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A Week in the Thirty Mile Zone 7/1 - 7/7

7/8/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hot action this week was on the cool sands of Malibu, where paparazzi practically outnumbered guests at parties thrown by Lindsay and Paris. Weekend beachgoers snapped by paps included Hilary Duff, Brody Jenner ... and wacky Matthew McConaughey.

Lounging in a compromising position by the sea in Hawaii, Miss Hilton gave the paps a shot to remember.

Adam Sandler in his underpants, Rebecca Gayheart topless, and rounding it out, Tom Jones, sex symbol. Click on in to our Sunday gallery of fun, and relive this week's digital fireworks. Want to see more? Click on in to our Naughty Girls and What You Missed galleries.

naughty girls


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Mr. kool    


2665 days ago

Nick La what    

Even though I don’t like a lot of the TMZ stories on some days. They can still get pretty interesting. Although ****JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE ON HERE** I am getting tired of the same old drugged out lying people, that swear they've change, but only while they still sit on a hard bed, with bars on one side of them.

But I have to say like hundreds of other people on here. And I mean no harm, but ENOUGH of this Matthew M. person on the beach that can’t seem to find his shirt, even when he’s off set and he’s out to lunch in the nearest town there.

And if this Mrs. Lohan young woman wants to dodge the cameras’s and hide her face. Then please move on to someone else interesting that’s doing some actual good TMZ, I agree with these other people.

Please no more Britney S. that lives in a million(s) dollar home, with numerous cars and goes on shopping sprees daily, but yet can’t seem to pull into any stores that have her correct length and size, or underclothing that she can purchase. If the high-priced stores in California don’t sell them anymore, then I’m sure she can get name brand underclothing from the nearest Wal-Mart, which is in every state, until Britney/she can finally find a Victoria Secret store like the rest of us…

Ok, Paris (not really held a citizen serving profession) Hilton goes to jail…ok… so do a lot of other people. I like the way she was in such a hurry to do some good, just like the Bible said to her in prison, the one Bible that kept her comfortable and guided Paris through each very short, short days that she had to serve. For being taken off the streets because she could have killed someone drinking and driving, (just like Brandy did) with or without a license too drive. Now Paris was in a hurry to help people and the children…But yet she wore gear to hide who she was while she was leaving out on vacation.

Paris made sure she opened wide and clear to show her private business on the beach/ or somewhere. Even if she didn’t know TMZ was there, Paris did know someone/children were. Boy, doesn’t a lot of money make a young lady classy.

I didn't look at a video because the Photo was enough when it shocked me instantly a few days ago, when I was NOT expecting to see her anyway, as I scrolled on down the page.

Now why must we keep seeing this trash? We log on for more interesting story’s.
am so tired of seeing this young womans No A*** Please TMZ.

2665 days ago

Auntie Em    

Paris' most familiar position...

Paris, close your legs! We're tired of your worn out hoo-ha being on display!

TMZ, show some class, even if she doesn't, and leave the squirrel shootings to Hustler.

2665 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Leave it on till day time so Paris can see it and she will start closing her legs like a lady.

2665 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Needs more meat on the bones.

2665 days ago

jProud American Author    

I wonder if Paris spread out that way in prison? She is so afraid of inmates, yet so brave for the paps. Has she changed? NOOOOOOOOO!

Adam Sandler, a cutie patootie. Even in his undies. LOL.

Oh TMz--what happened to the great stories. I miss them.

2665 days ago


Really TMZ,..We always hear about these paparazzi everywhere, yet you keep running the same pics. It must not be very good pickings out there if the best you can do is Adam Sandler shirtless. He does look embarrassed as he should with that silly movie coming out with the fat "I'm not gay" guy.

2665 days ago


So, once is not enough on some of these lame stories, they all have to be compiled at the end of the week? I'm comin here less and less, and one day, TMZ, I will be free of you!

2665 days ago


Like Lachey and Minello in Mexico, shocked that photographers would take pictures of
them making love, Paris knew someone would take a picture of her afar. They really did
not want their full privacy, or they would have rented a more secluded rental or fenced in
beach property. They, celebrities can well afford more privacy, do they really think we are
that stupid?

2665 days ago

kim suck    

i feel bad for Miiss Hiltons herpies--they can't excape!

2665 days ago

Kris Peterson    

You know, it's about going and getting that thing shaved!! It didn't look like she was paying attention there. It looks like somebody caught her off guard. But, still....

2665 days ago

pebbles loves Bam Bam    

It has now been 12 days with no Paris Hilton charity work.

2665 days ago


Have none of you ever opened your legs when lying sunbathing???? I'm no Paris fan but it appears the paparazzi is constantly on her every move just waiting for her to roll over, or attempt to get up so they can get a shot of her privates. The paps are the sickos here.

2665 days ago


Foxy Brown has stated that she did not get her ass whipped. why is she MIA. Maybe just trying to stay away for the paps. Good for her not wanting any attention. Foxy I don't know 1 song you sing but know who you are. God bless us all.

2665 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

I'm sooooooooooo tired of Mathew McCanawhoooooo! He is competely aware that he is being watched and photographed. It must be exhausting for anyone that has to be around that silly man....eeeeenough!

2665 days ago
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