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John Mayer Blogs Out, Goes Green

7/7/2007 3:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ever wonder what's going on in John Mayer's big ol' head? As a part of the Live Earth "concert series for a climate in crisis," Mayer's been blogging his thoughts on climate change. Climb right into Mayer's large cranium!

Here's what
Mayer wrote about the event a couple of days ago:

"I hope that for all the cynicism that's existed around this subject, we can all uncross our arms long enough to give this event a chance to impact the world in the way that I'm beginning to feel that it could. Now isn't the time to dissect the rights and wrongs. (If you're hoping Live Earth doesn't work, you have a lot of soul-searching to do.)

With this kind of lineup, there's no cause or crisis that wouldn't be positively affected by an event of this scope. Live Earth isn't a show - it's a showing, a presentation of an idea. Artists like us don't just get together to each play 20 minute sets every weekend, you know. We're also usually pretty sensitive about the order in which we take the stage, and I've got no problems with my 5:12 PM set time. The Police, Bon Jovi, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and yes, myself and my dumb face are all openers for the true headliner - the power to literally change the world's mind."

So inspirational! Wonder what ex Jess thinks about Mayer's do-good-ing green scene.


No Avatar


Dear John Mayer,

It's a concert. Not the second coming of Christ.

At best, some people will go, and enjoy themselves. That's about it.

Get over yourself, you narcissistic prick.


Queen Elizabeth

2663 days ago


Thank god the actors and musicians have once again saved our planet. Maybe they can make a movie out of it!

Concert saves planet. Yea Right!

I don't mind that the temperature has gone up about 1 degree in the past 100 years. I think its still to cold....................

2663 days ago

Nurse Liz    

Mayer is always trying to appear highly intelligent, ironic and humorous in his blog when in reality, he's merely average in intelligence and has a HUGE ego. He's the worst kind of dumbass because he thinks he's witty when he's not.

2663 days ago


What a pompous a$$. He actually admits that celebrities like himself are BIG enough to put their semi-truck sized egos aside for 10 minutues to educate all of us stupid fools about global climate change by holding a MASSIVE waste producing party? Did he only make it through the 8th grade? Call me cynic who refuses to uncross her arms, but I fail to see how a huge hollywood production like this "raises" awareness to a crowd that already buys into the hype? It's just another example of Hollywood's excessive consumerism. It's not like this concert is targeted toward the poor urban masses or third world where environmental education is needed -- it's targeted towards rich first worldies who'll go spend their cash on tickets and "eco-friendly" goodies from all the vendors. Fools like Mayer could actually do their part by simply shutting off all the hot air coming out of their fat mouths.

2663 days ago

james bell    

i know one thing for certain, it's starting to make people sick having these entertainers all of the sudden becoming self annointed " important voices " on the issues of our times.

2663 days ago


He ended his blog with..."[we musicians] deal with hope everyday." Yeah...hope that all us stupid sloggies will buy his albums and make him richer. Hope that he'll sell enough overpriced tickets to keep his name on the top of Hyde and Teddy's VIP list for awhile longer. Hope that people won't actually discover he's a retarded 12 year old.

How can anyone actually be that pretentious?

2663 days ago


How many plastic water bottles will be recycled at these events? How many bags of napkins and tissues will be recycled? How many paper plates of food will be recycled at this event?
How many light bulbs will be recycled? Look if they all these People want to sing for a cause then make a damn cd and shut up...
Kanye west is there just to be there he a media whore.

2663 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Yuseff Mohammed aka Cat stevens is there. Last time I heard he said music was un islamic. Go figure

2663 days ago

Kitty Meow Meow    

#15: DITTO

2663 days ago


John Mayer - "Now isn't the time to dissect the rights and wrongs"

Seems to me it is the perfect time! Let the debate on global warming begin!

2663 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

These people take themselves wayyyyyyyy too seriously me thinks

2663 days ago



Good post.
I like when others write the words I'm thinking, Saves me a little energy ..

2663 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

#18 Good post. This concert helps nothing

2663 days ago


I think something Dane Cook once said applies to a lot of the comments; "No matter what you put out there, negative people try to snatch it away". Keep doing what your doing John, you are unique and no one does it as well as you.

2663 days ago


What is wrong with you nay-sayers? Enjoy the music and think of what things you might do to save our environment. Too much negative energy going on. Try to be happy and do your part so that our world is a clean and safe place for future generations.

2663 days ago
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