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Britney: Taco Belle

7/10/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing an athletic tee that says "NO PUSHOVER," and apparently NO BRA, a brown-haired Brit-Brit resisted the siren call of the chalupa at a recent gas station bathroom break.

The toxic fashion disaster singer was spotted making a pit stop in Malibu while a mystery man/friend waited in her idling Mercedes. Britney had time to secure a new crapariffic ammo belt from a local military surplus store.

After checking her Cher-weave, Miss Thing skipped a run for the border. When ya gotta go, ya'll gotta go!


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Miss Brit musta had a lot of tugging done on those ta-tas to deform them like that! And more on one side than the other. And she's proud of that floppy mess, too! Momma musta sent her over a bra, so she sent Momma packing. Or maybe odor-eaters for those nasty brown boots. At least in pics, we can't see them jiggle-eeeeeeeeeew!!!!

2627 days ago


Hey people, Don't you realize that any comments good or bad is better then no attention at all? Just ignore her/it and she will fade away just like many others before her

2627 days ago


Maybe you do need Lila to help you Max. Ain't? Why even use it?

2627 days ago


Britney looks absolutely horrid in that outfit!

By the way, our education system is going down the tubes. I am surprised anyone can spell anymore. Who cares? This is just a comment board.

2627 days ago


Why, it's the Glamour "Don't" Girl. (again, again, and again)

2627 days ago

are you new?    

She is so dirty that when she does finally take a shower
she loses weight

2627 days ago


Brit needs to come to the realization that she and her career are over and done with.
She and whats his face has made sure of that.
What a shame.....

2627 days ago


I think there are some very serious people on a stupid site. Why must you pick apart peoples posts on grammar and spelling and such? Leave them alone, write your own comment, and remember, this is a gossip blog, fools.

2627 days ago


Americans are mostly illiterate. No wonder foreigners are taking your jobs.

2627 days ago


That woman is so disgusting you should remove from your website and don't' show her again, what a bad example to her kids and to the young people. DISGUSTING WOMAN!!!!

2627 days ago


Look who they worship! Britney Spears could not even spell "role" correctly. She had it confused with the "roll" that a person eats. Any third grader should be able to figure that mistake.

2627 days ago


All im reading is "She needs a stylist..." , "Her hair extensions look horrible"... yada yada yada.... She's in a freaking gas station, since when should someone need a stylist to use the restroom at a gas station? Whats next, having to wear a red carpet gown just to go to Walmart?

2627 days ago


I can't take it anymore! Who lets her out of the mansion looking like this? The girl needs to stop spending money on bad hair extensions and hire a style consultant. It's like watching a train wreck... You don't want to look, but can't help yourself.

2627 days ago


Sandrine? No, hon, Americans are not illiterate. Some PEOPLE are, yes, and you sure see alot of them here. But I wonder why you are such a mean person? People with issues like yourself, are not to be taken seriously.

2627 days ago


Leave the poor girl alone.

2627 days ago
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