CNN for its Paris coverage, whining to the Washington Post that "I'll never watch CNN again" because "they don't give you want you need, they give you what you want."

But we did a little research, and it seems that Paris was what Tony wanted on his show back in September 2004 -- booking her for his fourth episode and boasting to Time magazine, "I think I wanna teach her how to cook. Just in case somebody comes over, Paris, you can whip this up for them."

Once you've been there, it's hard to forget Paris. Danza is another story.


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Who cares what this has been and never was thinks. Go watch cartoons then.

2665 days ago


Tony is right. It was pathetic how the "legitimate" news organizations all became Entertainment Tonight.

2665 days ago


Don't forget TMZ is mad at what Tony said because TMZ is owned by Time Warner who also owns CNN.

2665 days ago

Walter O    

Well, I think that CNN has a different responsibility than a variety/talk show... I agree with Tony 100% and wish the news shows would mention not devote hours/days to a Paris Hilton silly story... Tony is anything but a loser... a hypocrite? Hardly.

2665 days ago



2665 days ago


Another inellectual giant heard from.

2665 days ago


Paris on a talk show is one thing, constant news coverage on CNN and other "respectable" news broadcasts is another.Tony is not out of line nor is he being hypocritical.The way Paris was covered was like she was someone of major importance, a political figure etc...even Martha Stewart didn't get all of the hoopla Paris did! Tony's having her on his show was 3 years or so ago, not right after she was released. This is a non-story.

2665 days ago


he's right. paris has a lot more business being on a talk show then CNN!

2665 days ago


this is not hyprocritical. he had a talk show, it was for entertainment purposes... a news show however that has paris hilton is front page news is failing to get the real news to the makes us as americans uneducated, shallow, and naive because fact is..that news is the only way people find out about anything anymore. So, I think its a misjudgement to call Tony a hypocrite. tmz......y do u seem to love paris so much ? i dont understand it. thats my two cents

2665 days ago

Jo Jo    

Danza is right of course. And besides, if you look at the ratings .......FOX NEWS rules cable news.

2665 days ago

LOL talk about a NON STory    

So whatever Danza did in 2004 before PARIS was shoved down our throats applies now? Give me a break already, and once again TMZ attacks anyone that says one negative word about Paris Hilton. I really used to dig this site, but honestly the Paris stuff HAS GOTTEN old very fast.

As far as Paris and Tony go .. Danza was part of TWO hit shows, Paris is famous for being a spoiled brat. Yes she is more famous now, but what has she accomplished on her own?

2665 days ago


He's a bitter has been...

2665 days ago



You are so pathetic, what are you paris' bitch? Why dont you suck up to her some more? What a bunch of losers you are, your like the little bitch with no hope and no friends that follows your leader. Give me a break, Paris is a rich bratm who has zero intelligence if it does not have to do with sex, bowjobs, money, Jewelry. I mean, her song was actually pretty good, and I liked her cameo (apprpriatetel enough, on a porno boa) in WONDERLAND. But this girl belongs in jail and she will be dead in a year or two anyway. So at least try not stick your noses up and in her anal cavity so much. smell the roses, not her BS.


The Zap.

2665 days ago


For someone like Hilton, every move is scripted and choreographed. Her demeanor when she left Lynnwood came as no surprise…neither did the promise in her claims to have “found God…I’m going to change,” etc. Her interview with King on CNN, of course, was a total disaster. The promise fell far short of the reality and she was the butt of jokes throughout the media as a result.

The maneuvering and behind-the-scenes machinations by her reps and her parents for media interviews and coverage at a price only added fuel to the flames. Every respected newscaster and journalist knew what was going on and resented the media coverage hype, manipulation, etc.

2665 days ago

Dan Kelley    

Tony who?

2665 days ago
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