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Daddy Dearest

Supports Daughter Nicole

7/8/2007 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie's daddy Lionel Richie spoke out about his daughter's recent legal troubles. Nicole's DUI trial is set for July 11. She was arrested in December for driving under the influence and pleaded not guilty.

nicoleric_brian_14248245_400-1Richie told that, "she keeps apologizing to me. I told her 'You're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing to your father at this age." Talk about arrested development!

Richie-the-elder then blamed the media for his daughter's drama. "There's just so much information out there right now -- MySpace, cell phones, the Internet. If we had had all that when The Commodores were around, God only knows what my mother and father would have seen." Probably some dancing on the ceiling!


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Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Really Nice. Lindsay lohan has a enabling mommy whore; nicole richey has an enabling daddy dumbass. No wonder she turned out to the braindead druggy she is...

2632 days ago


This is nothing new to the judges. They punish stupid young adults every day. Nicole will be treated like every other stupid young lady that goes before the judge!

I bet these judges get tired of seeing these young people thumb their noses at the law and the public.

2632 days ago


well let's hope she gets healthy (by gaining some weight for the baby). Gets proper punishment for the crime done. Straightens out her priorities, and raises a healthy normal child while being a mature adult.

But then what will TMZ report on? lol

2632 days ago


She is doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing to her father at this age?????????

Isn't she 26? She's not 16 for gods sake.... she should have some common sense and be a whole hell of alot more grown up at this point in her life.

2632 days ago


Lionel Riche needs a wake up call and an ALANON meeting Perhaps then he can listen and learn how to love his daughter in a healthy way instead of killing her by enabling her dysfunctional behaviors. Learn how to support Nicole in a way that will save her life and possibly a grandchild who is on the way. Nicole and the baby deserve a healthy Mind Body and Spirit .You can't pass on what you don't have Lionel be a parent to your child not a friend.Teach Nicole to help herself Both of you need to accept responsibility for your actions then commit to healthier choices
Tough Love allows you to continue to love your child even when they may hate you and your disapproval.. Give your daughter a chance.Being a loving parent does not mean supporting a lifestyle that may result in the death of your child.

2632 days ago


the media needs to ...BACKOFF

2632 days ago


"Dancing on the ceiling" is a whole lot different from driving the wrong was on a highway all doped up. She could have killed herself or others - like Brandy did.

I think he is just showing support for his daughter, but may be giving her a good talking to behind the scenes. What can he do? She is over 21, and she started down the drug road a long time ago.

Who are " the Esconvedos"? I don't think Nicole knows who her biological mother is.

2632 days ago



2632 days ago


No wonder they are repeat offenders...their daddy's and mommy's are a joke first of all. Second, they had not an ounce of discipline growing many of those rich parents raise their own kids, come on now. They are too bizzy playing themselves. Too bad they never heard of birth control. They all make me sick. There were only a select few who stayed married and faithful to one another. However, their kids are either dead, crazy, convicts, druggies, partiers or idiots too. So! now that old cliche comes into play here..."Money talks, BS walks" thats why they get away with not only traffic violations, murder, drug usage, cracking up cars...they have no self worth nor do they have self respect. Tapes of sexual encounters flying everywhere, boobs, ass and whatever hanging out of dresses...they walk around with disgusting clothing on such as ripped jeans everywhere, Im sorry but I find that offensive...whatever happened to the 'aire of mystery' here? There is nothing wrong wth old fashioned to a point. If they are suppose to show the example to the kids in society, when did any of them plan to start??? I dont pay attention to their problems, but once in awhile I have to get the frustration of their stupid ignorant lying injustices out here...if that was me my butt would have been in jail in no time...the girl is guilty as sin and so is her croney that slut Paris Hilton...get a life girls and do something constructive with it instead of using drugs, drinking, partying and lying and screwing! Get real!

2632 days ago


Nicole has much bigger problems than a DUI. She has an eating disorder, a drug problem, and obviously very low self worth. It isn't my decision as to whether or not she serves time for her crime, it is the judge's decision. However, I can only hope for her sake and her family's sake that she will receive extensive therapy. If not, she will probably continue on this road of self destruction. She has deep rooted problems that need to be addressed. Most adopted children have abandonment issues. Money isn't a cure all for these problems. Believe it or not, people with money hurt in the same way everyone else does. I honestly wish Nicole and her family the best in resolving these problems

2632 days ago


The little hollywood celebrity brats are no different than the rest of us--give Nicole the same judge as Paris
--she needs to do jail time..any other person would of been in jail by now doing their time...sorry papa
Richie but you can lay blame on everyone else but face the fact that your daughter has a problem called
'spoiled kid with too much money" and no morals and etc etc etc......I feel sorry for the baby!!

2632 days ago


While I’m thinking of it, THANK YOU to all who took the time to write the sheriff, the judge, the governor of California, etc., to express outrage when Paris was released early from jail. When we all work together for good, our noble efforts are rewarded. Without a doubt, the PEOPLE put Paris back in jail, and justice was served.

If needed, I hope we will once again unite and do the same with regard to Nicole Richie and the punishment for her dangerous crimes.

2632 days ago


i think his take on it is on target he is being realistic and acting like a good father
rather than a tyrant

2632 days ago

Susan B    

Who out there, can say that you did not drive drunk in your 20s. I sure can't.... I just did not have the paparazzi following me 24/7.

Nicole is going to court and will no doubt pay for her crime. I don't blame Lionel for defending his daughter. YES, she made a mistake, but she did not kill anyone.

2632 days ago


There's just so much information out there right now - MySpace, cell phones, the Internet.

Yea some of that info is it's illigal to drink & drive.

2632 days ago
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