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Joel Madden

Takes on 'Hills' Pratt

7/8/2007 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good Charlotte rocker/Nicole Richie baby daddy Joel Madden and "The Hills" bad boy Spencer Pratt got into a physical altercation Saturday afternoon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Attention-whore Pratt told In Touch Weekly of the fight, claiming that it was all just one big misunderstanding.


Madden allegedly stormed over to Pratt's table, where he was lunching with his future Mrs., Heidi Montag, and screamed, "you've been talking s**t about my girl!" before, claims Pratt, Madden -- who was there with pregnant girlfriend Nicole Richie -- had to be forcibly separated and removed.

Claims the prattling Pratt, "It all stems from an interview in Details ages ago where I was misquoted, calling Nicole a skinny bitch. It's all a misunderstanding. I've always thought she's a really nice girl and I wouldn't call her that." At least not while her tattooed, tough boyfriend's around!


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Perez reported this days ago. Everything on this site is days old. I never thought the day would come that TMZ would be the one filling their pages full of old material taken from other blogs.

2634 days ago


2 more retards.

2634 days ago

a fan    

Ok Joel Madden is in the band Good Charlotte. He previously dated Hilary Duff for a few years. Heidi was placed onto The Hills because her and Lauren were friends in Fashion school. Heidi and Lauren ended up being roommated and best friends until this moron Spencer sucked Heidi in, treats her like crap, cheats on her, treats her friends even worse than he does her, but she tolerates it so its her own stupidity. Any more ????

2634 days ago


Spencer just wants attention. Please stop giving it to him.

2634 days ago


Hey, me 1:16 PM, at least TMZ has some journalistic integrity and doesn't steal every photo or "borrow" almost every article they post without giving proper credit to the original writer like that self-promoting fat slob Perez.

2634 days ago


Pratt is a nobody!!.. He has zero talent. Why must we be tortured by hearing about him in the media? He has absolutely no business in on this website. In my opinion, him and Heidi definately need to be kicked off the hills. I'm glad Joel put him in his place.

2634 days ago


I hate Spencer!!!! Hate him!!!! Wonder how long he will stay with Heidi once the Hills ends. He is a nasty, ugly slimeball!!!!!! Blehhhhhh!

2634 days ago


Not that I care a thing about any of these corks, but Spencer really IS a "Prat"

prat: –noun Slang. the buttocks. [Origin: 1560–70; orig. uncert.]

2634 days ago


It figures wannabe poseur Joel starts with a little puke like Spencer Pratt

2634 days ago


a barely known band ..... who knows one song by this suckass band....the only reason anyone even knows this a hole's name is because he went out with Hillary Duff....who btw was underage at the time. What's wrong with these girls/women who go out with these friggin dorks.

2634 days ago


Most sincere THANK YOU to all who took the time to write the sheriff, the judge, the governor of California, etc., to express outrage when Paris was released early from jail. When we all work together for good, our noble efforts are rewarded. Without a doubt, the PEOPLE put Paris back in jail, and justice was served.

If needed, I hope we will once again unite and do the same with regard to Nicole Richie and the punishment for her dangerous crimes.

2633 days ago

P. Diddy    

Spencer showed class and probably saved himself a law suit when he didn't pop that wimpy Joel in his puss. My gawd man, these guys get tattooed all over their bodies and they think its makes them tough. I can tell joel is a wimp. I know the inside scoop. Spencer would have smoked that fool...

2633 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

Heidi is such a ditz - I can't believe she's still with him after The Hills finale shows him dissing her behind her back. He must be really rich for her to let him treat her like that. I stopped watching the Hills after the first couple of episodes because these two were making me so sick. Please let them not be in the 3rd season . . .

2633 days ago


It has been reported that when it was all over one of the waitresses had to give buck-teeth Pratt a few babywipes... but first he had to remove his shirt that snapped between his legs. after all that the manager walked in t help him and caught him sitting down pissing.

GOOD LORD MAN!!! Come out the closet already you horse-face FREAK!

2633 days ago


I have socialized with both Spence and Heidi, and other members of the Hills and Laguna Beach. I'm not hear to bash Spence because he's an OK guys for the most part. However, I was had severl conversation with Heidi, and her breath is like fire. MAJOR halitosis, so I quickly offered her a cinnamon Altoid, and she was like, "no thanks." One of our friends, we'll call "H" approached her and she dang near blew her out the room, "H" actually stumbled back.LOL Heidi the approached me for that mint. I gave her the can, I told her I have a value pack. Poor girl... :-(

2633 days ago
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