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Miss NJ - No Skin, No Boozing, So What?

7/9/2007 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The blackmailed beauty queen who's being terrorized by an anonymous nemesis says the pictures in question don't show her drinking underage, nor any salacious skin, nor anything else that would disgrace her. So, as Matt Lauer asked her on "Today," why not just release the photos and scuttle the blackmailer?

Polumbo didn't know quite what to say to that, and characterized the snaps as "normal college girl" stuff. Meanwhile, her mom told the New York Daily News that rumors that she was boozing before her time were "lies," but Polumbo is scheduled to meet with Miss America officials to discuss what's in the pics.

None of the runners-up have been interviewed by police, they say.

Foxy Brown – Missing in Plain Sight?

After Foxy Brown was reported "missing" by her lawyer over the weekend and that she'd "disappeared" to London, it seems that she hadn't gone very far after all. reported that the rapperista had been "found" in New York, performing at the Urban Music Awards on Saturday night.

Foxy's lawyer had sounded the alarm that she had boarded a flight across the pond and hadn't been heard from and could be "anywhere," including "hibernating" in London. Well, Foxy didn't go very far, and in any case, she was late to get to her hosting gig at the Music Awards.

Does Babwa Vant Ivanka for "View"?

How's this for crazy? A new report says that Ivanka Trump could be filling Rosie O'Donnell's old seat on "The View," but an insider tells Page Six, "It ain't gonna happen." The National Enquirer reported that hiring the busty "hottie with brains" would be a way for Barbara Walters to get back at Paris and the Hiltons for ditching her in favor of Larry King. But Babwa's still not over Ivanka's daddy Donald's calling her a liar during his tussle with Rosie, and so any Trump hire would be far-fetched.

Party Favors: Andrew Lloyd Webber – the Next Simon Cowell? ... Jacko Demands Kiddie Food

Andrew Lloyd Webber says he's been "swamped" by offers to do a US TV show, and that he's going to have a "major announcement" in the next few weeks, reports the London Daily Mail (via MSNBC). Not that we need more spicy-twee Englishmen infesting our airwaves. ... Michael Jackson has been making life for the staff of a hotel in Maryland hellish, ordering chicken fingers and "other types of kids food" at 4:00 AM. But he did call and bless the manager of the Inn at Perry Cabin, reports Page Six.


No Avatar

name withheld    

Ivanka is perfect for the view! As long as Barbara only hosts once a month, there might be hope for them. Elisabeth will surely be outstaged by Ivanka.

2633 days ago


How would hiring Ivanka get back at the Hiltons? Has Paris started a feud with yet ANOTHER one of the young Hollywood crowd? I can’t believe Paris or her family wonder why Paris is so despised and why so many worked hard to make sure she was jailed. It’s not because she is famous or beautiful, as there are plenty who fit that bill that are beloved by the public.

2633 days ago


Could be the new face of the The View but I agree that it won't happen. She would outclass all those caddy women because she has a brain. She certainly doesn't need the show. Why can't more of these "celebs" act like Ivanka and Donald Jr.
You don't see them getting into trouble and plastered all over the tabloids. I guess they were raised right!

2633 days ago

give the dog a bone    

.......he looks like the guy Liza Minelli used to beat up!

2633 days ago


Foxy in London??????????????? Party in the Pink Houses in Brooklyn's East New York and then grab a flight to London, yeah sounds about right. Stop playing!!! This broad is a star to herself only. The only time she gets any real play is when people take pity on her ghetto ass.

2633 days ago


"I think girls who do the attention "lesbian" act are pathetic attention whores". They certainly are. And they're fakes for pretending to be lesbians when they're not. They should leave lesbians out of it and just be who they are -- manipulative, heterosexual women. But people who are desperate for attention any way they can get it ,are pathetic to begin with.

2633 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

I think the Miss New Jersey story is a publicity stunt; nothing about it rings true.

2633 days ago


Besides NJ, who cares about this woman?
Foxy who?
Ivanka should stay off TV and do what she does best,
spend Daddy's money.
Webber could be Guest's clone.

2633 days ago


Ivanka-View ? This must be joke!!!!!!!!!!!!Her Dad can give her job !!!View need somebody like Eva Longoria or Gayle /Oprah/person with harisma and establish personality!!

2633 days ago

He's Boring now    

Oh great, Foxy's been Found. Given all her past legal issues one would think her and her lawyer (who reported her "missing") would have a closer relationship.

No wonder this idiot is out and about making a scene wherever she takes her no talent has been ass to.

Celeberties who are rude to the general public and those working in restuarants and hair salons are the cruelest and most sociopathic of them all. They either forgot their roots or never had any in the first place. I believe Brown is guilty of never having any roots of the kind that teach manners and respect for the working public trying to make a decent living.

May her Hair Weaves be yanked by regular people on a very regular basis.

2633 days ago

jProud American Author    

I hope that Ivanka gets to do The View! That would be just awesome. She is sweet, savvy and intellegent.
I thought Whoopee Goldberg signed papers already to join the show?

2633 days ago

Phony Tony    

I'm highly disappointed that hasn't obtained and published the pictures Miss New Jersey seems to think are so bad. Why not offer a "rewad" and see what happens?

2633 days ago


Couldn't Miss New Jersey settle her problems with the Miss America Organization without involving the media? She may deny that this is a publicity stunt, but when se competes for the Miss America title, this will give her a bit of an advantage recognition wise.

I'm an Ivanka fan. She's beautiful and brainy. It would be great to see and listen to her on "The View", but I don't think it's going to happen considering her dad's rift with Barbara Walters.

2633 days ago

Whippet Good    

Ivanka is way too smart and classy for the View. And I don't think it would get her where she's wanting to go, either. My pronouncement: You won't see her doing this.

2633 days ago


Ivanka Trump is a classy lady--much too good to be tangled up with BaBaWaWa, the has been. BaBa lost all credibility when Rosie came on The View and totally screwed it up!

2633 days ago
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