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Won't Flip the Bird

7/10/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Emma Watson's on her way to being a starlet ... but she's not ready to flip-off the paparazzi -- yet.

TMZ cameras spotted the "Harry Potter" teenage witch shopping at celeb favorite Kitson on uber-trendy Robertson Blvd. yesterday, where she was quick to throw a wave to photogs snapping her pic. When a few cameramen started asking her to give them the finger, Watson just kept smiling, clearly not understanding the thick American accents of the photogs.

Maria Menounos, who was doing an interview with Watson, explained what paps were asking her to do, and Emma cracked up, shaking her head and saying, "No!!"

She's still got a lot to learn.


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Yup. Classy, cute and mature. No wonder she ends up in the FANTASIES of puerile little boys like John and Spanky. As if these two aren't always ALONE when they're having sex. Dream on, boys.

2662 days ago


I hope the Potter kids dont turn into Hilton,Spears,and Lohan. It will be a sad waste of talent if that happens

2662 days ago


I am glad also, chances are they would have twisted it around and made her out to be crazy or something!! Kudos to you Emma for not giving in to America's over zealous paparazzi!! They will only drag you and your innocence through the mud and make you into something you're not!! Leave it a young lady to teach these trashies, what real woman should act like. Lindsay, Nicole, Paris, and all of you who know you are trash, you need to spluge and buy you a notebook and a pen and jot some notes on, COUTH!!!!

2662 days ago


kudos emma

2662 days ago


Classy ladies still exist in American its just we are rare, plus not many guys go for classy ladies they ditch them for the trashy ones

2662 days ago


Finally, a REAL role model for our girls. She's clearly a beautiful young lady outside and inside.

2661 days ago


well now we all know where all those pictures come from in the tabloids.... the photographers are the instigators. so if all the celebs. would just not listen to them, there would never be any of that garbage to report. Seriously can you imagine what the story would be if she did flip them off. it would totally get twisted! She is at least one celebrity we can feel comfortable looking up to! good for her!!

2661 days ago

Grant Devereaux    

SHE has a lot to learn? It would appear she could teach us a few lessons. She is an absolute delight on and off screen. I would give my life for my son to marry a girl like her. BRAVO, EMMA!

FYI - SLUTS ARE A DIME A DOZEN - Ladies are rarer than hen's teeth. May Emma Watson replace all the Paris Hilton's of the world and return us to a period of class, grace and elegance. I am frankly tired of women showing us all they have in the first 20 minutes of their professional lives.

2661 days ago


Good job. People are so out of it these days. Paparazzi is SO overrated anyway. Try as hard as you can to avoid them. (tabloids) UGH!

2661 days ago


Ever since the first film, have been hoping that someone would do something with her hair.
Tacky, I know, as there is nothing "wrong" with it.
It's just that the "part" is so extremely on the left side, that it appears unnatural. Emma has a natural beauty about her, so that extreme part catches my eyes off-guard.

2661 days ago


Good for her. You know that the paparrazzi only wanted to get photos of her doing a rude jesture so they could manipulate and write a story about her being a brat and ungrateful, etc.

2661 days ago


What a wonderful welcome to a young guest in our country.You asses should be ashamed,but I don't think you have that capability. Emma you have class and intelligence,
something the pap don't

2661 days ago


I don't understand why someone would want to see such a cute girl do something so trashy. Grow up America!

2661 days ago


I can't believe how moronic these photographers are! What's next? Do we ask someone to flash us so we can sell more pictures? Time to crawl out of the dumper folks! Not everyone thinks you're clever!

2661 days ago


Thanks for being a great example, Emma. Your parents are probably very proud that they raised a girl who is as classy as she is talented and beautiful. I have a little girl who is six years old and thinks you are great! Thanks for being someone worthy of her admiration.

It would appear our obnoxious breed of American starlets could take lessons from her having grace and upholding her standards.

Bravo, Emma!

2661 days ago
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