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Britney Takes to the Cement Pond

7/9/2007 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A barefoot Britney in her new Betty Rubble-inspired bathing skirt and a weave from the Kiss '78 tour, took her boo-boos for a bath at her Malibu compound.

The naked Jayden is being handed off by the alleged bodyguard/new boyfriend, while Sean waits his turn. It's hard to find bathing suits in Bedrock.

Estranged Granny Lynne was not seen making chipmunk fritters.


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I think this pic is adorable - her kids are very cute. I can't believe the crap people are going to start over this - she is at her house with her children - she is taking care of them - get over it!

2633 days ago


Good grief you judgemental fools. Seriously the boys being naked is not that big of a deal! And to the LOSER that commented on whether or not the boys are potty trained is just ignorant! The youngest isn't even a year old yet! We don't always see her with her boys, so why must people criticize her when she is with them. Its no wonder these people snap...they can't win with you guys! Beautiful Boys, must be proud.

2633 days ago

Alec Baldwin    


You have major "issues"

You are obviously the poster child for forced abortion

2633 days ago

Playne Jayne    

I think everyone is missing the big picture... (mind you I have a dislike for her and her parenting skills, and she needs a lot of help mentally >>> Being a former child star will do that to you)

She is spending time with her kids... not her nannies or other various staff. I haven't seen a picture with both kids for a long while... Maybe she is finally on medications that are stabilizing her insanity. I hope her kids see more of this positiveness...

And being naked is not wrong when you are a kid... YOU ALL WERE BORN THAT WAY and if you live life right & any luck you'll get to leave that way ; )

2633 days ago


hey Jessica... maybe Brit will let you take your nose out of her bum long enough for you to get on pooper scooper duty when the poopie floaties come up!!!! Swim trunks and diapers made for swimming are meant to catch accidents. nuff said. over and out.

2633 days ago


i'm not a fan of her but if she's in the privacy of her own home, there's nothing wrong with her letting her boys be naked in a pond. you bitch about her not being there for her kids. then you bitch that she is there and letting them naked in water. that's ridiculous. i also think she looks good at that weight.

2633 days ago

getting tired of crap    

The true big picture is how much will these kids be able to sue for when they get old enough to yell damages.

2633 days ago


Adult's swim in the nude in their pool's and they know better.

2633 days ago


#38 and #40---AMEN!!

2633 days ago


That's a swimming pool, not a pond. It's not a bath. They are swimming. She's also wearing a dress. The same one she wore to church when she took the boys. Just because you don't see the pictures doesn't mean she isn't with the kids. Please show me one picture of "the better parent" Kevin with either boys alone. Show me one picture of Kevin holding Jayden. Show me one picture of Kevin taking Sean out shopping. Can't? don't think so.

Stop with the "they are too red" and things like that. You can't even freaking see them. This is an invasion of privacy.

2633 days ago


Please! Leave Brittney alone GOD ! dosen't anyone have a life geeze let her be she never been able to make descions for herself let her be a mom she okay ! she'll figure it out she young with 2 babies in diapers ! leave her alone danm I am really sick of people always putting her down she is a little legend for her age and she is a amazing pop artist thats what people should be focusing on!

2633 days ago

Playne Jayne    

Also I am more disturbed about this:

How much does this sound like a pedeophile...

Climbing over a wall to take naked pictures of young boys bathing in a pool at their mother's home... where's dateline when you need them?

2633 days ago


Why don't you folks get away from your computer screens and start spending some time with your own children. Brit looks like a model parent compared to you whiners.

2633 days ago


i would rather see mommie in the pond nude, oh sorry i already seen that nasty thing nude already, what was i thinking.

2633 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

I must admit I like a little Britney trashing every now and then when she deserves it, like the no underwear (gross) deal, but this is just going too far. I dont see anything wrong with letting the kids play in water naked. Its like no matter what she does someone has something bad to say. At least she seems somewhat involved. Shes in her own yard minding her own business. I think this is crossing the line.

2633 days ago
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