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John Mayer Blogs Out, Goes Green

7/7/2007 3:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ever wonder what's going on in John Mayer's big ol' head? As a part of the Live Earth "concert series for a climate in crisis," Mayer's been blogging his thoughts on climate change. Climb right into Mayer's large cranium!

Here's what
Mayer wrote about the event a couple of days ago:

"I hope that for all the cynicism that's existed around this subject, we can all uncross our arms long enough to give this event a chance to impact the world in the way that I'm beginning to feel that it could. Now isn't the time to dissect the rights and wrongs. (If you're hoping Live Earth doesn't work, you have a lot of soul-searching to do.)

With this kind of lineup, there's no cause or crisis that wouldn't be positively affected by an event of this scope. Live Earth isn't a show - it's a showing, a presentation of an idea. Artists like us don't just get together to each play 20 minute sets every weekend, you know. We're also usually pretty sensitive about the order in which we take the stage, and I've got no problems with my 5:12 PM set time. The Police, Bon Jovi, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and yes, myself and my dumb face are all openers for the true headliner - the power to literally change the world's mind."

So inspirational! Wonder what ex Jess thinks about Mayer's do-good-ing green scene.


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Sorry, I have been recycling and picking up litterfor 30 yrs., long before the "global warning" fiasco because I am responsible and love this courntry. We don't need spoiled celebrities lecuring us on behavior and responsiblity.... Fine, have your concert, but please do not think anyone takes your overblown platitudes seriously. Anyone who allies with "wierd Al" Gore will fall for anything.

2601 days ago


Only idiots and democraps care a whit about algore's fantasy and the rest of the "sky is falling" crowd.
The goofballs are burning more fuel and creating more pollution with their stupid shows than reasonable people do living normal lives.
Let's burn algore and his druggy son as fuel for the next event.

2601 days ago

The Expatriot    

#22 - debbie: So he converted to Islam. Is anything wrong with that? Last time I checked you were free to pick your religion. Or do you live in a country that frowns on freedom of choice?

2601 days ago


So at his concert in Detroit on Thursday night, there was a Blackberry banner from floor to ceiling behind the stage, an Apple logo on one of his guitars and the words "Fender" emblazoned on his guitar strap, which was projected in triplicate on screens centerstage.
Out in the lobby, the Sierra Club was signing up members.

I think he wants to have it both ways environmentally/socially, just as he does in his music and apparently in his relationships. Pick a lane, John.

2601 days ago

The Marian Movement    

The concert is cool and hey we should have more global concerts. My question is - we all know the earth has been abused so what does this concert actually achieve? More hype? Where is the action? We have a lot of talk but no one really does anything because the world economy would blow up if we all truely went green.

The biggest problem is in China. Not the Chinese people's fault just their gov. No one is willing to confront them about their emissions cause they are afraid of starting WWIII. Look at the pop in China and the amount of emissions coming from there...the rest of the world could change but it's all in vain unless we ALL change.

That's why I read things like Mayer wrote and go yeah what ever makes you feel good mate, keep dreaming. You are so caught up in your own world of the Simpson's you miss the big picture.

Anyone that is brainwashed by Mayer's conviction needs to look at what he DOES not what he SAYS. Actions speak louder than words. He is a charismatic delusionist...with a big head.

2601 days ago

Ratta !    

I'm sure that most if not all poor and middle classed people would love a brand new hybrid car which would save on their gas bills and solar panels that would save them on their heating bills. Another case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Another reason for the rich to look down at everyone else. If Al Gore and the others criticizing the have nots actually gave back and helped in this way. Perhaps they really would further their cause.

2601 days ago

chillout music girl    

I went to the J. Mayer website, I didn't quite understand the blogs really. He seemed to ramble off alittle bit. Some of the you tube videos were strange, which he shot.
I guess this is how serious artistic people are.
His appearance might not fit the male model type, but how many people are a reflection of perfection. I can see what jessica saw in him. He is the strange misunderstood type.
He needs to stop dumping these women, I think. They really seem to see past his faults.
On the positivve side, the man has real talent as a guitarist. I never heard nothing similar to his talent from modern day artist.
Maybe jess can hook him up with ken paves for a new hairstyle.

2601 days ago


Madonna was a let down for me.. Don't try to be a rock star- let it go! Watching her looking at her hands trying to play guitar through that song was sad. Let that trend go! Her vocals seem so off these days. Has anyone noticed that? Sure, Madonna looks great, but I would have rather seen an old tape of "the Girlie Show" to see her at her best than watch her butcher her own song.

2601 days ago


Right on Poster #52 -- that's what I'm thinking. How about rather than preaching to all us low-life polluters thru the multi-million dollar production of a global concert series, why don't they take their money and shove it where their mouths are. What about subsidizing a fleet of hybrids for low-income families....THAT might raise awareness levels even more than standing on stage yapping to a bunch of kids about how messed up we are. Of course that would means these celebutards would actually have to DO something outside their comfy little box, and we all know that is NOT going to happen.
Grow up Mayer, your just a dumb singer, so shut up and sing.

2601 days ago

Linda Eastman    

I loved watching John Mayer on LIve Earth today. He looked hot, sexy, sang, and played great. I love you John Mayer and your contribution to America. Everyone do your part to keep America green. John Mayer I love your thick sexy curly hair, your sexy kissable lips, and your hot tall body.

2601 days ago

Linda Eastman    

I think it is great having music to open the eyes of the young and old about keeping America green. We Americans love entertainment and such a worthy cause. Thank you performers and sponsers and attendees too. Thank you New York and New Jersey.

2601 days ago

Linda Eastman    

I don't care what anyone says; we love John Mayer in the OC. John please perform at the OC in Southern California for your next concert. A lot of us in the OC are watching Live Earth right now and we love the entertainment. Thank you for your part John Mayer. Thank you for your music and for your hot sexy body, handsome face, tall body, full lips, and thick sexy dark brown hair.

2601 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Didn't something similar happen in the 80's to end starvation in Africa? We all know how well that worked out. This is much more about getting press for the individuals involved than helping anything. Sickening.

2601 days ago

Linda Eastman    

Quit moaning people and do your part to keep America green. All the "rich people" who donated their time for such a worthy cause today did so because they believe in the cause. Do your part and keep America green. My family enjoyed the concert and we are strong believers in keeping America green and we do our part happily.

We believe John Mayer is very talented, hot, and sexy. Thank you John for your part at Live Earth concert today.

2601 days ago


Mayer is a dumbs a$$-when you got Jessica Simpson at your hip, shut the
he!! up, what she is defines what you are all about. Mayer lost his credibility.
Just shut up and go shopping a$$hole. I will not listen to a word you have to say.
Here's an idea you should lose the big ego you have.

2601 days ago
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