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Won't Flip the Bird

7/10/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Emma Watson's on her way to being a starlet ... but she's not ready to flip-off the paparazzi -- yet.

TMZ cameras spotted the "Harry Potter" teenage witch shopping at celeb favorite Kitson on uber-trendy Robertson Blvd. yesterday, where she was quick to throw a wave to photogs snapping her pic. When a few cameramen started asking her to give them the finger, Watson just kept smiling, clearly not understanding the thick American accents of the photogs.

Maria Menounos, who was doing an interview with Watson, explained what paps were asking her to do, and Emma cracked up, shaking her head and saying, "No!!"

She's still got a lot to learn.


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It's nice to see a famous teen ager who is smart enough to ignore reporters. I'm sure if she would have complied it would have been printed that she did it out of anger for having her picture taken.

2661 days ago


And if she did flip the photographer's the bird...the writers will spin it around and make up some lame story to make her look bad

2661 days ago


I feel really stupid asking this, but why would they want a pic of her flipping the bird? What good is that? And why would you do that as a celeb anyway...just because they were asking for it?????

2661 days ago

Ms. Matthews    

Again Emma job well done for having class and being a lovely young lady. However, to the rest of commenter's not all Americans are rude and ignorant. When adding your comments don't stereotype all famous or non-famous Americans to be ignorant or rude.

2661 days ago

Oh Gosh    

Good for her! Its disgusting what actors do in and out of movies! Stay clean Emma.

2661 days ago


Way to go, Emma! I'm happy to know she has some serious class. Hopefully she'll break the child-star mold, along with the other Potter actors.

I'm looking forward to seeing her work as time goes on...Or wishing her well if she decides to get out of acting.

2661 days ago


Its very clear to me that TMZ.COM and the photographers want her to do something like that to make her look bad .

Shes just a kid leave her alone !

2661 days ago


It's such a shame that such a fuss is created when someone does not do something so trashy! She has class, and the world is taken aback. What have we become?

2661 days ago

Don Novak    

Strike that Emma is a class act. Good Show young Lady.

2661 days ago


Good Job I wouldn't have done it any diffrently.

2661 days ago


Well, it's about damn time. Finally, someone who isn't corrupted is getting credit for being mature- or so I hope that's why TMZ covered this...though 'much to learn' does seem a little condesending to what this story SHOULD represent. Seems to me, Emma knew more than enough to not lower her standards for idiots. Go you.

2661 days ago

Dan Radcliffe    

Bravo Emma What you did was super great.How nice is it to see a great actress that can ignore paparazzi lunatics. You are the best for not listening to them

2661 days ago


c'mon, not all american girls flip the finger, drink like fish, and act like whores. i never do this and nobody else that i know do this either. what makes you think the people in england don't call their women bitches and hos? actually, they have far worse words that they use and far better ones too, just like here in america. they have cheap women, gays, and drunken bums too in england. stop saying that american's are worse, they're not, but the people that you hang with are probably the low class trashy type so you think everyone here is like your peers. move to england if you think it's better...we won't miss you a bit.

2661 days ago


It's refreshing to see a young actress be classy for a change. She's a beautiful girl and the sky is the limit for long as she makes the right decisions, professionally and personally.

2660 days ago


Why does TMZ act like she was naive or unsophisticated for not flipping off for the cameras? Does TMZ consider the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton "mature." They might make "mature" videos, but they are far from mature. I'm not even a Harry Potter fan...never read a book or seen a movie, but this girl will have a long career if doesn't fall for the pitfalls of Hollywood...classic beauty combined with a good head on her shoulders will equal success. What next...will the photogs ask her to forget to wear her panties and get out of a car? Geez.

2660 days ago
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