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Busta Doesn't Get Rolled Up in Court

7/10/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Something good finally happened for Busta Rhymes in court, as a judge refused to roll all four of his arrests in the last year together into one fat case, as the district attorney had requested.
Busta Rhymes Court Sketch
Rhymes just walked out of Manhattan Criminal Court, and was all smiles for the cameras, as all four of the charges -- two misdemeanor assault charges, a DUI, and a suspended license charge -- will be handled separately. TMZ is told that the D.A. had sought to try the four cases together for the sake of expediency, but Rhymes thought he'd get a better deal if the cases weren't done in tandem. The rapper rejected a plea deal last month that would've meant a year of jail time and a $1,500 fine.

Rhymes -- real name Trevor Smith -- has been arrested four times in the last 10 months. He's due back in court September 5, and trial dates will be set then, if necessary.


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Zenophobe Alien    

Another one bites the dust

2664 days ago


That is the worst court room sketch ever. Did the artist just say to him/her self "I'll draw a generic black dude and call it Busta'. Only white people read the newspapers and all white people think all black people look alike."?

2664 days ago

Lenn K.    

The DA isn't worried, he knows that this piece of garbage will be back, people like this always do.

2664 days ago


Your sketch artist should be flogged in public. That picture looks like a bloated Nas.

2664 days ago

jProud American Author    

I hope Busta goes to jail before he kills someone. Scary TMZ report.

2664 days ago


What would I do if I couldn't see all the celebs going down like they are everyday?

2664 days ago

kim suck    

please just let him go--you know why--

2664 days ago


Why can't he get 2 days like Paris?

2664 days ago


Poor Busta, hes probably scared to do a year of jail time - I bet he rejected that with a quickness. I dont think he'll get any better than that arrested 5 TIMES IN 10 MONTHS!!
Paris aint even do that bad and that b*tch is white!!! Hes going down......Sorry Busta


2664 days ago

ana rose    

i agree with the richer get richer you are so right i feel you.

2664 days ago


Another talentless idiot off the street for awhile.

2664 days ago


He needs to go to jail. How many times in a year have you been arrested? Normal people don't keep getting arrested. Lil Kim went to jail for not "snitching", but not Busta? Someone was killed here, and he can't give any testimony.
Paris Hilton had to go to jail, Martha Stewart went to jail, and he is far more of a criminal than those two.
It's time for the rappers to quit getting off with their crimes.

2664 days ago


BILL COSBY PLEASE PLEASE DO SOMETHING....HELP THESE PEOPLE. You are the only one with the guts to call it what it is....more than ever the black community need you Bill....HIP HOP IS POISON, STRICLY POISON. Music of the gutter, talk that is posion, clean it all up BILL, tell it like it is.
Lots of people hear you and understand you. There is lots of black leaders who appear on the scene for a photo op....they need solid people, people like Bill Cosby and Oprah, who will be there for the oppressed long term, you don't have to go to Africa to build a school, you can clean up the streets of Chicago, and
Detroit, so much to be done in the black community. Getting rid of the so called 'gangsta' culture is the beginning. It is poison to the youth. Good luck in all your endevours.

2664 days ago


Busta Rhymes is just another rich you know what! Why do all of these "thugs" keep getting into legal trouble - maybe [they] weren't meant to have massive amounts of money in the first place, do ya think? LOL

2664 days ago


Busta should get ten days in front of a fireing squad !

2664 days ago
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