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Won't Flip the Bird

7/10/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Emma Watson's on her way to being a starlet ... but she's not ready to flip-off the paparazzi -- yet.

TMZ cameras spotted the "Harry Potter" teenage witch shopping at celeb favorite Kitson on uber-trendy Robertson Blvd. yesterday, where she was quick to throw a wave to photogs snapping her pic. When a few cameramen started asking her to give them the finger, Watson just kept smiling, clearly not understanding the thick American accents of the photogs.

Maria Menounos, who was doing an interview with Watson, explained what paps were asking her to do, and Emma cracked up, shaking her head and saying, "No!!"

She's still got a lot to learn.


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I am proud that Emma stood up to the reporters and stood her ground. And I am ashamed of the reporters. Reporters like that need to be banned and stricken from news rooms and their work needs to be relagated to trash can by every magazine editor. They manipulate scenes and make things seem to be something they aren't. They distort the news. Shame on them just as much as praise for her!!!!

2660 days ago


GOOD JOB, Emma!!! You're a true lady that needs to be the role model of today's teenagers. It just shows that you have class and good breeding. Congratulations to your parents as well, for raising a very nice person in you.

2660 days ago


Fantastic, Emma. Thanks for not disappointing me; I would have hated to see my role model behave any other way. ♥

2660 days ago


I am a big fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, so I love the idea that Emma has enough class and is sophisticated enough to say no to what the paparazzi were asking. She definitely has my respect, which is different because so many other actresses have lost it for their behavior.

2660 days ago

Anthony Fratacci    

By listening to Emma on the interviews I can tell that she is a sweet girl. Somehow I can't help but feeling sad for her knowing that Hollywood has poisoned so many young lives in the name of art and forcing young celibrities to push the envelope as they say in order to get a head. Emma, keep a good head on you shoulders and always do the right thing.

2660 days ago


Way to go Emma! It's not really lady like anyways to give someone the finger. She's much more mature then that.

2660 days ago

Peachy Keen Jellybean    

John, #10, you are one sick, disturbed individual. That comment could, and should, be considered a violent threat against Emma Watson and you should be punished for it.

Emma, you rock for not giving the finger. Why do photographers want a picture of her doing that anyway? To make her look like a Queen B*@%$? She has way more class than the photographers could ever dream of!!

2660 days ago


kind of sad that someone so young has twice as much class as the idiots we tend to idolize that are twice as old. i hope that doesn't change. keep the class, emma! it'll get you far.

2660 days ago


what's wrong with having a little class? u rock em!

2660 days ago

The Pirate    

Saw her on Conan O'Brian last night. She'e so adorable. Obviously has a lot of class also by not giving in to the idiot paparazzi. Then we would be reading about how crude she was to photographers.
I just hope she can stay a classy little doll and not turn out like trailer trash (i.e.:Hilton, Spears and Lohan).
Hats off to you Emma...a real lady!

2660 days ago

Just a thought    

Why, may I ask, does Emma have a lot to learn? I think it's refreshing for a change to see a movie star acting in a respectable and polite way. We have plenty of celebrities who are more than willing to act rude and unintelligent for press popularity.
Let's not get our feathers ruffled because we can't manipulate one strong girl to come down to our level.

2660 days ago

Uncle Servo    

The saddest part of all is that someone famous NOT flipping off the paparazzi (who granted in many cases sorely deserve it even when they don't request it) is the part that's making news.

2660 days ago


Good Grief! Why would they even ASK her to do such a thing? As for young "Ladies" in America, we do have many, but apparently the media only likes to highlight the "VULGAR" and to add insult to injury call it the "NORM".

2660 days ago


Hey #19, keep you stupid, perverted thoughts to yourself!! People like you should be locked up with all the other perverted creeps. Emma is a very sweet and respectful young girl. I really do hope she stays that way and becomes a great respectful actress.

2660 days ago

June D.    

This is to all and I mean all of the rude, disgusting people who live here in
America and swear, flip the finger and rape, and maim women and children,
and all the other crimes that they commit, I would love to have a country that
is taught right and proper. And as for Emma Watson, what a doll and too those
idiots who asked her to use her finger, shame a whole lot on you for being so
low as to ask anyone too flip the finger.that shows all who are decent what kind
of crappy person you really are. Thank you Emma for having the class alot of
people here in USA don't have!

2660 days ago
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