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Britney Takes to the Cement Pond

7/9/2007 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A barefoot Britney in her new Betty Rubble-inspired bathing skirt and a weave from the Kiss '78 tour, took her boo-boos for a bath at her Malibu compound.

The naked Jayden is being handed off by the alleged bodyguard/new boyfriend, while Sean waits his turn. It's hard to find bathing suits in Bedrock.

Estranged Granny Lynne was not seen making chipmunk fritters.


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I strongly think that human beings have a right to their private life, why should a paparrazzi think is right to make money from others nudity and encrouchment of their privacy. Thanks

2659 days ago


CDC for swimming naked? Um...ok. My kids swim naked in our private pool all the time

2659 days ago


Ok, what I don't understand is all you Brittany haters, why in the hell are you reading all the messages and then spending your time responding to them. You all need to get a grip! I love Brittany, I was that age once and parenting is not the easiest job in the world, especially under a microscope. Leave her alone, she is trying to figure everything out on her own, and she is not the only one who wants to make her own decisions. She is used to people/parents telling her what to do. Let her make her own mistakes, and she will learn from them, just like everyone else in the world. The difference is she has lots of money to have fun with. And as far as her kids swimming without clothes on, she is at her house in her yard, her pool and those are her kids, NOTHING wrong with that at ALL!!!! I wish I could get away with swimming in the nude. They are having fun being kids! I think everyone who hates on her is just jealous. Move on if you don't like her don't read about her! DUMBASSES is all I can think of to call you!

2658 days ago


lol I think its type cool she took her kids a bath in the pond.. like whats the big deal about it... its not like she's hurting them.. anywayz brit keep it up girl.

2658 days ago

Erin brower    

Britney shouldn't even have those kids with her, they should be with their Father! who knows what she will do with them ! but, it's a good thing that someone was with her, watching the boys. i think it's kind of innapropriate to have a photographer take pics of people in their own Backyards with their kids, having private moments!! britney better watch herself, one slip, and kevin will Call theDepartment of children & Family services. or even better, he'll get sole custody of Sean & Jayden . which, i hope he does, they don't really need to be with their mother, she is Mentally Unstable To take care of them !! frenchy92776

2656 days ago


Its clearly not a dirty pond like everyone is saying. Its just a shallow pool! And you know what? Its her life, her kids, and her property! She can do what she wants. And she is just like anyone else! Im sure that not everyone agrees to what i do with my son but you know what? HE IS MY SON! He is not in harms way and yea she has made mistakes but she is human! Those motherly instincts dont come natural to everyone! And whats the big deal with them being naked? I know tons of people who take naked pics of their kids in pools and baths. My mom did it with me and i did it with my son and my girlfriends do it with their kids. But ya know what? YOU WEREN'T EVEN GIVEN PERMISSION TO TAKE THESE PICS! You should get in trouble for posting such personal pics!

2651 days ago


Oh big deal letting her kids swim naked on the pond, who doesn't have naked pictures of ourselves when we were babies, well I have a lot, so I don't see where's the problem here, that's part of growing up...

2651 days ago


ok i just thoughtid say it is her pool at her house.if the kids pee in it they do put checmicals in it as is usual with underground its really not that big of a deal.and those swimmers that you can buy dont hold the pee anyway theyre basically for holdin the poop if they poop.and ir epeat its her pool at her house,i allow my son to swim naked in our pool.i dont see the big deal.hes almost 2 and isnt potty trained either but i let him swim naked.i mean come on be rational.wat did ppl use before there were the swimmers.nothing they jsut let their kids swim sure most of you were like this growin up.thats how they did it.i swear some ppl jsut have tohave something to get on her cant let her have a days break.guess wat none of you are perfect either but because your not a celebrity like her its no public or ppl would be all up on you the same cuz ppl make mistakes.leave her alone shes frickin tryin and thats wat matters

2648 days ago
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