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Sharpton to TMZ: "Roboho" a Big No No

7/9/2007 6:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al SharptonNational Action Network President Al Sharpton has set his sights on over the word "Roboho" in a fashion piece that was published two weeks ago:

"Calling any woman a "ho" is demeaning and abusive and it should not be tolerated on any level. It is intolerable to think that would find humor in calling Beyonce -- someone who symbolizes the strength, dignity and uplifting of Black women -- a "Roboho," and they should be denounced by the entire community for glorifying the continued oppression of women with this derogatory term. Racism in America is perpetuated by ignorance and hate and using one's airwaves or media entity to promote it is a blatant setback to civil rights and the advancement of equality.

National Action Network has been in the forefront of protesting the word "ho" and will hold a 20-city tour featuring 100 women in each market on August 7th to protest the use of the word "ho" as well as the "N" and "B" words. We encourage to retract their misogynistic labeling of Beyonce and apologize immediately."


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Im sorry, but how racially biased is "Black Entertainment awards"??!! If anyone were to ever creat the "White Entertainment Awards" Al Sharpton's head would explode!!!! Talk about a racist!!

2660 days ago


Sharpton is a true fascist and no friend of free speech...Beware

2660 days ago


Someone needs to kick this jackass back to africa and take oj with him and jesse jackson as well. These people are full of it, now we cannot say ho get a f______ing life. This punk al needs to go to hell, I am just sick of his bull he needs to start his crap with his own people who use the h, n, words, give me a break jackass. Tmz should just ingore these people maybe they all will go back to africa.

2660 days ago


Before you racist ass people start to talk about black and lump us in the same catorgory i do not represent Al at all, and i am black he is not speaking for me or for alot of other black people. So bash him not are race cause he is not speaking for all of us.

2660 days ago


Rev. Sharpton plus alot of other black speakers need to quit looking so deeply for trouble in
words, who is he any way and who cares what he says ! I am fed up with racist this racist that. The black performers, stars, etc.. are making way more money, get way more publicity, and have these people like rev.sharpton and jessie jackson always whining racist. What about BET, Black enetertainment and Black College football. If there was a white entertainment station and white college football I am sure that would be racist, well I think it is !

2660 days ago

Al Sharpton Sucks    

The Rev wants to ban a word his peeps created?

2660 days ago

Lenn K.    

Al Sharpton, I always had one question for you, why to you showup when you think blacks are treated badly by whites but not by blacks. And my second question is who appointed you and Jesse Jackson as the spokesmen for black in America? If you really cared you'd talk about the murder rate in black communities, out-of wedlock births that is so totally out-of-control, education as a prior and the most important black men taking responsibility for their families and their communities. Robho is the last thing that you should be worryed about. Remember you loved it when the rappers said it, so what's your problem!!!?

2660 days ago


I have some advise for the Reverend Al Sharpton...... shut up! LOL

When you get off your fat ass and go after the rappers then maybe you'll have a point. But until you do that and do it publicly then we really don't need to hear from you.

2660 days ago

thrown out    

Between Sharpton and J. Jackson I don't know who is the worst, and they never go after any of the rappers and were they not their in the Duke "rape" case? And also if they were I don't believe they ever said they were wrong and sorry. Nether did the Black Panthers, so how come when it comes to blacks these two are all over it. I am cau. but I have alot of black friends. I think they need to talk to God about their behavior are they not suppose to be Reverends? Martin Luther King should be their role model.

2660 days ago


I'm sure Beyonce is laughing all the way to the bank! I am sick and tired of black people blaming me for slavery. The ones who complain the most are the ones you see on all the court shows and talk shows. They have time to go because they have nothing better to do with there welfare checks. It's us the middle class white people with all the financial problems not blacks. Every chance you get you turn everything into a race issue. Why don't you take a look at ALL YOUR VIDEOS what do you see? Degrading your own race that's what. Stop your pity party and grow up and get a job and contribute something to this society!

2660 days ago


Again with the racism bit? That's all Sharpton is good for.."what? you don't like so and so?...that's should be denounced by the public for perpetuating racist behavior." Reverse racism is what Sharpton does best...he should be denounced for perpetuation of racist allegations.

2660 days ago


This guy takes non-race driven comments and makes them race issues! He tries to keep people of color and whites separated, which is racist itself!

2660 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Why don't you go raise funds under false pretenses that Rev. Jessie Jackson can use again for his girlfriend's rent on her apartment so he can keep his chippy on the side away from his wife?

2660 days ago


Somebody, anybody, PLEASE make him shut up!

2660 days ago


Is it everything consider racist to this guy..??? is he even important in his own neighborhood? who is he? is he a god?

2660 days ago
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