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Al Sharpton to TMZ: "Roboho" a Big No-No

7/10/2007 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al SharptonNational Action Network President Al Sharpton has set his sights on over the word "Roboho" in a fashion piece that was published two weeks ago:

"Calling any woman a "ho" is demeaning and abusive and it should not be tolerated on any level. It is intolerable to think that would find humor in calling Beyonce -- someone who symbolizes the strength, dignity and uplifting of Black women -- a "Roboho," and they should be denounced by the entire community for glorifying the continued oppression of women with this derogatory term. Racism in America is perpetuated by ignorance and hate and using one's airwaves or media entity to promote it is a blatant setback to civil rights and the advancement of equality.

Al sharpton -- click to launch Harvey Levin -- click to play
National Action Network has been in the forefront of protesting the word "ho" and will hold a 20-city tour featuring 100 women in each market on August 7th to protest the use of the word "ho" as well as the "N" and "B" words. We encourage to retract their misogynistic labeling of Beyonce and apologize immediately."

TMZ's Response:

In response to your statement questioning TMZ's use of the term "roboho" in our BET Awards fashion story, please note that we called Beyonce's performance outfit a "roboho" not Ms. Knowles herself. There is a difference. As to accusations that our comment was racially motivated, TMZ has humorously called into question many celebs for wearing racy outfits -- regardless of their race. We've called Lindsay Lohan's trashy ensemble a "HO-rror" and even gave Kid Rock a humorous "ho" reference in a December 2006 story. Isn't the context in which a word is used almost as important, if not more so, than the actual word? While others may have used the term with maliciousness -- we clearly did not. It was a humor piece -- as all of our fashion roundup stories are.

TMZ appreciates your feedback, Rev. Sharpton, and the dialogue it has opened, but it is clear that the only thing more subjective than what is fashionable, is what one finds funny.

Britney: Taco Belle

Britney SpearsWearing an athletic tee that says "NO PUSHOVER," and apparently NO BRA, a brown-haired Brit-Brit resisted the siren call of the chalupa at a recent gas station bathroom break.

The toxic fashion disaster singer was spotted making a pit stop in Malibu while a mystery man/friend waited in her idling Mercedes. Britney had time to secure a new crapariffic ammo belt from a local military surplus store.

After checking her Cher-weave, Miss Thing skipped a run for the border. When ya gotta go, ya'll gotta go!

Trashy Brit -- click to launch

Nicole Richie in Deep

The Commissioner in the Nicole Richie DUI case did not grant the continuance Nicole Richie wanted. Period.
Nicole Richie and Joel Madden
As TMZ first reported, Richie's lawyer asked for a continuance until August 5th, because her expert witness, Dr. Terence McGee, was not available to testify then. Commissioner Steven Lubell was visibly upset and ordered both Nicole's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, and the prosecutor into chambers. When the Commissioner came out, he said he would not rule on the continuance and ordered all parties into court tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM -- that's when the trial is scheduled to begin.

Nicole Richie -- click to launchSeems like Nicole is in a pickle. She flew to Calgary last night with baby daddy Joel Madden, who is performing a gig in the Great White North. Will Nicole bail on the concert and come back to face the Commish?

We'll let you know!

The Next Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton: Click to watchPrepare to be creeped out -- Paris Hilton's biggest fan is a tiny 4-year-old girl.

Showing off posing skills eerily similar to those of her ex-con/socialite hero, a precocious little gal from Florida waited outside Hilton's home last night for the chance to meet the star of "One Night in Paris" and "Bottoms Up." Don't these kids have bedtimes anymore?!

When Paris emerged, the heiress worked it for the cameras with the little one right by her side -- though it's clear the younger of the two has a lot to learn about handling flashbulbs!


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Al Sharpton uses racism to exploit his own benefits and he is to retarted to even realize what he is doing, who cares if Beyonce is a "Ro bo Ho", she had to know we were going to do some trash talking wearing that thing. Al Sharpton could care less if every white man and woman fell off planet earth tonight, now that is racist you hypocrite ass bro ho.

2628 days ago

Sick of Al Sharptounge    

Al Sharpton can find more to complain about to make he and Jessee Jackson stay in the spotlight more than any other 2 people in history, but of course it makes them very, very, rich. Wise up America, the tide is going to turn and they will regret it. I for one am sick and tired of their Bull S---! It is probably making more people racist, now it occurs to me maybe this is what they want so they can continue to get richer!

2628 days ago

food server    

Stopping raciam starts with you...Being in the restaurant industry and having to work for tips, you people suck, you either leave a cheap tip or no tip at all...Even your black brothers and sisters dont wanna wait on you..And thats pretty darn bad..Whats da matter cant you all figure out what a 15 to 20% tip is ??? Probably lack of education lol. Go to Micky D's if you dont wanna tip !!

2628 days ago


Last time I looked there were over 300 post here, where are the other pages? AOL choosing to put this on the front page tells me that real news is not important here. Beyonce is a media ho, along with Foxy Brown and Little Kim Paris Hilton et al. She does sell sex, if not why can't she keep her clothes on when she performs? HO!

2628 days ago


First and foremost. I don't know why everybody insists that Al Sharpton "speaks" for the "black comunity". I am an individual and I don't need anyone to speak for me. He is a greedy, out of touch, glory hog. I don't see the "white community", the "asian community" or the "hispanic community" with a spokesperson, and well the same goes for us.

2628 days ago


Al sharpton is ridiculous! I realize that I am probably speaking for much of america when I say please shut up sir. I wonder if as a white woman I could get al sharpton to stand up for me in any aspect of life..doubtful.

2628 days ago

Luis Figueroa    

I agree with the statements from the TMZ. "Sharlarpton" oops, I mean "reverend" Sharpton has declared himself a "champion" of all issues he thinks are on the dark side. He probably wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror and says, "Oh My God, am black". This person wants to eliminate the word BLACK. He actually has an inferiority clomplex with which he needs help with.

2628 days ago


all sharpton is a joke!!!! the guy makes money plaing the black population these type of people complain about trivial crap and it makes headlines STUPID

2628 days ago


Thanks Al, you gave me a good laugh! TMZ is less than tasteful ALL THE TIME no matter who is in the lime light. If you are a celebrity and wear something a little revealing or do something risqué, TMZ is going to report on it, and they are not going to be nice. Every time they called Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears a ho, was it racist? I didn’t hear anyone whining about it then.

2628 days ago


We all need to be a little more understanding about Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson when it comes to this subject. I believe they were both born out of wedlock - no daddies - so they might be a little more sensitive toward this word than most.

2628 days ago


Al Sharpton is an idiot. Plain and simple!

2628 days ago


I think Al is right....No one should be called a ho

2628 days ago


I think Al is right....No one should be called a ho

2628 days ago


al is a double standard bigot an a disgrase to the clergy. he is nothing but a trouble maker he only wants his face in the public eye he is no good for any cause.

2628 days ago


what id it was mrs, agullera(sp) would mr sharpton's panties be in a bunch. prolly not. raceism has begun to cross the line nowadays. people get set off on anything and everything. take it how you will. this country needs a vacation...BAD

2628 days ago
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