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Sharpton to TMZ: "Roboho" a Big No No

7/9/2007 6:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al SharptonNational Action Network President Al Sharpton has set his sights on over the word "Roboho" in a fashion piece that was published two weeks ago:

"Calling any woman a "ho" is demeaning and abusive and it should not be tolerated on any level. It is intolerable to think that would find humor in calling Beyonce -- someone who symbolizes the strength, dignity and uplifting of Black women -- a "Roboho," and they should be denounced by the entire community for glorifying the continued oppression of women with this derogatory term. Racism in America is perpetuated by ignorance and hate and using one's airwaves or media entity to promote it is a blatant setback to civil rights and the advancement of equality.

National Action Network has been in the forefront of protesting the word "ho" and will hold a 20-city tour featuring 100 women in each market on August 7th to protest the use of the word "ho" as well as the "N" and "B" words. We encourage to retract their misogynistic labeling of Beyonce and apologize immediately."


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stop mentioning tawany brawley, because the black community believes she told the truth!! i went to college with her and let me tell you something, based onher behavior, she was defintely assaulted. just because justice wasnt served in the court system does not mean she was not raped! blacks are used to not getting justice in the court system!! whites are. and that is why whites were so angry, and many still are, over the oj simpson issue. the white community fails to get justice one time, and they lose their mind over it, and are full of anger and refuse to accept the verdict,and just move on, reporters even insulted the black jurors by saying the dna was too complicated for them to understand it. the gall of them.

2661 days ago


Get Don Imus back so he can expose this guy for what he is. Elena

2660 days ago


Any women is referred to as a "ho" is wrong. Point blank. Weather they be black, white, yellow, or green. But for TMZ to refer to her outfit as "ROBOHO" is a lame attempt to make fun of her outfit. Ya gotta admit, B ROCKED THAT PERFORMANCE! After seeing her on stage, who gives a f**k about the costume? Beyonce is an extremely successful, career-driven young lady who has never been caught in press off of scandal. Unlike some other celebs (ahem, Lohan...Hilton) who get press for their Ho-like activities. TMZ, word of advice...if u get the itch to refer to someone as a "ho," make sure that they are one.

2659 days ago


The Black Community needs people like Al Sharpton to speak up about issues like this because WE just won't! It is a shame that we rely on him to do our work and express some sort of pride and honor. Our culture has become so cold over the years that PEOPLE will let everything slide. It is long past the time when people need to stop letting society dictate what is right and what is wrong morally. If you would not talk to your mom like that then why in the world would you publish it for the entire world to see? The problem with this society is that people do talk to their moms any old way and moms and dads nowadays have let that behavior slide. It starts at home PEOPLE. If your parents will not correct the way you walk or talk then I applaud the courageous people like Al Sharpton who will. Don't you dare talk about Dr. King turning in his grave because Al Sharpton takes a stand. You should be more focused on dead troops from a useless war; kids killing parents; mothers and fathers killing kids; government officials acting like they were not elected. The next time you decide to chime in on someone trying to do what is morally right take a long hard look into your own life and ask yourself when was the last time you stood up for someone?

2657 days ago


All of you who say that Al Sharpton will not confront rappers over their lyrics should check their facts. If you had a clue you would recall how he teamed up with rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy and held public forums and discussions with the Hip Hop community about cleaning up their language. As far as you idiots who say Al Sharpton has no job he has one. He speaks for those who have a small voice. Have you ever considered what you would feel like if the entire world heard someone call you a nasty name? Honestly try to evaluate the big picture before you go stepping all over Al Sharpton. I did not see this big a fuss when Paris went to jail; Britney Spears spits out her gum and you fools want to buy it on Ebay; Someone mentioned Karma earlier. Beware what you wish, it will come right back to you.

2657 days ago


I hope Reverend Al gets gang raped by AIDS patients and lives just long enough to see everyone he cares about beaten to death.

2657 days ago

Al Sharpton is a RACIST    


2617 days ago

V4Vend what point in time does freedom of speech play a part. How can i possibly agree with Al Sharpton when the facts on the table contradicts everything that he's saying? So tmz called her a "roboho" making fun of her choice of clothing she performed in. Who cares? Why is this an issue? She looked like a broke down "oscar" or should i say "ho-scar". It doesn't matter but since he's on the subject of demeaning language especially towards black women. How about he check out the lyrics of "beyonce" and her public image a little closer before jumping up to save her. How is she a role model and what does she do to uplift black women? She calls herself a bitch in her songs, she sangs about her body, sex and guys wanting her body and having sex with her. Does the uplifting of black women take place when she's singing these songs and shaking her ass? Is that why people expect black women to be "hoes"? Think about what you're representing before you represent it. Tmz has said plenty of things about paris, britney, lindsay being ho-like but did you AL Sharpton jump up to rescue them? No! So maybe you're issue isn't necessarily who said what it's about who it was said to. Al Sharpton and like a lot of "black leaders" are only looking for attention. Looking for a fight and to make being "black" this untouchable subject with every other race. Well, I'm a black woman and i totally disagree with the tactics that "black leaders" use to get attention and to feel like there's something for everyone to get upset over. The issues aren't that serious and shouldn't even be debated. It's just dumb and yes she looks like a "roboho".

2650 days ago

Joanne Deutch    

People are so self-centered instead of making this world a better place through bthe creative arts. Gutter language is Not art. Art is an expression that comes from the heart. Give to the Arts, and they give back.

2644 days ago
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