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John Mayer Blogs Out, Goes Green

7/7/2007 3:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ever wonder what's going on in John Mayer's big ol' head? As a part of the Live Earth "concert series for a climate in crisis," Mayer's been blogging his thoughts on climate change. Climb right into Mayer's large cranium!

Here's what
Mayer wrote about the event a couple of days ago:

"I hope that for all the cynicism that's existed around this subject, we can all uncross our arms long enough to give this event a chance to impact the world in the way that I'm beginning to feel that it could. Now isn't the time to dissect the rights and wrongs. (If you're hoping Live Earth doesn't work, you have a lot of soul-searching to do.)

With this kind of lineup, there's no cause or crisis that wouldn't be positively affected by an event of this scope. Live Earth isn't a show - it's a showing, a presentation of an idea. Artists like us don't just get together to each play 20 minute sets every weekend, you know. We're also usually pretty sensitive about the order in which we take the stage, and I've got no problems with my 5:12 PM set time. The Police, Bon Jovi, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and yes, myself and my dumb face are all openers for the true headliner - the power to literally change the world's mind."

So inspirational! Wonder what ex Jess thinks about Mayer's do-good-ing green scene.


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What's even MORE hilarious is the fact that the rich European, North American countries focus on something as irrelevant as "global warming." As people die everyday from genocide and malaria related diseases in Africa, our socialist humanitarians are throwing concerts because the world has risen in temperature 1 degree in the past 100 years!!! It's just so out of the realm of priorities it's mind boggling! If anything is going to kill off human kind, it's global COOLING, not global warming! We should be celebrating global warming, not striking fear in people that we are all going to die because the Earth has warmed slightly in 100 years. The real point of this concert and concert is to dish out more global warming propaganda and to give the government and elitists more power they already have. Sure, THEY can afford the $100,000 hybrid Lexus, the rising energy costs, etc., but the average American living check to check cannot. They just want to further the poor and wealthy by ruining the middle class, making it impossible to support ourselves so the Democrat/Socialists can come in and "rescue" us by instituting even MORE government programs...and anyone who has dealt with GOVERNMENT run institutions in this country knows that the government is NOT the answer to problems, they just make problems WORSE.

2633 days ago


I'd also like to add that the Earth itself is a recycling machine! The ocean floors clean themselves in cycles (oh, I forget the timespan in which it occurs, but I saw a show on this on the Discovery Channel), and that is why Hurricanes are actually GOOD for the planet...not human kind obviously, but it is actually the ocean floor cleansing itself. However, since we are high and mighty humans, we believe we are the problem to everything and the solution to everything. In fact, the oceans have more to do with the global warming problem than we think. I've read somewhere that there might be a correlation between carbon output, warming/cooling, and the oceans. When it's cooler, the ocean contains more of the carbon dioxide, and when it warms, the oceans release more CO2...therefore the CO2 is actually a product of the world warming, not the CAUSE. Of course, we cannot bring that up in a debate because then you get called ugly names by non-Scientist Al Gore. Gotta love the way Democrats work...stifle debate and dissenting views, kind of like a communist dictator...

2633 days ago



2633 days ago


Just think of the noise... this concert is causing...and the people preforming
are old has been's.............and AL GORE just wants his name on it....the earth has been in different cycles since the beginning of heats up then it freezes...and so on and so on.....And NO Gore did not invent the he says...LMAO..... now, HE alone is going to cure Global Warming...what a freckin' laugh

2633 days ago


Anyone who listens to Al Gore is a loser.

2633 days ago

just say no to megan    

Megan you sure know how to take a little information from science and cram them together trying to justify your ignorance. You are so off base all I can tell you is please go back to school and take a biology course.
Global warming cause’s lack of resources in areas such as Africa causing civil unrest, which leads to civil wars to gain control of those resources. If we do not stop global warming we will end up with a lot more wars for resources around the globe.

2633 days ago


You're right #31.

It's a concert to raise awareness, people! We all can contribute in taking care of the environment. We can't keep on plundering its resources without giving back a little of what we are taking from it. It's all about keeping our home a wonderful place to live in.

10 Tips in going Green:

1. Change a light. Replacing one regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
2. Drive less. Walk, carpool, or take mass transit more often. You’ll save one pound of carbon dioxide for every mile you don’t drive.
3. Recycle more. You can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per year by just recycling half of your household waste.
4. Check your tires. Keeping your tires inflated properly can improve gas mileage by more than 3%. Every gallon of gasoline saved keeps 20 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.
5. Use less hot water. It takes a lot of energy to heat water. Use less hot water by installing a low flow showerhead (350 pounds of C02 saved per year) and washing your clothes in cold or warm water (500 pounds saved per year).
6. Avoid products with a lot of packaging. You can save 1,200 pounds of carbon dioxide if you cut down your garbage by 10%.
7. Adjust your thermostat. Moving your thermostat just 2 degrees in winter and up 2 degrees in summer you could save about 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
8. Plant a tree. A single tree will absorb about a ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.
9. Turn off electronic devices. Simply turning off your television, DVD player, stereo, and computer when you’re not using them will save you thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
10. Spread the word!

Of course, we may not be able to do all these. Pick one or two. That's already something. Peace out!

2633 days ago


he actually did a great job on live earth he is very talented never really followed his music but he was really very good
he actually looked cute too he looks better with short hair

2633 days ago


***ATTENTION: ALL YOU CLUELESS, IGNORANT, SELF-ABSORBED LOSERS - you are all commenting on a vital subject you obviously know nothing about. STOP embarrassing yourselves, turn on the TV and catch some of this world-wide ground-breaking event. YOU JUST MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING!!!!!! (But you're all probably too stupid to realize it!HAHA!)

2633 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I just heard on TV that the money from all the concerts will go to Al Gore. He will dispense the money as he feels fit. There is something not right about this. I don't trust Al Gore at all. Remember several years ago when he said he invented the Internet? He's just trying to make a name for himself again and will probably go into politics, with the money. He's a Windbag for sure.

2633 days ago


I resent rich, righteous, pious, know-it-all, famous liberals preaching to me.

2633 days ago


You guys are some cynical people. These people are trying to promote something good. Must you criticize everyone. When they stopped him after performing he talked about the recycling of the water bottles from the concert and that his tour bus recycles. He also mentioned his SUV and if everyone just opened their eyes and did a little compared to everyone doing nothing.
These stars are not being paid for doing this so I do applaud them.
They had a good commercial with Ben Affleck on it concerning CD's, the waste on gas used to transport them and to make them and said everyone should buy them as downloads and save on the enviroment. Something to think about.
Maybe if we all recycled one thing in our house that we didn't before it would make a difference.
I'll be green. Will you?
From NC where are beaches are going away due to the crisis and the moutains seem to burn a little more each year.

2633 days ago


Music has always been a great way to bring people together. Why are so many pessimistic? Everyone can make a is wonderful to get together, make some music and raise awareness.

2633 days ago


Megan, I think you're just alittle bit too deep girl. Chill and enjoy the music.

2633 days ago

Thoroughly Disgusted    

Go Queenie! This guy is a bloomin ars. Postures himself as a
musician now an intellectual? Voice is a little high for me. Maybe
because he lacks teztozteron? What a joke, eh your Majesty?

2633 days ago
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