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Britney: Taco Belle

7/10/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing an athletic tee that says "NO PUSHOVER," and apparently NO BRA, a brown-haired Brit-Brit resisted the siren call of the chalupa at a recent gas station bathroom break.

The toxic fashion disaster singer was spotted making a pit stop in Malibu while a mystery man/friend waited in her idling Mercedes. Britney had time to secure a new crapariffic ammo belt from a local military surplus store.

After checking her Cher-weave, Miss Thing skipped a run for the border. When ya gotta go, ya'll gotta go!


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Pregnant at 44    

Not a good outfit Britney.

2558 days ago


Brit, don't you have a mirror? Wear a bra, your boobs are horrid. And those ratty extentions do not make you look glamorous, you look like you have a worn-out fright wigg on! This woman fires everyone who wants to help her, treats her own mother like garbage, and she thinks she should be in charge of her life instead? Britney, GET HELP! Yes, good thing her kids are with someone else.

2558 days ago


At first glance, I thought she was LaLohan.

2558 days ago


TMZ...BritBrit (aka the Skank of Kentwood) doesn't know how to dress or spell but you should. It's y'all NOT ya'll

2558 days ago


She always looks so greasy and dirty! I just hate her hair, or weave, whatever IT is. She used to be so cute. Sorry Brit, you look better as a blonde. Washed blonde hair, that is.

2558 days ago


She is a disgusting slob. She should be ashamed of herself.

2558 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Looks like Lindsy lo. All these pop tarts do favor one another. Looks like a Welfare Queen to me

2558 days ago

solid snake    

that...THING should be sent to iraq and be blown up be a car doesnt deserve to be here...GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY BRIT!!!!

2558 days ago

Lenn K.    

I ask myself why does the paparizzi keep follow this women. Do they hope she kills herself or someone else. Are they hoping she'll show her shaved cave or a boob. I just don't understand why they just won't just leave her alone. She not making any music or she can't act. what is the appeal?

2558 days ago

Kitty Meow Meow    

Come on, y'all, most of use wouldn't look that glamourous making a pit stop at a gas station. Not a bad picture of Brit considering. Got to admit, needs a bra, though.

2558 days ago


somebody please get this crazy bitch a stylist and a bra. i can see this girl loosing her kids

2558 days ago

Pregnant at 44    

That should be "losing her kids".

2558 days ago


Oh my...This girl has lost her mind. Very sad. She really needs some help-she has hit rock bottom. Just look at her, she is an absolute mess.

2558 days ago


what a ho

2558 days ago


Don't, Lila # 2 ----This ain't school, and people write fast, and make typos. We don't need your corrections. lighten up.

2558 days ago
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