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Britney: Taco Belle

7/10/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing an athletic tee that says "NO PUSHOVER," and apparently NO BRA, a brown-haired Brit-Brit resisted the siren call of the chalupa at a recent gas station bathroom break.

The toxic fashion disaster singer was spotted making a pit stop in Malibu while a mystery man/friend waited in her idling Mercedes. Britney had time to secure a new crapariffic ammo belt from a local military surplus store.

After checking her Cher-weave, Miss Thing skipped a run for the border. When ya gotta go, ya'll gotta go!


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oh my - i went back to read all the comments, this is funny -half of this BLOG is about spelling... LOL

it's ok, though, this isn't really entertainment news - it's just a girl using a public restroom, so maybe we can just start talking about something else anyway

2659 days ago


I couldn't resist. I laughed when I saw your name.

2659 days ago

give the dog a bone    

...well if there's any good news here it's that she's not flashing us her hoo-hoo. Of course, that leaves us to have to look at her ever-sagging gramma knockers. FGS, turn off the headlights and put the twins in the garage!!!!!! If there's not a kid nursin' on those things, she might want to consider having some steel supports surgically implanted. Also......give the weave back to Elvira.

2659 days ago


that girl does NOT want to be left alone. she wants ATTENTION! if she wanted to be left alone she would pack her bags, grab her kids and go far far away. but no, instead she's parading around every day and night, showing off her horrid body parts, making an ass out of herself and having the gall to try to keep her mother away from her kids. mind you, i think her mother and k-fed are the only ones suitable to be around those kids right now. this skank needs to burn her weave and go away already

2659 days ago


Janice and Dara, thanks for the laughs. I feel like I am listening to my 4 year old nieces reason. How about we send them to France and Frenchie can eat them?

2659 days ago


I still think her hair looks like crap, but at least she has on clothes. She should invest in a boob lift if she wants to go bra-less.

2659 days ago


i love this american form of celebrity she went to a taco belle without a bra on..big this the only thing TMZ can dig up? talk about micro-news. The current state of pop music is a bunch of Mickey Mouse Clubbers gone pro and a bunch of hip-hoppers who cant sing either. okay christina can sing but with practically no soul...just a warbler like mariah...has TMZ EVER written about a band or music. it's like a daily lindsay, britney update...people who cant sing or act for people who cant write sent to people who cant read. AOL thinks this is what we are interested in? No wonder TW ditched the AOL part. No wonder most people I talk to think AOL is for losers. After a week or two more of this i will cancel my AOL...pathetic is too kind.

2659 days ago


Laughin is not a real word. So why are making fun of them?

2659 days ago


It is silly to keep on fighting about the spelling of laughing, but even if they are annoying they are correct that it isn't the right spelling. The fighting is stupid, but they aren't. At least they can spell laughing right.

2659 days ago


How are they stupid if they can spell laughing the right way compared to laughin that Mike person posted?

2659 days ago


At least Janice isn't illiterate, and she can find the mistakes in your sentences. lol

2659 days ago

Miss Malibu    

Not Malibu, close to Malibu on PCH and Sunset Blvd. Pacific Palisades to be exact. Listen we are all casual communities by the coast. She looks great and fits in perfectly with the rest of us. Who wants to be a Paris Hilton in real life? Not anyone from Malibu, that's for sure.

2659 days ago


Britney used the incorrect "roll" on her site, so maybe she is your people's speed who can't spell on this site. Hate on people who can spell!! LOL

2659 days ago


Miss Malibu,

It is spelled Malaboo.

2659 days ago


Uh Oh, Janice is changin her name, to pat herself on the back. How retarded are you, Janice?

2659 days ago
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