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Britney Takes to the Cement Pond

7/9/2007 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A barefoot Britney in her new Betty Rubble-inspired bathing skirt and a weave from the Kiss '78 tour, took her boo-boos for a bath at her Malibu compound.

The naked Jayden is being handed off by the alleged bodyguard/new boyfriend, while Sean waits his turn. It's hard to find bathing suits in Bedrock.

Estranged Granny Lynne was not seen making chipmunk fritters.


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Animal Lover    

I do agree that TMZ has gone too far on this one, but would it have been too hard Britney to put little bathing suits on the boys? It's one thing to be naked in the bathtub but have a little finesse and put some clothes on while outside. Yeah kids like to be naked but so do some adults, but you just don't do it! And oh yeah, that's no pond people, its a swimming pool......duh!!!!

2629 days ago


She is clearly NOT craving attention!! She is at her own private house!! And kids run around naked all the time no on calls social services on any of them!! Leave Brit alone!

2629 days ago


Good Lord do you people not have anything better to do than whine about babies in a pool, at their house with their mother, how many of us had naked pics taken of us in bathtubs or laying on blankets when we were baby. its only dirty in the mind of people who think in such a perverted way. give the girl a break and leave those children alone.

2629 days ago


Put some bathing trunks on those kids! I cringe whenever I see parents letting their kids run around naked outside!

2629 days ago


Why are the kid's naked, doesn't she have bathing suits for them? I don't run around in my yard naked... I understand it's her private property, but she is a public figure, so she knows there will be cameras. To allow photos of your naked children is ignorant. Also, the media should be more responsible than to print such photos of children. They didn't ask to be in the spot light and to print such photos is irresponsible journalism. To do so just feeds the pervs appetities. Britney just needs to think...

2629 days ago


Britney needs to sue.
This isn't a rumor they can retract or an insult they can appologize for. They have placed naked pictures of her kids on the internet. They can pull the pictures but the damage has been done, the pics are now permanently out there in cyber world.

I hope Kevin will step forward and sue if Brit wont.

2629 days ago


i'm surprised these pics are still on here - this is just in bad taste....

2629 days ago


TMZ - quit mixing your metaphors, it only makes you look as uneducated as well all like to think you are. Make up your mind, is it Beverly Hillbillies or Flintstones.

Sneaking onto private property for the purpose of photographing naked minors is a FEDERAL OFFENSE.

Sick pricks... stick to what you do best, glorifying that blowhole Hilton.

2629 days ago


Being on your property is one thing, but taking your babies outside in clear view of the paps ( whether they shouldve been there or not) with out any clothes on is really sad. its rediculous to think that this was anything other than a pathetic attempt to get a little coverage. And why would i say that?? because EVERYTHING this trainwreck does is for attention. if i was outside with my babies, with no clothes on, and saw camera men shooting me, the shot you would get would be me covering them with a towel, trying to protect them. not having the bodyguard hand them to me, making sure they got a good shot. this is just another notch on her pathetic attention-seeking belt.

2629 days ago


lol @ TMZ writer
Some of you here are way to uptight.
tsk tsk adomishments from mom and dad.
Britt brat humor is harmless and has ring of truth lol.

2629 days ago


Texas - I agree, she is beyond hope. But do you honestly think someone would do this for publicity? Regardless, TMZ has gone way off the deep end posting these. I have a son around Jayden's age and God help anyone who did this to me. I think that not only should this be pulled TMZ should be fined and the pap should get jail time for corruption of TWO minors (well 3 if you include Mama)

2629 days ago

I am Just Sayin..........    

Considering she is at her own home, her own pool (which looks like a kiddie pool for her children) I don't see anything wrong with her letting her babies play in the nude. Alot of parents do it, but if Brit does it she is wrong, WTF??????

I'm so glad everyone can judge her because they are just so perfect lol.

2629 days ago


TMZ as a concerned parent, I beg of you again Please take these pictures DOWN!!!
Otherwise I think those on here who do feel outraged should contact missing and exploited kids and or DO SOMETHING!

2629 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Sorry , gals and gents , this is really very cute . Hard really to find anything wrong except the Paps taking pictures of private property . Sorry no UFOs' , Skywriting K-feds , Quick plane outa here , ala New years in Vegas pass -out time . Nope . But heres a list anywhos ....
1. Saves on diapers ...See Brit can be frugal !
2. " Fresh smell of Baby poop " is the new line of Brits' cologne
3. Naked babies peeing in the pool saves money on flushing the toilet
4. In Chinese Astrology naked babies butts are a sign of wealth
5. Britney is wearing the " NASCAR Momma " line for 2008
6. Boyfriend /bodyguard is trying out new pee-repeal Sunscreen
7. Baby Poop floaters are great for target practice and cheaper than going to the dump
8. Actually doing the new " Naked Baby workout "
9. Babys are really the Roswell aliens and have to be transported --" elsewhere " !?!
10. Really is secret Message to K-fed -- KISS MY WET BABYs ASS-- PUNK !

2629 days ago


You guys are a disgrace. Britney has her own host of problem, but then you stoop so low as to put naked pictures of her children out on the web. I hope she sues your site and the photog that took these pictures. You deserve it with all the perverts out here on the internet.

2629 days ago
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